How Will The Stellium In Capricorn Affect Aries?

aries christmas elfA reader asked:

“I have a stellium in Aries…personal planets… in fact my Mercury is at 22 degrees, therefore Saturn will exactly square it the day of this conjunction. When you say there’s no way those with my criteria will not be powerfully impacted… I’m interested in knowing something along the lines of – where’s the good outside of what seems like I’m going to be getting my ass really totally kicked be it this is all happening via squares?”

I’m glad you asked! 

You’re not necessarily going to get your ass kicked!  Do you mind learning something?  What if you have to slow down to do it?

That’s the clash between Aries and Saturn. Aries says, “Now!”  Saturn says, “Wait!”.

Aries gets frustrated unless the smarten up a bit.  Tactics, people! Timing (Saturn) matters.  And what about the idea, “fools rush in”?  Maybe you need a war plan, ya think?

This is the lesson for Aries as at this time:

If you want your ass kicked, then rush in without a plan.
If you want to prevail, then plan carefully, then execute your plan, effectively.

You’re welcome.

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7 thoughts on “How Will The Stellium In Capricorn Affect Aries?”

  1. I am having a personal war ; to get of my head. My grandson is moving out
    Of my home as he has expressed
    “I dump my shit, on him” The truth is
    I have let my stress , fear , and anxiety of job performance become
    An unending worry , and this is where I really fail, I domino it to worry of his school
    Performance or rather attendance.
    His school gives daily F to missed
    Class , this year there is 8 out of 85
    But to hell with marks, I have lost
    His love to my ridiculous acceptance of trying to use their rules.
    Kids and technology are huge these
    Days or should I say longggg nights.
    I’d like to paint a big z on the school
    They have destroyed our relationship
    But only because I bought in to
    The bullshit, this kid is so impressive
    And they should feel shame, not me or him
    But I am the adult trying too hard.
    One of his teachers wrote next to a short answer “ try to be a good student “ can’t believe this shit
    Another said “ you try too hard”
    I am feeling so low , I can’t accept
    How they operate, but to fight with them and send him in to fight the war
    Unthinkable , trying to breathe deep
    And let the damage of this short day
    Settle, and my washing machine
    Shit the bed

  2. Aries Sun conjunct Venus here. Having just had a relatively mild kick in the ass on this very day, for reasons easily identifiable in your piece, your reading of the challenge ahead is both timely and welcome!

  3. I have a mars-Jupiter conjunction at 14-18 of Aries and Saturn is at 18 of cancer. With Pluto in Cap, I have been challenged. A big corporation decided to manipulate my life with psychological warfare and ruining my reputation. I moved far away from them and things have gotten easier, however the effects linger. I have money problems. Now, I will have Saturn and Jupiter. What messages would they bring? I was scammed by the conjunction between Pluto and Saturn.

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