Sensing The Shadow Of The Collective

I have Neptune in Scorpio on the Midheaven. The midheaven rules the “public”. Often times I get out there and pick up all kinds of stuff… really dark stuff.

This happened to me yesterday at the grocery store and the fact is, I don’t know for sure that it is not coming from inside me. Maybe these are my dark thoughts and feelings and I assign them to you and you and you and you. Or maybe what I sense really is what is running through people’s minds and hearts.

I suspect it’s the latter which does not excuse me because I am a people too. But does anyone have any experience with this? More specifically, have you ever picked up on something you thought belonged to the collective and then realized it was you, all you – not them but you?

57 thoughts on “Sensing The Shadow Of The Collective”

  1. Being a pisces can really get you as they say head in the clouds but sometimes you see and pick up wayyyy too much from up there , or when your in the outer limits lol
    Find your peace thats all and hang on to it lavender helps mine , nature too.

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