Scorpio Is A Compassionate Sign

scorpio picture with handWho feels compassion for the people no one feels compassion for? It’s Scorpio, hands down. When the chips are down, these are the people who help your service.

During the time I refer to in this video, Compassion And Sympathy: Who Garners Yours, Who Does Not And Why I was married to man with five planets in Scorpio. He had tremendous compassion for me.

My ex, The AMF? Scorpio sun, part of a stellium in the sign, also tremendously compassionate.

My friend, Ben? He’s a Scorpio Sun who sustained me single-handedly for two solid years.

My husband (Scorpio Moon) is also compassionate. Say what you will about Scorpio. When you live in the trenches the way I do you find out real fast who you can rely on.

It’s Scorpio that will go to the dirty, icky, gross places no one else will even acknowledge exists and they will stay with your for the duration. I’ve had Scorpio process so much pain for me, it’s not even funny.

What about you? Do you agree?

Who feels compassion for the people no one feels compassion for?

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  1. I’m compassionate. I care about people.

    I don’t like it when people have a way out of their situation and don’t take it though. That doesn’t inspire compassion in me. I think people who accept compassion but take no action to help themselves are abusing my precious energy. I think that’s the distinction some other Scorpio types have made here. I also don’t appreciate people who manufacture pain in their lives. They don’t get my compassion.

    The people I feel compassion for are people who don’t relish their pain.

  2. I wouldn’t know. I have never really had any compassion for what I’ve been through neither through family nor friends. Sometimes I feel like if there is a creator, he creates a group of people just so they can be ‘dumped on’. Thus it makes me wonder if there even is a creator and if there is, he sure seems cruel at least from my vantage point.

  3. Absolutely, I feel that all other signs indulge in escapism and rarely deal with problems head-on like the way Scorpio does. In fact, people born under other signs are at the same time in fear and in awe of Scorpios for this particular quality of theirs. The sad part is that Scorpio’s emotional strength and capacity for giving and receiving the harsh and undiluted truth render him lonely and uncared for when he is alone and vulnerable himself. Therefore, he is inclined to feel more bitter and less inclined towards cultivating relationships with others.

    1. I deeply relate to this. Since childhood, I saw problems and issues and wanted to help. Of course, I was limited in what I could do, and prayed fervently for people I thought needed help. In high school I was active in clubs that did regular charity work. In my late teens and early twenties I helped my parents with a very painful crisis, and actually saved both their lives. I then went on to obtaining a doctorate in clinical psychology and have spent my life helping people with psychiatric diagnoses. During all this time very few people have valued me, and even fewer have been present during difficult times. You would think that Karma would help, that somehow more people would appear. Still I am grateful for the people who have been there. At this point in my life I am much more wary of people than I was even a few years ago. I can see how people would see me as cold. I am not cold. I am focused, quiet, hard working and committed. Affection is something that I give easily, sometimes I take chances and give freely. However, for the most part, these days I tend to assess people first. I am highly grateful for divine intervention as I have never stopped praying and giving thank for even my problems. As a result, whenever I reach out to the divine realm, I am graced with wonderful experiences. It is true that at this point in my life, I am much more wary about people. It is not that I doubt the goodness of others, it is just that people tend to not step up for me. This breaks my heart. Currently, in my spiritual work I am asking divinity to help me see the limitations of others with acceptance and forgiveness. This helps.

  4. Brother has a Scorpio Moon and hate to say it, but he’s a real piece of work. Truly, can’t believe we have any of the same DNA. I don’t know many other Scorpio’s so I can’t really judge it well though. I gravitate towards prominent Sag, Gemini and Aries types mostly though.

  5. I don’t agree with you on this. I’m sorry. Actually, this is the first comment I post on your website although I follow your posts regularly. After more than 16 years with a man with scorpio sun AND scorpio rising, a 16 year scorpio (girl)friend and a first 3 years relationship with another scorpio sun aquarius rising boyfriend, I think that yes, they can be there for you, but you always feel that this is strictly related to their hidden motives. God forbid not to be in relationship with them anymore… Want loyalty and trust? Try an earth sign. That’s my opinion.

  6. As an 8th-house sun in Aries (my Mars is in Pisces, and Pluto is in Virgo in the compassionate 12th), I’m inclined to agree, but also think it depends on the rulerships. Where is that 8th house ruler, which house, which sign? Where is Pluto, which house, which sign?

    Here’s an example — My dad’s Pluto is in the 7th house, he’s gotten a lot of juice out of being married three times, and he likes to have productive (and sometimes fun) back-and-forths with all, including his wife and kids.

    But his Pluto is in Cancer, and its ruler, his moon, is in the first house in Aquarius in a huge stellium — he’s often selfish and uncompassionate and emotionally detached from all and sundry, including himself (and that moon conjuncts his North Node, so… Guess it’s meant to be, but he hasn’t really worked out that selfishness much over the course of his lifetime…) Never mind that that Pluto ruler, Cancer, often ends up being passive-aggressive and eccentric, esp. in Aquarius.

  7. Wow, it’s really timely that you reposted this. I know of a Scorpio who fully exemplifies this. I mean I’ve seen it in small measures in many Scorpios all throughout my life, but I know of just one who is the full embodiment of this pain balm healing ability thing. Its quite an extraordinary thing they are able to take on others pain and process it for them and hold them up while doing so…the healing powers they possess are truly remarkable.

  8. I have Pluto in my 7 th house. Unfortunately I’ve only seen the dark side of the scorpions. I think the pain they’ve caused me is way bigger than any compassion they ever gave me. I tremble at the prospect of having a Scorpio in my life. Not a good match for me – friend or lover . The drama and need to control is way more than this happy go lucky Sagittarius can take. I will never take a Scorpio at face value.

  9. I have Mars+Moon+Mercury+Neptune within 3 and a half degrees in Scorpio, and I am very compassionate (I think). I cry when I see other people cry. I allow people to be who they are. I used to say I would walk over broken glass for any of my 5 sisters. I don’t put up with drugs or self destructive actions, but if I can help, I do.
    On the other hand, my sisters, mom and dad were all incredibly Scorpionic, and I had to put up with a lot of cruelty and vindictiveness growing up, balanced with incredible protection and privilege. I have moved away from them emotionally and physically, and really would prefer to never ever be in the same building as them ever again in my life, because their narrative is so negative towards me.

  10. Yes, Elsa, I agree. (Thanks for this post. It’s nice to be spotlighted for one’s true self once in a while.) I used to think I was the ruthless type because I expected those whom I helped lift up to keep the upward movement going themselves. (One can’t stay in the dark forever!) I will go through the depths of hell – where only angels fear to tread- to help you crawl out of the trench (basement, sewer, grave, etc al) but you must be willing to do your part move up to the light. Those who are willing can always count on me. Those who aren’t? Well, I’ve been there too, so let’s try again…

  11. The most compassionate sign is Pisces in my experience. They feel for others, big or small. Scorpio doesn’t like weakness, but if they themselves acknowledge that what you are going through is hard, then they can be very compassionate. But I think they are more selective… if they dont think what you are going through is a big deal, they can be dismissive.

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    Shimmering Light

    Thanks for standing up for Scorpio, Elsa :-). I do agree with strawb.’s comment though. Scorpio is more selective, IMO. Ok, I’ll own it – I am (Scorpio stellium). If I feel that someone is making absolutely no effort and taking no responsibility then my compassion remains more on the abstract, theoretical level. Otherwise I’ll accompany you to hell and back.

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