Jealousy & Love – You Only Need One Person Who Can Stand You!

Red bell helmetMy husband was going to be (and now is) in close quarters with a woman I don’t know. I am well known to be both jealous and possessive, as is he. I’ve written about this before.

We don’t care if you’re not this way and think we’re crass or something. I think it just is and he actually thinks jealousy is indicative of deep love so we don’t care. I did try to kill him with a motorcycle helmet for dancing with another girl when we were teens and he loved me even more after that because in his world (like mine), women don’t take any shit off a man. My reaction was further evidence, I was his woman, that’s all. We had a fun night after I smashed his bike with the helmet because his head and his crotch managed to duck out of the way.

So anyway, he told me he had to be around this gal, there was nothing he could do to stop it and I didn’t have to say anything because the whole world knows my back is going to be up over it. I can claim to have more impulse control at this age but the impulse itself is another story.

We had a brief conversation about the situation. He said, “P. No one is ever going to get between us. You know it’ll never happen.”

I do know that and it is probably now and forever.

My husband believes in both past lives and lives to come. He believes there is one soul for every soul and when you meet that person, that’s it. You can screw it up – we did, initially but now that we’ve hooked up, we’re bound to stay this way.

With Saturn in Libra, being locked in is an incredible feeling. I wish you could feel it, I never thought I would. I also never imagined I would want to be locked in, being as I am commitment-phobic as I am. But when you find the soul that is right for you, these things in your nature are accommodated.

I am talking about the fact you have to pretty much drug and drag me to the altar or the fact he threatens to kill people many times a day. These are not things most people are going to want to deal with but they don’t cause us a significant problem because we’re meant.

I hope this inspires you in some way. Life seems to me to be very hard, perverse at times but also very beautiful.

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