She Doesn’t Know How He Feels: Double Virgo Woman Confused By Pisces Man

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Dear Elsa,

I have been dating this Pisces guy on and off for two years. He tells his best friend that he thinks I am special and he really likes me but he never reveals any of those feeling to me. I am dating other people but my heart belongs to him.

He seems to be fickle. We have great sex together and he recently started to ask me out on real dates (before it was just sexual encounters). But I honestly don’t know what to do and I am to afraid to ask… I have heard of taking it slow but this is a extreme.


Dear Confused,

I know a sure fire way to get un-confused. Ask this guy how he feels! I understand you are afraid but of what? You have known this guy for two years. You sleep with him for chrissakes! And whatever it is he thinks and feels about you is not going to change just because you ask a question, so I think you should ask a question.

And in the meantime: while you get your nerve up, ask yourself a few questions. For example, what do you mean, “my heart belongs to him?” You love him and you want to have sex with others? You love him and you don’t care if he has sex with others? You love him and you want to marry him? Or do you love him and nothing else matters? Because check this:

He may be a Pisces… famous for heading in two directions, but you’re no average Virgo. As a matter of fact, you’re a double Virgo with Neptune (the Pisces planet) square your Sun and Moon and Mars! And this makes you very Piscean yourself. So this is what I’m getting at:

You don’t know what he’s up to and I bet you anything he feels the same about you! So you can leave it just like it is. But if there is something you want (that you can identify), I would let this man know. And you definitely don’t have to concern yourself with him jumping ship when you speak to him, because that’s not going to happen and even if it did…

Well just think about it. You talk to your man and he beats feet. Who wants a man like that anyway?

Good luck.


2 thoughts on “She Doesn’t Know How He Feels: Double Virgo Woman Confused By Pisces Man”

  1. Confused, he also might wonder how you feel about him and being a Pisces, he probably would appreciate it if you take the initiative and ask him – while telling him how you feel about him!

    -A Pisces

  2. there is this guy i dated laay year for 3 months and i never really got over him.. i dated other people but the feeling is coming back i told him how i feel but he only likes me a bit.. his best friend likes me and he knows that.. he told his best friend that he could have me but i dont want his best friend i want him. what do i do!!??

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