Speaking Of Whores, My Subconscious… And Neptune On The Midheaven

elsa halloweenIf you’ve read around here for awhile you know I have Neptune in Scorpio on the Midheaven and get mistaken for various things all time. A whore, a saint, a sinner, a drunk, a lousy parent, a blond, and idiot savant and many, many other things.

I was thinking about those shells and that wedding and California. For one thing the gal who got married, her name was, “Elena”. I left out her husband’s name when I wrote about this because it is very distinctive.

I try not to id people here, “Elena” on her own come be one of thousands but Elena in combination with her husband’s unusual name could only be one person so I left it on this account but turns there was another (subconscious at the time) reason.

A few days after the incident that had that guy surface, it occurred to me “Elena” is very nearly, “Elsa” and this is when it hit me. Remember she told me I was going to grow up and get married to a great man some day too? I was 11 years old, in awe of her and I thought her crazy for saying that although I did like the dream. But get this: Her husband and the soldier have the same name too. :smiles::

Okay, they are not the same name but they are as close as Elena is to Elsa and just to make sure I mentioned this to both satori and my sister and when I did, they both gasped. I don’t know why my life goes like this but it sure does.

On the Neptune angle you won’t believe this but after I went to that wedding I got kicked out of California and you won’t believe why. I was kicked out of the state for being a whore which you have to agree is a pretty good trick for a freakishly innocent 11 year old from the desert.

Have you never known an 11 year old in big trouble for being a whore?  Well you do now! You can’t make this stuff up you know.

In the picture I am pretty sure I am 9. I am 2 years away from being a called and characterized a “dirty whore”.

I didn’t even know what a whore was. I had to get home and look in a dictionary, ya know?

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  1. Jilly, thanks but I’m not. I did not mind this when it was happening. I knew I was in a story and it has never much mattered if it was good or bad because it was always both.

    I have had a very philosophy / understanding of things / resignation since I was 8 years old

  2. Well I think is was outrageous, thing is it’s a drop in the bucket in comparison to a hundred other things. I have pretty much constantly had something unbelievable going on from the day I was born.

  3. Well it happened. That is exactly what happened and I absolutely got kicked out of the state of California for it, and I mean KICKED.

    This was just after I wound up at Elena’s wedding and danced with a boy who remembers it 30 years later – I already said I was not a normal kid or 11 year old.

  4. Elsa you remind of those guys who would write down their swashbucklin’ pirate adventure stories when they got home and settled down! Nobody believed them when they’d point to a map and say, “Here be dragons, Matey! Arrrgghhh!”

  5. Elsa, are you saving the details for your book, or are they out there somewhere? I know you don’t like repeating yourself, so I’m not asking you to do that…. It’s just that this story brings up a lot of questions and I’m sure I’m not the only one who is dying of curiosity, thirsting for more!

  6. Pink – this story is not in my book. We thought about putting it in there but decided not to.

    I wrote this in 2002, I think. I’ve not looked at it since and don’t know what shape it’s in.

    I do know I wrote it entirely in dialogue – that is my sister and I were sitting around with her ex husband one night and we told him this story. It is mostly in my voice but she chimes in and I thought it pretty incredible I could do that at the time. Tell the story of people telling a story.

    Of course it may have been more of an idiot idea, less of a savant situation, I would have to look back and see but have not time, reason or inclination.

    I don’t know what to do about all the stuff I wrote. It is 2009 now and 2002 is like a million years ago. I do know that stuff probably doesn’t jibe with this blog but to tell you the truth I don;t have time to think about that either.

    People think I am all manipulative and plotting but in reality I just go, go, go, banging into things in the process.

    See, thing is in 2002 I was at a certain point in my story-telling so when this came up it came up organically and made sense at the time. Right now it is coming up to the extent it is because some little boy from Texas contacted me. From here, i don’t know what happens.

    I don’t bother having an agenda outside of trying to do well…. do a good job. So really it is which way forces force me.

    You have to understand I have many hundreds of stories. Something bigger than me has to tell me which stories to tell and when. This story got told to some strangers in 2002, I don’t know why. It is probably bad for business to tell these stories now because they make me look like a fruitcake. It’s just like the videos.

    I can tell these stories but if so I have to make that my job and right now it’s not my job. My job is to maintain this blog and many people are relying on me to do this.

    I am sorry but that story is long. It’s 100 pages, I’d say, which means it it almost a book.

  7. Thanks Elsa! I totally understand. And I actually think these stories do jibe with your blog… at least for those of us who read it for more than just astrology stuff. It’s entertaining, and once you’ve been around here a while you get used to (and look forward to) the “out of the blue” stories of your amazing life.

  8. Pink – I appreciate hearing that because I do recoil when I stray too far. I have no gyroscope when it comes to this. Acquiring a gyroscope has been on my list of things to do for years but so far I have not managed.

  9. i loved those stories… well, what i saw of them… but, eh, cardinals need to keep in motion, don’t they?

  10. “People think I am all manipulative and plotting but in reality I just go, go, go, banging into things in the process.”

    I get this exact reaction all the time. In fact, the last person to tell me why they never wanted to talk to me again called me manipulative because I didn’t sit beside them at a group dinner with friends.

    What’s up with this? Neptoon again?

  11. I have neptune in scorpio midheaven…your is probably in libra or virgo…anyway mistaken for a prostitute few times even though I was in baggy clothes no makeup and stuff …weird

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