Seeing Another Person’s Destiny

“She’s going to be a nun,” the soldier said of one of the young women at his church. “She just doesn’t know it yet.”

“Yeah? A nun?”

“Yeah, she just hasn’t figured it out yet but she will. And there is nothing I can do. I’m not the one who can guide her with that. She’ll have to go through a process and I’m sure she’ll find someone who can help her but it’s not me. I don’t know anything about that. Women. I don’t know anything about being a nun, I just know she is one.”

“How do you know this?”

“Oh, it’s everything. The way she came in. The way she found the church. She doesn’t want to love a man. She has love, but she doesn’t want to just love a man. She wants to do this other thing with her love. Something bigger than just love one man. That’s just not for her.”

I smiled. “What am I going to be but don’t know it?”

“P, I have no idea. For one thing I am I love with you. But besides that you’re way too complicated to figure out. I can’t figure you out. I can’t even figure out how your hair got curly when it used to be straight.”

“I can’t figure that out either.”

“Well there you go.”

Do you ever look at someone and know what they are going to be? Where is your Neptune?

17 thoughts on “Seeing Another Person’s Destiny”

  1. i can see it on the playground with preschoolers. not specifics, just the kind of people they are. it’s very clear.
    but i’m not sure if that’s what you’re getting at here.

    my neptune’s in my fourth house in loose conjunction with my IC.

    pregnancy can make your hair get curlier. or less curly. it did crazy things to my hair. all the hormones….

  2. I knew a guy whose soul scarred the crap out of me. I remember thinking, he’s going to kill somebody someday. A few years later I opened up the daily newspaper and low and behold….front page. He killed somebody.
    Then one day while shopping at Kohl’s with my mother, she was joking about how this good looking guy couldn’t keep his eyes off of me and was practically following me around the store. When I finally made some eye contact with him, I was taken aback from a feeling I couldn’t explain. While on vacation with my hubby and kids, my friend called me and said that this guy we casually knew was shot and killed. She didn’t know who the guy who killed him was though. When we got home from vacation a few days later I was reading all of the daily newspapers from when we were gone, and there was a mugshot of the good-looking creepy guy from that day at Kohls, he was the one that killed him.
    So I guess I’m not keen on knowing people’s occupation, more than knowing the people to stay away from.
    I don’t know what in my chart represents that, but I’m guessing it might be my scorpio ascendant??
    Or what house or planet do I need to be looking at?

  3. okay, just spent some time investigating my chart….wow…..talks a lot about intuition and psychic abilities, a lot.

    Not in my Neptune though, but elsewhere throughout.

  4. I’ve got Neptune conjunct ASC in Scorpio. I definitely get a read on people in general, tho I’d hardly call that psychic. But like Shell I have crazy intuition for danger and violence. I can just feel when I’m around sketchy people and need to get away asap.

  5. My Neptune is conjunct the I.C. but it’s afflicted with the Moon, Venus, and the ascendant… I do get pretty strong feelings about people but they’re a complicated mess so I don’t really know what to think. I feel like it’s probably better NOT to trust my intuition a lot of the time…

  6. Re: the lesbian idea, I doubt he’s wrong. He stated this with such surety I don’t think he intuited it. Though he didn’t specify, I think he must have seen her via his technique I started to write about here:

    I meant to keep writing but as always got waylaid. But anyway, he’s got this thing he does and sometimes he just plain knows things so I am guessing he must have got the information that way and if he did, then it’s just a fact. You know. Let’s say he saw her as a nun… well that is because she is going to be a nun. This is the way his thing works. It is not fuzzy at all.

    So after he sees something like that, then he knows what is going to happen… and apparently he thought about it and decided it was not his place to get involved. Because he did specifically say it was not him who was supposed to guide her.

    He went on to tell me there are fewer and fewer nuns every year and so I think he thought this was a real oddity… to be going to church with a girl who would actually become a nun.

    The more I write about this, the more obvious it becomes to me he must have seen her, so yeah. It’s not something he is guessing or supposing but something he knows.

  7. He has an antenna. A literal antenna. He has been doing this since he was 7 years old and has refined his techniques. It is why he studies what he studies.. including languages. He is always trying to parse what he gets via his antenna, but some things are very obvious, like say he saw this gal 10 years out and she’s a nun. Well that would be that. he would then know that she was going to be nun, period.

  8. hm I can intuit things like that, but not so specific. in this case the fact she could be a lesbian came to my mind, as more obvious then a nun. i see a set of possible choices and also know other choices that are out of the scene.

    I do this mostly to figure people’s personalities and how they act in several situations in life by their faces and first impressions, voice, etc. it’s a mix of intuition and experience, because it’s something you train. much like in astrology.

  9. as the soldier pointed out, you don’t figure just any person out. maybe they’re more intelligent or complex then you and then you don’t figure them, they’re above you in this sense. some people are walking archetypes, others are pretty complex.

  10. yes, he must have had some psychich flash of her as a nun.
    Don’t think that ever happened to me.
    I’ve had a flash of my life in the future, but it shown to me during a – sort of – regression, wasn’t psychic. Also I didn’t see much details. just a general idea.

  11. Viv – he will never write about Special Forces because the asked him not to and he said he wouldn’t. He did not sign anything but he would not go against his word. I may write it though. I would actually like to write a screenplay.

  12. “figure out how your hair got curly when it used to be straight”

    you grew up on the desert, right? maybe when you moved to more humid areas. Or you inherited both hair types from your parents and stress or pregnancy hormones, even changed food habits could have triggered it.

    “Do you ever look at someone and know what they are going to be?”
    I wonder if it’s also a pisces rising absorption of all data and observations, past and present. Then processing it and ‘feeling/intuiting’ it because of his strong moon-neptune

    Personally, I can sometimes feel if someone I’m meeting for the first time is going to turn out to be cruel/ a harmful liar. Neptune trines my moon, if that matters.

    Sorry for the long comment, hope you, your family and friends are well and staying safe.

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