Saturn Transiting The 12th House: Faith School

It’s difficult to explain the effects of this transit to a non-Piscesean or someone with Neptune divorced or somehow disenfranchised in their chart.Β  I wound up telling her she was going to, “Faith school”.

With Saturn transiting your 12th, you eventually find you have no choice but to rely on faith / to get your support from the ethereal. This is a truly foreign concept to some (due no fault of their own).

If you happen to be one of them, this is one of the most disorienting transits a person can have but very rich if you can catch on.Β  I put together a workshop on this topic – How To Stay Stable As Reality Morphs And Structure Dissolves

What did you learn in Faith School (with Saturn transiting your 12th house)?

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  1. I can’t say what lessons I learned since I’m going through faith school right now. I do wonder how you distinguish “faith” from “being too sure that the universe will take care of it and not doing your part.”

  2. ooh ooh! this was all of 2008-2009 with both this AND Neptune squaring my venus-

    I started going to Mass, and really listening to what the bishop had to say, even though I wasn’t religious before.

    disorienting to say the least!!

    but toward the end when you can feel saturn on your asc – everything gets really beautiful – at least, in my experience, I felt like I could “feel the light”

    so at least have faith that it’ll get to the turn around in good time!

    1. I got into 12-Step too, ACA. Saturn is transiting my 12th house moon. So hard.

      Finding the need to focus on my inner child and connection with high power.

  3. When Saturn was in my 12th, my uncle suffered from a debilitating illness. He lived on another continent from us. My Dad was so pissed off his brother was incapacitated and alone (divorced, kids weren’t around)–he flew him to Canada to convalesce for 6 months. That was all about the power of love for me. My Dad was incredibly devoted to his brother. He was a fantastic uncle. I really miss him:(

  4. I lost all faith in humanity during that transit. But in doing so, I think I regained faith in my own ability to take control of my life.

  5. Oh, by the way, about Saturn in Libra in the 12th- I think I just lost one of my closest friends. I forgot his birthday and he sent me an email thanking me for my card and saying how nice it is to know people are thinking about him.

    I didn’t send him a birthday card.

  6. Was when i found a huge amount of money, enough to live by luxury to the rest of my life and still have cash for my kids kids… but i immediately searched for the owner to return it.

    I also changed job to get a better payment and learned that better payments might not be better jobs, even tho the company name have a grate name… so i quitted it in a in less than a year.

    I learned to rely on spirituality.

    My 12th house saturn is on Leo

  7. going thru it now. Square venus conjunct pluto and on to square himself. Not fun, I see I am gonna have to bone up on my faith. I pulled out my copy of the secret today to read the part about gratitude.
    The loneliness is worst than ever with Saturn in Libra square Venus. This morning I realized I have to get a handle on it or it will break me AGAIN.

  8. “The loneliness is worst than ever with Saturn in Libra square Venus.” I can say the same toomuchpluto. Saturn is squaring my saturn/venus

    Does it mean learning having faith in relationships, justice, balance of forces etc…? Does it mean my faith will be put to hard test?

  9. I have saturn in pisces,…and neptune at 12th house. I think sometimes the faith is like swimming. When you don’t know swim you try to climb over the water desperately with the idea that you will sink, but if you relax you’ll see that the water will push up. THen you slowly learn the technique (saturn may be) how to move in the water with a real effort (believe me) and simultaneously how to let go and flow naturally trusting that you will dont sink. Faith I think is something like that…. or saturn in 12 may be…

  10. Just around the corner for me… and after reading these posts, I don’t know if I want to show up! I already feel like my faith has been tested… I guess it’s just been training for the big game?!

  11. well, gee, beth. does your friend act passive aggressive much or just when the world doesn’t spin ’round him on his chosen day?

    /hit nerve.

  12. I first had this transit when I was a child, including Saturn squaring my Sun, and opposing my Aries planets.

    I don’t remember much of anything about it – I had anxiety issues start and build up, but they didn’t really cause much harm for me until I was eleven, and I started senior school. I became very shy/self-conscious and serious with kids I didn’t know.

    I have this transit coming up for me again soon (as soon as it reaches 13*Libra, in my Placidus chart, and squares Saturn just before it enters). I’m looking for a therapist, and have been dealing with things that I’ve put off in the past, and am trying to fix things now (kicking myself for having let anxiety win in the past – I could have got it over with ages ago).

  13. Oops. Squaring my Saturn, and opposing my Aries planets (Jupiter, Mercury, Ceres, Chiron and Sun). It hit my T-square between Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto.

  14. hmm 12th = faith?
    Right now, it’s in my 11th opposite my Mars in Aries

    Going to enter my 12th soonish (for Saturn lol)…
    Can’t wait to get out of the 11th and dive deep into the enveloping, mucked up gold in the 12th. It’s going to be a rollicking ride with both natal Moon and Pluto in 12th.

    With natal Venus conjunct natal Saturn … Hopefully, this transit will help to clarify and rectify/”rephrase” these irrational beliefs I carry around about my lack of worthiness of love, but I’m not sure if transiting Saturn issues also work on your natal Saturn issues…

  15. I thought I was going to die. Seriously. Moon Pluto in my 12. Saturn just left it. Found a new sense of gratitude for life:)

  16. I am having this at the moment. I want to commit to meditation. So far so good. Have ended up in a warm apartment in the lifestyle I prefer to live even though it’s not perfect. Some things I want end up being way hard and a waste of money. Things I allow seem to just show up. I have no real handle on my finances. People are helping. Patience is rewarded. I am happy to have some access to this energy as I’m used to it having sun/mars/venus/pluto there. While saturn was in virgo emphasizing pluto in cap I felt I couldn’t rely on it. Now I guess I’m allowed (and supposed to) rely on it to a large degree. Basically I know I’m up to something but am not sure where it’s taking me. Somewhere good I hope.

  17. Ditto, Liz, xglop, toomuchpluto. Saturn has just arrived (as it distanced from the Grand Cross) and I’m feeling pretty much just what you said. It’s beginning to tap into my tsquare sun, mars, jupiter. Its like faith is the only way to maake it through-Though sometimes I kick myself cause I start feeling I’m my own worst enemy and get down, way down-then I snap out of it and say “hold your head up and keep moving forward. I’m not stopping and I’m not accepting defeat.” Boy, oh boy…Warm thoughts to you… πŸ™‚

  18. @xglop and TMP

    I have never felt lonelier than during that transit. Lonely and deserted by everyone. But it passes. And you’ll be stronger for it.

  19. Saturn is nearing the end of my 12th house right now as well as a pluto conjunct neptune.

    This was an intense transit for me, I found myself retreating from the world, and feeling overwhelmed. I found it necessary to take lots of walks in nature being by water helped. I spent a lot of time in the metaphysical area of the bookstore. A lot of time at home alone reading enlightening books. And this is when I became obsessed with astrology.

    Saturn is still 7 degrees away from my ascendant, but I am already feeling so much stronger and more secure in myself. I have ambitions now and I want to put myself out there in the world! It’s and exciting time.

  20. Saturn approaching libra moon in 12th. I have been to faith school before. I am a hard head, however. I keep forgetting I’m not in this thing all by myself. A very Libra opportunity.

    I feel very much in d dark place at the moment, which I am trying not to worry too much about. The nagging thought is that my relationships on earth are very tenuous, and that could be the trend for he rest of my life.

    I feel distanced and grumpy. Workin’ that Saturn to keep the grumpy factor under control with marginal success. Otherwise I’m just hoping to give it my best shot, learn, and ride it out

  21. Realized this weekend that I’m feeling this profoundly , and I would have sworn this is new information. I can’t believe I’d written about it earlier. Huh.
    Now it feels like I don’t have the personal power to get things done, Saturn crossed over into the 12th I felt myself pull back, and the urge to retreat is mixed with loneliness and very strong. I also don’t want to relate, I want to retreat. Forces working in conflict, and the fact is that I’m not alone, just feel that way.

    As much time pressure as I feel I’m under, it makes sense to keep myself from paralysis by working on the mundane (THAT takes a leap of faith-instince tells me to hunker down).

    Time to get myself out of the way and just try to take care of myself and trust that I can let myself feel this, and that will pay off in time. Feels very sad. Neglected emotional needs, years of trying to fix old damage and live a regular life/still not in balance.

  22. This is exactly what I am going through right now. I have Pluto opposite Venus, which seems to be wreaking havoc with my finances, and Saturn just shy of contact with Neptune in the 12th house and my ascendant. I am in a relationship, yet feel abandoned most of the time. I am much loved by my colleagues and associates, as well as by my family, but I feel so alone. I work like a sled dog, which is the only thing that seems to bring me any enjoyment, albeit temporary. My career is blossoming, but I feel compelled to make a change, which I have been resisting until I know more about what that change should be. People feel that I have a great life–that I am living the dream–but I feel oppressed by my material possessions and trapped by my job.

  23. Hi All,

    I m just finishing with saturn ” visit ” to my 12th house and I believe I can give my feedback

    1) lost my six years job
    2) started my own business ( I m doing relatively well )
    3) bouts of depression
    4) was deeply in love with someone 7 years my junior who happens to have his natal saturn in 12h
    It has been one year we don’t date anymore but I have the strongest feelings towards him and it s very hard to let go πŸ™ rather painful …

    5) I do spend most of my time reading about spiritual matters and astrology .

    Now it s ending this saturn journey on my 12th house and I m hoping for better days . It was very hard on my heart and I hope it will be gentler on my 1st house …there were days I really felt it was a nightmare.

    My advice … Surrender and let it go whatever it is .

    P.s I have natal pluto in the 12th


  24. I have natal Neptune in the 12th and T Saturn is approaching at 20 degrees. I lost my job in June in a dramatic way and now I am struggling with self confidence. I feel a calling to meditate on a daily basis. So I am sitting everyday and also doing walking meditations, spiritual study and meditation group too. Cant find a job and my ego is attacking resulting in semi panic, intense sadness especially in the morning, just after I wake. Dont know if my career is over because of the drama last year but one thing I know for sure… happiness does not depend on money, nor status, nor things nor other people and is available right now if you do the work.

    1. Hi Adam,
      I’m going through this transit right now and have been getting the bouts of panic/depression as well, esp. in the morning right after I wake up. I too have natal Neptune in the 12th. (Coincidence? πŸ˜‰
      Trying to find the faith and do the work, as you say…still not there yet. Saturn has another 6+ months in there for me, so I better get on it.

  25. I have this transit since the beginning of last month.
    Very tough, I must say.
    I feel emptyness all around me, but it’s an emptyness painful like a sword and heavy like a stone.
    I can’t even cry.
    I made lots of mistakes in the last years and couldn’t fullfill my dreams. That was what it mattered the most for me, before perhaps finding love and have a family. I lost my dream job and actually didn’t even started it, and end up doing something I don’t care of with peolpe who didn’t help me growing etc.
    I’m 41 and not only I didn’t fullfill my dreams, but I don’t have children, nor husband, nor a boyfriend.
    I’m a cap moon. When I started a new job that I never liked much I lost interests in many things like I was no really existing. I didn’t have a purpose anymore. I still have the same job, and feel aimless because even if I quit it, the one I wanted is not available and ther’s not much around.
    But the one i have now is giving me panical attacs and I feel huge anger when I go there, even though I’m going less and less, I must say.
    I lost my father two years ago who was very worried for me.
    I have neptune in the 12th house.
    I’m a leo.
    I can’t believe I’ve been cheating myself so much.
    I knew all my mistakes and pain before this transit started, but I was more or less connect with the world. Now I’m not. Ther’s no connections, only emptyness.
    Perhaps that’s how I would feel even in the best situations with this transit, but with all my faults and guilts this is definetly much worse.
    If you have any tip and insight, they are welcome.

  26. The 12th house transit is all about being in touch with reality so closely that it’s almost like synesthesia. You listen to colors and you see sounds. Everything is felt and observed through your consciousness and not through your life. It’s like you are observing your own life from a removed plane. But when Saturn reaches the Ascendant, it can come crashing down, and you can realize the need for direct action. Your survival instincts that have been asleep can awaken with a rude jerk.

  27. Going through this transit now. I’ve been driving through neighborhoods I pass every day during my work commute. Maybe I’m bored, but every side street begs me to explore it now.
    I also want to visit a monastery so bad I can taste it. The nearest one is over an hour away–might as well be ten hours away. My old car might not survive a trip a long. Or maybe that’s my lack of faith.

  28. I’ve been in this transit nearly a year and it seems like Saturn makes you take responsibility for issues of faith. Right now I’m sometimes having hopeless, depressed feelings in regards to my spiritual goals, and feeling like I sometimes want to distance myself from the community for things that have happened that really hurt. It’s weird, just today, one senior person who used to be sort of in charge in the community but was “moved on” because of negative behavior, has just arrived back here, like today! I’m just keeping quiet. I used to want to be a lot more chatty and socially engaged in the community, and this transit has me very much pulled back, wanting to be alone to figure things out. But I think this time alone will give me some insights in learning lessons and moving forward in a more empowered way rather than often feeling caught up in people’s criticisms, or opinions. I definitely feel my faith being tested, “is this really working?” “is my path taking me anywhere?” , it feels more like testy shaky ground now which is surprising to me.

      1. Thanks Elsa! Also wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed your blog for years:) And your videos especially when you get into 8th house/scorpio themes as I have a *packed* 8th house (Saturn, Sun, Moon, North Node and Mercury). I love that what you share is just so real for me, like I’m listening to someone who really understands:)
        Anyhow, an update on this Saturn in 12th house transit. For the most part I’ve found this transit to be not too bad at all, aside from some internal learning/shifting going on. As it turns out I’ve recently discovered that a woman in my spiritual community has been spreading gossip/lies about me, saying I did things I never did, (8th house betrayal). I’ve always felt a little uncomfortable around this woman whom I’ve known in the community for years, and now I am being shown a hidden enemy (12th house) where I didn’t know one existed. So as painful as it all is, feeling like I may lose some friends (12th house) if they side with her story, it seems the only way through this mess is to rely on faith practices. It’s very very hard to discuss these issues with any of my friends in the community without also sounding bad for saying ugly things about her. I’m just trying to get to the truth of the matter but she is refusing to talk so I am left with using my own intuition, faith, and a close friend who has very strong intuition and can shed light on these things for me. I get anxious wondering what do people think of me after hearing these lies? It tests my ego, my image. The things that were said make me feel like some kind of evil monster but then I have to go within and remind myself to watch my thoughts, to believe the truth will be revealed eventually. And here is the kicker, I live in the spiritual community with this woman, and now feel like I can’t leave my room (12th house prison) because it would put me in her path, but I try to just keep quite and my chin up, smiling, standing confidently in my truth. It’s testing my patience a lot but I know I have to hold on to my integrity (Saturn) to not retaliate, and come out on top. Well, it’s over in 2 months:) Thanks Elsa!

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