Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and Leo In Astrology – POLL

Each year around this time, I pull up a post I wrote in 2006 about how I thought Leo (solar) types were predisposed to having Seasonal Affective Disorder. I’ve seen nothing in the last five years to change my mind on this and since I definitely benefit from one of using a SAD light, I like to let people know these lights are effective, provided you’ve not got an organic problem with depression and even then they may help.

The sun is life-giving but particularly to Leo who thrives in the sun’s warmth and fades when deprived of it. It you this seems squirelly to you, just imagine depriving a Gemini of all their gadgets for 4-5 months and see how happy they are… ๐Ÿ™‚


Do you suffer from SAD? Do you have Leo in your chart?

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  1. I have Leo Rising plus Sun in the 5th so I do find I suffer from SAD in the winter. I try to make sure I maximize my sun exposure in the winter – including taking walks when it’s sunny. It’s another reason I’m pondering a move to Australia – no need to hide inside during winter down under ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Leo is my DSC, but I don’t know that SAD is a result of that. My is not very pronounced really..but there is a definite decline in mood as the days get shorter. Especially when fall ends. I am very subject to changes in weather and season. I didn’t know they made specific SAD lights. I usually just slather on the sunscreen and jump in a tanning bed when I feel the drag affecting me. I call it a “sunshine vacation.” Really boosts my does the smell of cocoa butter in the winter.

  3. I get really down in fall/ winter…before the snow comes is the worst.I allways questin if I’ll see the sun again..feel it heat me up. I have moon in Leo.I use sad lights , and they def help.

  4. I voted I notice, but tolerable – that would not have been my first choice 20 yrs. ago though.

    I lived in Iowa for my first 26 yrs. on this Earth, and I suffered from SAD more than I realized. It wasn’t until I moved to a more temperate winter climate – down South – that I found I could get through the winter without crying every morning, sleeping way too much, and generally getting along better.

    More sunlight, more happy thoughts/mood! Uranus and NN in Leo…

  5. I used to live in The Netherlands, very much like the English weather a lot of gray sky and cold. I did get depressed, to this day I have a low tolerance for fog or gray skies.

  6. nope.
    i have leo moon and my SAD comes in the summer.
    so much sun and heat makes me want to crawl under a rock and die.
    i thrive on the cool and short days of fall/winter.

  7. Ive been aware if how good the Sun is… i had great moments of my life enjoying it… as i went older ive started switching my day/night activities, and became such an vampire… but i still try to make my walks on a sunny day with no t-shirts to enjoy it to the fullest…

    ive got a 12th house Leo Saturn/Vesta conjunction both opposing my 6th house Aquarius Moon.

  8. I don’t have pronounced Leo really in my chart, actually, I only have my NN in Leo and my 5th is empty. But I still feel that the lack of sunshine affects me a lot. From about October to March, I go to work when it’s dark, and get back when it’s dark, and I get next to none natural light.

    Even now I feel it, it’s sneaking up on me slowly. I have been thinking of getting a SAD lamp for some years now. Thanks Elsa for reminding me about it!

  9. I also have Jupiter int he 5th.
    I’ve noticed that as I’ve groen older, I love, love, love the Spring mornings more than ever. I loved the sun being up by 5:30am, as a teenager, but now? I need it. and that’s why I hated sleeping through mopst of the bautiful spring mornings, this year, and last year.

  10. ive got an empty 5th house… worst than empty, it has Capricorn on the cuspid, with its ruler Saturn on 12th house Leo.

  11. I’ve got a stellium in the 12th in Leo. I didn’t realize this until the last couple of months really looking into my chart and trying to understand astrology more and understand myself more. I just always worried about my sun sign before.

    This past April I was having a reading by a psychic and I told her I feel like my soul is dying if I don’t have the sun. Then I find out I have a stellium in Leo, no wonder I feel this way!! This made me trust myself, and what I am feeling more.

  12. I actually get happier in the fall/winter because of the holiday seasons and I just enjoy them.

    The only Leo I have is my 5th house.

  13. I have a Leo stellium and I love to get sun in the summer. I can appreciate the fall and winter days though, perhaps due to other aspects in my chart. However more than sunshine I need COMPANY. If I am not spending enough time with a brood of friends, whether summer or winter, I get REALLY depressed.

  14. Leo IC, which is in my 3rd – home of the chart ruler – and a happy fifth house. I’ve got a light, too, in spite of not-much-Leo. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I have a 5th house Stellium and vastly prefer fall/winter. Rain makes me happy. Maybe it’s bc Saturn sits in the middle of it all and my Cappy moon squares it?

  16. I have Leo Sun and Mercury. I don’t do well when it’s dark and gloomy all day, for days on end; especially if something crappy is going on in my life. I do my best to keep a grip on things, though. I manage.

  17. I also like rain and even though I am leo rising with jupiter conjunct ascendant, the sun is not a full proof cure for my blues. I live in the south though so maybe this has something to do with it. I’ ve always felt more suited to a cooler climate. I’ve been diagnosed with dysthymia which is a mild form of depression.. The thing is my depression gets worse in the spring which is, probably when all the peeps with SAD perk up, which by contrast makes me more aware.. Its just a theory I ju st made up lol..

  18. I did live in the Northeast for about 10 years and found the winters brutal. But that was about temperature, not gloom. Worst were the sunny, windy, absolutely freezing winter days post-storm. Ice and glare is an awful combo.

  19. I love this sun but live in temperate rainforest. It rains a lot where I live.

    The nature is out of this world though, so I deal. I also spend an obscene amount of time outdoors, even when the weather is bad, so that helps.

    I hated the snow way worse, it made me feel like I was suffocating. Too hard to get around.

    I have Leo Saturn in my 8th square my 5th House Sun. I love the Sun!

  20. I am Leo rising and have a scorpio 5th house. When it’s hot I absolutely absorb it up and love it, but in colder weather I definitely do the scorpio thing and love the gloom. I like the variety of the year.

  21. Leo Asc, also Jupiter and Pluto in 1st house Leo, Aries Sun. I have a very strong addiction to sun light.

    Moved back to Finland 11 years ago after 20+ years in the Mediterranean countries and have struggled through the extremely dark and long winters ever since.

    Without my persistent and sunny nature I would have given up already.

  22. Mars in Leo. I need the fire baby! My ex always said I got weird around March. Hypo-thyroid I feel the coooold baaaadly. Why, oh why, do I live in the Great White North? It’s 10 celsius as I write this. If a pole shift truly occurs, I’m hoping Canada ends up at the equator.

  23. I voted I prefer the shorter days. I’m not sure if it’s my astrology or my heritage or maybe both :). Leo rules my 2nd house, no planets there. My sun is in cancer in my 12th house and neptune is inconjunct by 1degree. Neptune is my only 5th house planet, which is scorp/pluto ruled, so I guess I can always just create my own sun.

  24. I voted “mildly depressed” though I wouldn’t say I’m depressed, simply I’m at an energy low when there’s constant rain, fog and humidity. When it’s grey outside I don’t even pull up the blinds, I keep them down and turn on the light so my room feels sunny. I have less enthusiasm and vitality, I just feel like sleeping through it.

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