Moon Jupiter And Humor

banana phoneThe Full Moon today was on my older daughter’s Moon Jupiter in the 12th house. I don’t see any apparent effect but she’s in good spirits. Having a buoyant heart and good humor is one of the benefits of Moon Jupiter. An emotionally buoyant nature often has the side of effect of producing a good sense of humor, a goofy sense of humor. All the three of my kids have it, the conjunction, the quincunx and the square. They got it from their father.

My son has the square; his humor has a challenging energy. My older daughter, as I mentioned, has the conjunction, a very pointed sense of humor, and constant. My youngest has the quincunx. A quincunx is considered a minor aspect but I find it to be substantial. Sometimes it acts like a square and sometimes a trine. With the Moon and Jupiter it can be a sense of humor that’s hit and miss but never fails to amuse the natives themselves. Her father has the quincunx as well.

All three of the kids’ Jupiters hit my chart in primal ways and living in this house is a joy as they bring me up as well. My sense of humor is more saturnine and cerebral but I’m sold on the Jupiter humor as good for the heart. It’s a continuous and beautiful symphony of intestinal trumpets.

Got Moon Jupiter? Know someone who does?

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  1. Emma as she pulls her bangs into a tight swoop: “I think this look could catch on.”
    Jane: “what, you mean a forehead combover?”

  2. I hadn’t thought about it in that sense before, but I do: wide conjunction from moon in Gem in the 11th to Jupiter in Sag in the 5th. I’m a very good audience for humor. And, as I age, I’m finding I can do a little physical humor. I cracked my grand-daughters up when I visited them last summer when I shimmied when all of us were dancing

  3. My boyfriend has the conjunction. With his gemini moon he always has some sillyness to say! Our first real date, he took me to a comedy club! When my mom found out where I was, there was a pause, and she was like,”oh.. I didn’t know you liked comedy..” We both have saturn moons haha!

  4. sometimes i look kinda awkward, but i enjoy myself… got 6th cause Aquarius Moon wich will have the critical sense of Virgo, trining my 10th house Gemini Jupiter with a Capriconian flavor. haha :p


  5. My Capricorn moon (9th house) is trine my Virgo Jupiter. My humour tends to be sarcastic… cutting/joking comments come out of my mouth so fast and frequently that I make myself cringe. My mother has the same Capricorn Moon/Virgo Jupiter trine and I dislike her sarcastic sense of humour… it’s probably one of the issues I need to address.
    My daughter’s Sadge Moon is trine her Leo Jupiter. I don’t see much of a sense of humour in her but my Saturn is conjunct her Moon so maybe it gets censored around me.
    Her son has a sextile between his Aquarius Jupiter and his Aries Moon. He has the best sense of humour I’ve ever seen on a 2 year old… completely off the wall hilarious stuff! We both have Mega-Aquarius. He has me laughing so hard sometimes!
    One of my sons has a trine by sign but not by degree – Pisces Jupiter/Scorpio Moon 14° orb. He has a wicked sense of humour that I totally get… My Sun is close to his Jupiter so maybe that’s why.
    My older son has no aspect between his Cancer Moon and Sadge Jupiter… not much of a sense of humour either – lol.
    My ex-husband has an opposition between Scorpio Jupiter and Taurus Moon. His sense of humour is often rather badly timed… the witty comment ages after an event for example. He thinks he’s hilarious lol.

  6. Avatar

    I have moon/Jupiter in Cancer, conjunct in the 12th. I like smart, sensitive humor that reflects the universal/human condition. I like spirituality that recognizes the humor in creation. I also laugh at things that are thoroughly inappropriate. I guess with the 12th house I think everything, life, the human condition is funny. I wouldn’t want to live without the laughs.

  7. I have jupiter and Sadge. When this uranus in leo gets bored, I pull my long hair forward up under my armpit and act like nothing. Boy do people do a double take when then first think it’s pit hair.

  8. I have Moon in Cancer 4th H/square Jupiter in aries 12th H

    & also Jupiter trine sun

    “I also laugh at things that are thoroughly inappropriate.”

    heheheheheheheh 😀

    I don’t know if Moon square jupiter counts as a positive, but i have bouts of pure goofiness. I become a ball of goof. Almost like everything is funny even things that aren’t meant to be, i’ll find something to make it funny.
    The loony lunar
    sense of humor
    is a definite.

    hehe i rhyme:]

  9. Well, apparently, in my house we have all the bases covered. I have the sextile (Pisces Moon 1/Jupiter Cap 11). Ox has the trine (Taurus Moon7/Jupiter Aqua 3). The Pisces Stellium has the square (Gemini Moon 12/ Pisces Jupiter 10). The Aquarian has the conjunction (Sag Moon 3/Sag Jupiter 3). The Gemini has the opposition (Pisces Moon 5/ Virgo Jupiter 11). Out of all of us, it is the two Mercurians that keep us on our toes. However, no one is immune to practical jokes. It is an ongoing challenge in my house to have the last laugh.

  10. @daisy – my friends and i used to do that as kids! usually in the pool. you know one piece bathingsuits really help keep the hair in place.

    i have saggi moon trine jupiter-mercury. i think this is what my husband (also a saturn type) is referring to when he says he has so much fun with me.

  11. @venusflytrp, hehehehehe my uranus in the 5th is opposite my chiron in the 11th. *They* always think I’m a little weird. My jupiter trines my saggy sun and my saggy merc, both on my MC. With jupiter in virgo I may lol in public, but I try to be refined about it. When I do people see me as a comedian cause they think it’s so well controlled as I broadcast this stuff.

  12. Mine are squared (as part of a T-square, Jupiter is the anchor). I have a very odd sense of humour, sometimes awkward or just “off” to others. I enjoy it though & am happy, even if I’m the only one who got the joke. With Jupiter in Capricorn (11th house), I tend to worry about offending or upsetting others. But, those who know me, know I’m just a goofball at heart.

  13. I have a Moon-Jupiter trine and an odd sense of humor. However, it tends to morph to audience. The more time I spend getting to know the audience, the better it gets for the audience. So at times, it’s pretty normal.

    Moon-Mercury-Mars is in the 8th and Jupiter is in the 6th, so it can get pointed and downright sinister if I get too excited and forget who the audience is.

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