Secret Envy Through The Zodiac

pisces vintage patchPisces, D.K. Brainard of WordsforthePeople writes regarding the videos on envy:

“…Although I have no desire to BE a Gemini, I do envy the ability to be around people without having to spend twice as much time at the deep dark bottom of the sea recouping my lost energy!

Is it possible this envy cycle works in reverse? I envy the Sagittarians’ ability to just blithely pop out the most brutal truths and to maintain ridiculous optimism in the face of adversity….while I can doubt myself no matter how obviously in the right I am….”

D.K. – What a great question. Personally, I think people have a drive to progress so this only flies in one direction. For example, I can’t imagine a Sadge who wants to be a Virgo, sweating the small stuff. And I can’t imagine a Scorpio who would want to a be a Leo with their desire to be seen, so obvious.

But here you are with an opinion contrary and the observations to back it up. It occurs to me that Virgo can feel mentally slow when they meet Gemini who thinks much faster. And maybe Cancer doesn’t want to be soft when they could be fierce like Aries…

Opinions anyone?

11 thoughts on “Secret Envy Through The Zodiac”

  1. oh I definitely feel jealous of gemini. They are so quick on the tongue and can defend themselves with a snap! I’m also jealous of their non-committal nature,Virgos can get so stuck on one idea, or one person.

  2. I think it can be done, says a Saggy.
    In fact, I made a comment just like that to a Virgo friend of mine – I told her I was fed up with my scattered energy everywhere and wished I had the discipline and the self-control to get some work done. So, there you go.

  3. There is a lot of Cancer/Capricorn in my husband’s family, and they envy me for being too laissez-faire, while criticizing me for being it behind my back.

    The people I’m talking about are stuck in more negative expressions of those signs, e. g. constant worrying and hyperventilating over insignficant issues. It drives me up the wall. Not surprisingly, I’m a Leo with an Aries ASC and three Libra planets. I could never be like that. To me, it’s too much wasted energy worrying about things that CAN be fixed…

  4. capricorn always makes aries me feel disorganized and childish ;P
    but the virgo ascendent draws me to them anyway (cap hits my 4th/5th house….)

  5. in my personal experience with sadge (as a pisces) I don’t find anything I want to emulate. the sadge individuals I’ve known seem to me to be collecting experiences in an ever widening circle. expanding. perhaps it’s my capricorn but I only seek experience in order to pare it down. contracting. I don’t seek experience for its sake alone. to quote a lol-ism: DO NOT WANT!

  6. well i’m a sadge and i’ve always been a little jealous of pisces! yes we’re stupidly optimistic at times but it gets kinda lonely when we’re the only ones who feel that way if you can imagine that!!!

  7. I wish I could be as career driven as a Cappy. It would be nice to wield so much power in the world. The money isn’t bad, either.

  8. Me, I´m a Gemini with Sadge rising and a Pisces moon, so the only ones I could envy are Virgos. I don´t, though, since I´ve known (and loved, and given birth to) some of them and found that they often put themselves under high pressure to keep things in order. Their shyness and modesty can be a block in using their talents in a satisfying way, and often they know and feel that and – blame themselves for it. I really love virgo energy and love to have them around, (and I found they like me for cheering them up and being irresponsible every once in a while, which must be like holidays for them…) but I never envied them in any way.

    1. 🙂

      I love Virgo energy, too. Ditto, affection free of envy, similarly.

      Kundrie, I don’t remember all your posts at ElsaElsa, but I know that some of them made me think, just as this one did. Do you read here, still, sometimes?

      Nevertheless, thanks for causing me to think in a slightly different perspective. 🙂

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