The Moon in Scorpio…In Relation To Saturn In Scorpio

I’m highly sensitive to the Moon in Scorpio. Traditionally, this blog (my writing) comes alive with the Moon in Scorpio, but I’ve noticed a slowdown on this front, over the last months. We’ve had the Colosseum going most the time, over the last six months which allows me a private outlet during these times but I think there’s more to it.

The Moon will transit Scorpio four more times before Saturn hits the sign. Saturn transiting conjunct the Moon in Scorpio will be very different from Saturn transiting conjunct the Sun in Scorpio. While Saturn conjunct the Scorpio Moon may expose a person to deep depression and unfathomable emotional pain, I think it may be a lot easier to work with then Saturn transiting the Scorpio Sun, provided a person can bear introspection.

How does this sound to you?

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    I’ve got Scorpio Jupiter trine 8H Pisces moon, and I’d like to hear more.

    I could be wrong, tell me, but I’m thinking that’s about as close as one can get to having a Scorpio Moon, without actually having a Scorpio moon.

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    I’m just not sure. My moon is late Scorpio as is my Taurus daughters ASC, also my oldest sons Pluto. in early scorp it will hit my youngest sons sun and my libra daughters stellium.

    Guess i need to pay better attention to what the moon is doing as is goes through Scorpio. Maybe I’ll catch a glimpse of areas that may be affected when Saturn hits those areas.

  3. It could be interesting. We’re going to have all kinds of people going through their sade saati all at once.

    It shouldn’t be that bad. Plus, all you scorp moons out there, remember: in the vedic system you all mostly have libra moons. And Saturn is exalted in Libra 🙂

  4. That’s a good perspective on Scorpio Moon and Saturn. My experiences have been very deep, often dark and repetitive (Saturn teaches over time). I like your thought that the next four moon cycles will prepare any for the depth of things to come when Saturn is in Scorpio, but “prepare” is only relevant for those who are aware. I have a stellium in Scorpio and 60+ years of Saturn lessons. All that Scorpio squares my natal Saturn in Leo, I like the sound of what you said Sweethiez, it’s never too late for a new beginning.

    And like Namaste said, the water color of Scorpio is beautiful.I like it.

  5. Fourth house. Mars at the first degree. As Saturn moves off opposing my MC, this will add yet another (deeper?) layer of discipline to a largely (until the Saturn opposition a while ago) undiscipline life.

    Saturn has been quite a learning/transformative power in my life these last couple of years.

    By undisciplined I don’t mean irresponsible. Just to be clear. Just seems I am viewing life from a far different framework.

  6. My seven year old has both moon and sun loosely conjunct in Scorpio. I am worried about him during this Saturn transit through Scorpio. Introspection we can both deal with but I am not sure I can watch him go through emotional pain. At a loss as to what to do to shore up his emotional defences.

  7. I don’t know if this necessarily means emotional pain. It could actually mean emotional discipline and controlled emotions. Could also be a cooling of passions, sobriety, less drama.

    I remember my last moon saturn transit and I do remember being moody but I was pretty young. I also remember having boundaries set in place in my life that made me feel more secure. My freedom was limited at that time So…I dunno, wait and see. It might not be so bad. 🙂

  8. Great to watch the 4 moons in Sco: today, July 27-28, Aug 23-24, Sept 19-20.

    Today was nothing exciting. More fixing for the other car and nieces spending weekend over.

  9. “Great to watch the 4 moons in Sco: today, July 27-28, Aug 23-24, Sept 19-20.”
    @wearld, thanks for the dates. That’s what I’m thinking. Let’s monitor this!

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    Blessed Place

    The Man has his Saturn at 26˚ Scorpio so I guess the Moon will pass over that tomorrow. His Saturn is Rx and hits several planets, inc squares to his Pluto and his Jupiter

    He emailed me today, to ask if I had a new mobile – since he’d had no reply to his texts in the last few months. This after I tore him to shreds 18 months ago and we had no contact on either side for a year.

    I’m wondering whether to reply this time, to ask what part of “Ive had enough” he doesn’t understand… the timing would be neat wouldn’t it?! The Moon is conjunct my BML right now, today, by the way

    He’s heading into his second Saturn Return. I don’t think it’s going to be a bundle of fun for him

    For newer members, the Man is ten years younger than me. We had a long on/off affair, spread over 23 years, with the final go-around a couple of years ago after a long a gap. He has a big Leo stellium… can never believe it’s over!

  11. Elsa ~ any thoughts on why you’re so sensitive to the moon in Scorpio? I’m very sensitive, as well. I haven’t really tried to sort out why, I just assumed the moon in Scorpio must be training my cancer stellium or my cancer sun and my Pisces Jupiter. I know you have cap rising too and the sextile from Saturn to Pluto should help us out (I think?). My sister, her husband and her baby boy all have Scorpio moons. He’s a double taurus, she’s libra asc/Virgo sun and baby is Virgo asc/libra sun…after reading your post, I’m hoping they won’t be overwhelmed by the transit of Saturn in Scorpio.

  12. I have Scorpio Moon. My dad, an ex and someone who proposed to me has Saturn in Scorpio. Been there, dumped that. It’ll be interesting to see how the same, yet non-personified energy will feel…

  13. I’m more than okay with introspection (Scorpio Moon is in the 12th and my 8th house is full). Those people I mentioned above are/were not. Hence, the dumping.

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    Today ex gave me $250. Of the $20,000 in child support due. But that is probably Saturn and Venus going direct.

    I also have a new in home massage client that is interesting to work with he’s a psychic. Scorpio rules my 6th house today was our 3rd appointment and he is happy with the massage and energy work he is recieving so it looks like I will work with him 2 times per week.

    I let the universe know I wanted more energy work sessions and needed a much better income I am thankful for the message back that I was heard 🙂

    I’m working through what I want/need I think i am wanting 6 in homes like this per week in addition to my other work but we shall see 🙂

  15. When the transiting moon & tr. saturn are conjunct in early scorp, they will be trining my sun, sextile my moon but squaring my merc/mars. Same thing nine days later when the sun & tr. saturn are conjunct in early scorp. At this time, the moon will be conjunct chiron in early pisces creating a big grand water trine with my sun. Tr. Venus will be conjuct my pluto,while tr. pluto will be far enough back to be opposing my sun one last time. Tr. merc will be conjunct my tr. NN and both are trining my 1st house merc/mars. While tr. mars is conjunct tr. juno on my vertex. Tr. uranus is still squaring my sun & moon at this time; tr. neptune is still trining my sun/sextile my moon at this time; and tr. jupiter is moving back to conjunct my saturn.

    Seems like a lot of energy available in the sky for me at this time. Think I need to devote some time to looking this over 😉

  16. Hmph… I don’t know. I just had Saturn conjunct my Sun, and I’ll be having it for the whole summer. It wasn’t so bad. I had some moments, but other than that it was a great year. Maybe I’m just handling my Saturn well.

    Saturn/Moon though, it’s familiar energy because I have Moon in the 10th. But it’s still a red flag for trouble. Though I won’t be having Saturn conjunct my Moon but my IC and in my 4th.

    Then again, I’m not a Scorpio Sun or Moon, so…

  17. @Wearld- Thanks for posting the dates. I’m marking my calender. Sounds like I will have to pay attention as I’ve got Moon/Neptune in Scorpio conjunct my AC.

    I’m not too worried though, if anyone can handle unfathomable pain, it’s a Scorpio Moon. 😉

  18. My moon is in the last degree of Libra, so I am feeling the end of this & have been dealing with it for the better (or worst) part of the year.

    All I can say right now is that I’m starting to feel like I’m crawling out of a dark, grimy hole into the sunlight. Saturn will be leaving my 1st house as well, with it’s entrance to Scorpio .. So that is refreshing as well.

    Cheers to all who feel similarly unburdened.

  19. Natal saturn in scorpio. The scorpio moon puts me in an icky mood sometimes, but not always.

    Twin sibs were/are scorp moons conjunct my saturn. Mostly annoying child’s games except when they have their killer shoes on. Libra suns so their manipulation runs deep. Sometimes I think they actually believe their schtick. I don’t really mean to pin it on libra/scorp energy because virgo sun finds those saturn in virgo folks (which they are among) very hard. I’m not the only one on that. It’s an undefined club amongst people I know who aren’t virgos and have this older sibling thing with virgo saturns. It’s always good for a chuckle.

  20. yuck. I have neptune in Scorpio too…and this will oppose my sun and venus.

    Sounds like more everybody hates me, nobody loves me…

  21. Natally I have Moon, Jupiter and Neptune in Scorp in the 7th. Progressed Sun and Venus are now in mid-scorp. When Saturn enters scorp, my progressed Moon will be chased by it, all through the 7th house, culminating in late 2013 with Saturn on p. Moon, Sun and Venus on top of natal Moon, squaring natal Chiron. As someone who has had Saturn chasing the p. Moon before (for 14 years, now going to have it for another 4 years), I can tell you that it is indeed a “depressing” time. It’s a go-it-alone time, even if you’re married it seems like you’re in it alone. Highly responsible (my husband at that time was suicidal) and very challenging. I’m no longer married, but the 7th house is a strange place where “partnership” has many meanings. I tremble when I look at late 2013, but know I will suck it up somehow.

  22. Feel bad about dissing the sibs. It’s over with the exit of the parents. It’s the whole revelation of the family secret. For years I railed and tried to jackhammer through the twisted external behaviors to no avail. I was in the womb when it happened so I was in the dark as to the political hierachy that I was exposed to. The protected one, the blackmail, the favors, the coercion. My questions and self defense must have threatened that sacred structure. I don’t even know if my parents were aware of the secret.

    So with natal mercury in libra and mercury traditional ruler of the 3rd (siblings) I think saturn is telling me to leave this all behind. And cap is on cusp of third as well. The whole charade I suffered through with those folks really really disturbs me. I mean that such a thing could exist. My shell shocking discovery has been acknowleged and perhaps time will further release me from conspiratorial situations.

  23. I’m Virgo, badly hit by saturn since 2008, still now bearing the pain… I ahve scorpio early deg moon in natal. Feel depressed so much.. feel abused so much … scared for transiting saturn on my natal moon.

  24. I have sun and mercury in aries 8th hse and scorpio moon, i am going through very deep emotional pain, feel very depressed, wanting to be on my own all the time. My life has never been simple always turbulent with ups and downs but this time I’m going through something a lot harder to deal with.

  25. I will have to stick close to Elsa during this transit. I have the moon and neptune in scorpio in my 12th house. Could this be the time that my sick mother passes? Hummmmmmm

  26. I have Scorpio Moon at 12’11 with Saturn quickly approaching. Most of my planets are in Libra and in some way I think the worst was when Saturn was between 22-25 Libra where my Mercury (my chart ruler) my Uranus and Sun/Moon and a couple other midpoints are.) Seems like Saturn just kept backing up & running roughshod over that point endlessly last year. By now, Saturn’s been on me for so long, it’s now in my 2nd house, heading towards my Moon & Venus and while I do feel quite numb and at some points desolately “on my own” it seems the impacts by now are mostly financial and legal with a lot of “responsible actions” having to be taken – though they are tedious, hard or unpleasant and that I am having to be very emotionally unreactive in order to cope through what needs to done. I have also contemplated quite a bit my relationship with my mother/family (Plutos’ also going thru my 4th) and had to come to terms with the limitations of the relationship. While I think my mom’s health is fine (and she is a Scorpio w/ Scorpio moon also) I could imagine my Grandmother passing – she’s 97.

    Ironically, I will shortly be having to file legal action (restraining order, first & only) against a man with his Moon at exactly the same Scorpio (12)degree as mine. 1st available date from the court turns out to be a day when the Sun is exactly on his natal Saturn and Saturn will be hitting our mutual Moon. This is a retrograde time and will be dealing w/ actions stemming from the past. Due to decades of bad behavior culminating with him pursuing & harassing me, I heard that his wife is/has divorced him (?) and this will be a strong legal smack to him. Cooincidentally, her Mars is right on top of our Mutual Moon & mine is exactly opposite. For extra poetic justice, the Moon will actually BE in Scorpio on this day and likely, right on top of Saturn and our Mutual Moon. Pretty bizarre. I’m having to confront and/or re-do a lot of boundary setting I didn’t do in the past (it’s like every bad boy I ever knew over the past 3 years has come calling) he’s finally being called out and legally censured for bad stuff he’s been doing for decades. She, I guess, is finally getting out of a bad situation and getting a new life. It’s all pretty eerie and really does make you wonder sometimes how these things fall into place.

    Peace…this too shall pass.

  27. Hi Elsa! thnx. I consider this whole crazy time to be “spam” – lol. I’d like to just delete it. ;}

    Thanks for always posting such cool topics!

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