Pluto Transit To The Moon: A Note From The Epicenter

dark hallwayThe Pluto transit to my Moon is nearly exact. This will be the last pass and I was describing my experience from the epicenter to a friend the other night:

“Well it’s very dark. Actually it’s completely dark, I can’t see a thing. But I don’t mean dark, like depressed. I don’t feel depressed at all which almost seems strange given the conditions. It seems I should be less comfortable but I am actually inordinately comfortable so I don’t know what that says about me. I guess I like all this depth. It must incredibly suit me because I am telling you, it is completely black and I don’t seem to care. But I’ll tell you what it’s like,” I said, stopping to let her say something if she wanted. She didn’t want.

“It’s like this: I keep writing this stuff on my blog and I know it comes from somewhere that is very deep but it is so dark where I am standing I have no way of knowing if what I write is received or understood, appreciated or otherwise. I simply have no way of knowing because it’s pitch black in all directions. It is impossible to fix on something and I mean impossible so I am just taking steps in the dark but with no fear. I am not worried about stepping in something, I mean. It is just way, way too deep to be concerned with stuff like that. Oh, might I make the wrong move or take the wrong path. If I do, then I do. It’s hard to go on that camera though, I will say that.”


“Yeah, it’s sort of incongruent with the times. I don’t know that I want to be filmed down here so unless I can be tricky, I think I will hold off on the videos for a week or so, anyway. I think I will be through this by then. I will be somewhere else but at the moment it is incredibly deep and it’s breathtaking but very hard… it defies words for the most part, though I think I will have some later on. Yeah, later on I will have some words for this but I have no idea what they may be. I have never been this deep with this much awareness in my life and I sort of want to savor it, in between the deaths, the close calls and disturbances that is. I really have no idea how I am keeping up my blog at this time. I just do it.”

Have you ever had Pluto transit your Moon? How was it?

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  1. “I really have no idea how I am keeping up my blog at this time. I just do it.”
    Man, and am I, for one, grateful for it! You’re such a wonderful teacher.

  2. Elsa, I don’t know anything about how often this Pluto transiting Moon thing happens in a persons life as I’m such a newbie to astrology, but you sound very much like how I feel about walking around my house in the pitch black. At peace with it.

    We’ve been here many times before and we know where the steps begin, we know where we could knock our knee if we went too far right, we know where to duck to keep from hitting the low hanging lights, etc.

    I’m very comfortable doing that night walking in the dark, while other family members trip, bang, boom and curse the darkness.

    You sound very calm and surefooted.

    I too am very grateful for your blogging.

  3. Oh yes! precisely an opposittion (it was at 2002-2003) meanwhile a pluto square – pluto. I did not realized the situation because in that moment I was absolutely skeptical of the astrology. I had absurd domestic accidents, a misscarriage, And broke a long and harmful relationship,…it was intense, yes, although it was very hard and painfull(mainly the misscarriage) my feeling was that I had some control. It was Pluto on 1st house. When Pluto in #12 it was terrible, with a feeling of no control, living in an oppresing world, Pluto had a quinqux with moon there, and I have no space here to say how painfull it was.
    Now pluto is #2, with several financial problems -losting a biz contract and so on, it is serious but I

  4. Yes, Pluto square Moon.
    On the surface it looked like I was walking into a long desired dream, but beneath it, it turned out to be the best orchestrated trap that my higher self could have designed. I walked into my own deepest, repressed crap, but at the time it smelled like exclusive perfume!

  5. another pluto square moon here. it was horrible, i was in an abandonment situation where i never [and still have not] received closure. i can almost laugh about it now, knowing how i had to go through what felt like a pumpkin getting scooped of its insides. and realizing i wasn’t being abandoned, i’d had abandoned myself.

    i’m proud of who i became because of it.

  6. I had Pluto conj my moon when when I was 18, 19? There wasn’t much I had for the universe to take away except a lot of assumptions I’d had about myself and the world. I had powerful dreams and visions during that time that *still* affect how I think and who I am today.

    I agree, it’s dark but not really depressive. Pls take care of yourself, Elsa. Take a break from blogging if you need the space…

  7. Pluto has been conjunct my moon since January and apparently won’t make it’s last pass till next November.

    All in all it’s been horrible. Explosive, horrible feelings of rage/depression/sadness/panic/anxiety etc. Suicide in the immediate family, watching my mother go through more pain than any person ever should have to in this life, my father as well. Pluto is conjuncting both of their Saturn’s right now and will for quite some time. I’m not looking forward to the rest of this transit at all, I hope there is nothing else looming on the horizon. It’s just too much to take.

  8. Pluto was in my 12th house all through my childhood and adolescence, opposing my Aries stellium and squaring my Cappy moon. Let’s just say I don’t have many fond memories of it.

  9. Pluto was conjunct my Moon about the time of my Saturn Return. I had an abortion, fell in with bad company to put it politely and just generally was a mess. When Uranus hit my Venus in the 1st, I ran far and fast to live in another part of the country for 6 yrs. That was around the time I first came across one of Donna Cunningham’s books and started doing her affirmation about releasing those that hurt us to their highest good . . . every night before going to sleep for a long, long time.

    It was also during the Pluto/Moon transit I ended up talking to a counselor at a drug & alcohol rehab clinic (my partner at the time was a serious alcoholic druggie). She was the person who asked me the question that started turning me around. “If you could choose the perfect partner and the perfect relationship, what would that person be like and what would the relationship be like?” For someone with Sun conjunct Chiron in Libra it was an “ah hah!!” moment.

  10. Well pluto has been opposing my moon as it has been conjuncting yours, and I feel like I can never go home and as if I’m in a whole new world without a guide since my past used to be what helped reference me to the future, and now it all just feels gone.

    I got rid of a lot of dependency. It still comes up now and then but I deal with it a lot better. No more wallowing in certain emotions.
    And I can accept when people don’t agree with me, and I with them, without responding like a child.
    I seem to think more about what I want to communicate, and not just to get a desired response.

    I also have saturn in cancer and I was in a codependent relationship at the time of my return. I feel like this pluto opposition let me play catchup in terms of my emotional maturity.

    And I agree, dark yes but depressive no. And after pluto retrograded I started to feel the liberating energy which then came fully out when it went forward again. Which I think is part of my feeling of being homeless yet also being very much grounded with where I live.

  11. I’ve told about my pluto-moon a few times already, don’t want to be repetite, but I love talking about it. looking back on it, it was the most productive and enriching experience in my life. it was beautiful and miraculous. of course i had to go to very dark and hurtful places before it.
    It’s like the lotus flower, that grows in the swamp… that’s a pluto metaphor.
    it was a rebirth of my inner child, I found her and felt like i was literally adopting a strange and very traumatized kid that i wasn’t sure i wanted to have anything to do with. But it imediatly became the most beautiful experience ever.
    also I had a gastric bypass, which was life changing. it’s been hard work but it’s worth it. that was the birth of me as an adult woman.
    lot’s of Feminine in me being welcomed into life during this transit.
    The inner child was all about the fragile, tiny, yin, soft part of me I had rejected since birth almost.. due to an abandonment trauma. That prepared me to loose weigh and be confortable being smaller, feminine, yin, moonish.
    the transit felt intense and true. I had pluto conjunct neptune at the time too, so lots of spiritual growth at the time.
    I was born with pluto sextile moon. maybe that helped.
    Elsa, I’m humbled by your strengh by going through this and sharing it with others.
    I have faith you will come out of the darkness to a place as bright as never before, transformed and empowered.
    Thanks for being a beacon of light for us readers. I learn alot through you. I hope you continue to write here as long as it has some healing effect on you instead of draining you further.

  12. It is impossible to fix on something and I mean impossible so I am just taking steps in the dark but with no fear.

    What I find, just from looking back, is that transitting Pluto is often active at the time bad things happen. However, there’s usually about five other things going on. 1994, for instance, was a very bad year; Pluto did transit across my sun. But it was only after that was well over that I got hit with the surprise: Lillith conjunct DSC, Chiron conjunct Jupiter in the 11th, Saturn in the fifth (which had just opposed Jupiter), Uranus/Neptune breaking away from a conjunction to Mars, and Jupiter opposite Moon.


    So, on the one hand, I can see that a Pluto transit could involve darkness, since I’ve experienced that effect. On the other hand, Saturn (and Uranus, and Lillith) seem to be actually nasty, whereas Pluto can often be helpful. Of course, I would say that one of the things about Pluto is that he’s invisible (that’s the myth) so it would often be hard to tell if Pluto is hurting or helping or just standing around.

    Sorta like the story about God and the two sets of foorprints (which turn into one set of footprints). Pluto might well be carrying you through the abyss, but the tendency would be to think that Pluto was creating the abyss, when that might well actually be Kronos playing his funny little games.

    [‘Kronos is the actual sadist, recall.’]

  13. Feh; left it out. I had Pluto opposite moon back in 1989, and yes, the emotional weather was dark, but in terms of what was actually going outside, there really wasn’t much.

    [‘It was quite nice, actually.’]

  14. Pluto square Moon, 1998. Managed to transit it 5 times! In fact, on it’s very first pass it actually *stationed* directly on my Moon, and sat there for DAYS! And this came just days after a total solar eclipse occurred on the exact degree of my Moon. Can we say, “ouch!”??

    Very dark. It’s because Pluto digs deep, deep, deep. And it does that so that you can see, see, see. Keep the blindfold on, it gets worse, you are more likely to meet the dark *outside* of yourself. Give in and ride the energy and bravely LOOK at what is inside, what has been repressed or avoided and left unresolved, and physically you should fare much better, plus the transit grows easier (comparatively) as you adapt to the new growth in your psyche.

    With me, that transit was when I was constantly online, posting and chatting with all kinds of people at many different sites, especially astrology. I needed the outlet for expression, and it was much safer to do that with people who I didn’t then have to live with in my daily physical life. Because, it’s the MOON. It’s EMOTION. And Pluto is about POWER. And it is just not wise to give your emotional power away to people who can actually USE it against you! Much better to keep some semblence of anonymity. For that, online was perfect. And with my natal Moon opposing natal Pluto/Uranus in the 3rd, to *not* communicate the whole process was just not going to happen!

    Routines. Routines keep you functional while your brain is busy processing. Could be why Pluto gets labeled as the “compulsive/obsessive” planet. Tapping into the deepest darkest parts will generate a lot of energy–it’s gotta come out SOMEWHERE. Routines give it a place to go, so you don’t explode. KaPLOOEY!

    Ain’t Pluto fun? 😛

  15. Pluto hasnt quite reached the square to my virgo moon yet (28deg) but its getting close. I have a stellium in virgo though starting with pluto at 22deg and when it first started its transit i fell hard – the feelings of panic, wanting to die, high anxiety and just blackness hanging over me..admire anyone who can walk thru the darkness so bravely. All i wanted to do was crawl into a hole and hide, from everyone, everything. I recently found out that my mother walked out on us when i was about 18months old saying she couldnt cope..when i checked the transit pluto was conjunct my moon. Being as my mother had a heart attack a few years ago, i worry that plutos transit to my moon and also to my MC at 28sag will bring the worst but obv hope that remains just a worry. Personally, i’ve been having the most hideous period pains for the last few years and am going in for an op later this month to ascertain the problem so thats pretty moon/pluto stuff too.

  16. well your moon is on the galactic center then! great!
    I have the same transit of Pluto on my sun (0 capricorn)…and I see the darkness everywhere…I am scorpio rising: that must be one of the reasons.
    The good sign: I meet powerful people in their career like french presidents or their friends lol…thats for the funny side.

  17. I’m in the Pluto Moon transit right now. I’ve talked about it before on here. This year is better, but I think part of that is because I’m being more cautious and really strategizing to protect myself. It’s like a switch was flipped last year, there were all these sharks in the pool and suddenly they all just came swimming towards me. I think some of these ‘sharks’ would be horrified to know that I’m calling them that, because some of them are family and do care about me. But what can I say? I’m a Pisces. It’s just not my nature to bare my teeth. I continue to strategize and wear plenty of armor.

  18. ‘m astounded at all these insights and suddenly don’t feel quite so alone at almost 62.Being moon ruled in cancer in 4th, sun pisces 12th, my whole life has been creative but emotional. Marriage number three about to dissolve and I’m impatient for it to happen, about to embark in building my own home(symbolic of security within myself I now feel) and as Elsa says, there is none of the emotional fear that used to be there. This may be the result of having spent since 1984 looking at the moon stuff using many tools including alstrology and Liz Greene’s books.
    Even finding this site seems to symbolise that there are people who understand the deeper things in life and connectin with each other rather than the shallowness of the material world. I don’t know if my words are understood but I feel as though I have to get them out to where they can be read and understood to help another if they need it. Bless you Elsa for this blog.

  19. If it helps anyone, try to look back at when Uranus and Neptune aspected the moon to see whatissues keep coming up for examination. I think if we keep learning the ‘deep’ thing as we go the Pluto transit has a maturing clarity impact on what is really important to us.

  20. I can’t thank you enough for your testimonies here. Pluto has been closing in to square my Moon since January and just hit exact this week, where it will now sit station all through April. Just today I figured out that is why I feel so wiggy. The big theme for me so far has been letting go — really truly detaching from everything I thought I wanted, held dear, desired, cherished, hoped for, etc. Other “fun” transits have been supporting to where I’m suddenly able to see “No, I don’t really want this even though I’m painfully attached to it.”

    The best response to a Pluto transit is to willingly release (like the hanged man in Tarot), so that Pluto doesn’t have to traumatically pry things from your clenched fingers. So I am trying to let go of the attachments I see. Probably due to some of the other big transits in play right now, I’ve been more able to release than I ever was, but I’m finding that with the release comes entry into this dark place where I must face reality and grieve the losses.

    I’m glad for your verifications that the more consciously you engage the deep and the dark, the less it has to visit you from the outside. I have long believed this, but as I begin this transit, I have been dreading the upheaval that could occur (I also have simultanously going on: Uranus square Venus, Saturn conj. Jupiter and opposing Mars, and other “fun” stuff).

    It has been so helpful to meet others talking about these things. Thank you!

  21. Hi, I’m going through a Pluto transit opp moon and I’m finding that strange calm at finally being able to let go of anyone who has no interest in my welfare and offer help and friendship with agendas. My need to keep giving and nuture is turning in to my own nurturing – AT LAST. I seem to be able to see through their apparent ‘kindness’.
    The idea of being more and more with my own company and that of trusted long term friendships is quite easy on my heart.
    I have two sisters who have refused to speak to me for over 20 years since the death of my parents and will not say why. I can now let it all go and let them be with no rancour or feeling it was something I have done.
    I desire deeper relationships with substance and sharing and find blogs similar to this provide part of that need.

  22. “I simply have no way of knowing because it’s pitch black in all directions. It is impossible to fix on something and I mean impossible so I am just taking steps in the dark but with no fear.”

    I’m so glad I finally found some words that describe this thing. This is exactly right. It feels like a total utter lack of information, just cut off but present like a black hole. I don’t know what is going in or out, yet I’m standing right in the middle of things. Everything has to originate from inside me and I have to give up the right to know what happens to it when it leaves me. This is darkness.

    And you are right that it is not like Saturn darkness. It’s different. No depression, bleakness, coldness, absence. It is a state of absolute ‘zero’ – you’re just sealed off and can’t relate/communicate with the outside world. It’s like a time warp! Nobody speaks your language. You’re stuck with yourself

  23. Pluto exactly opposes my natal moon mid-January 2009. It transited conjunct my natal Mercury in 1995-1996, when my marriage fell apart and I studied creative writing. It transited conjunct my natal Sun in 1999-2000, when a relationship I had been attempting to create with a woman exploded. I had lots of emergence images — Pluto emerging from the earth to rape Persephone, but I didn’t act this out! Now it’s very close to opposing my natal moon, and will transit conjunct my natal chart’s nadir in 2011-2012, thence to spend some years in the 4th house, where it will transit conjunct first natal Chiron then natal Venus. I guess I have some mother/feminine/roots/wounding/home issues, huh?

  24. My moon pluto opposition from 10th to 4th has seen me lose two close friends to cancer since march 2008. The home I’ve had for sale for almost three years is still not sold yet the block I’m working on has gone ahead leaps and bounds. My emotional boundare is get clearer each day and the years of reading and working with Robert A.Johnson’s books He She and We have been renewed with his Inner work and Living the Unlived Life. I finally feel as though I have a truer sense of self. I have been asked by my step daughter and her freind to help them with their anger(emotional based) and have also resurrected my tapes by John Lee “The Flying Boy” which deals rather well with the masculine emotional relationships.
    Along with working with my Saturn in Cancer in 4th and the father issues that came up my cancer moon is now pretty aware of its function without having to manipulate or control. I think I’m close to being grown up and taking responsibility for my own needs and being honest enough to ask for help when I need it and risk a REJECTION.

  25. Hi. Like some folks who have commented on this post here, I will have pluto opposing my natal moon in the 4th house from Jan 2009 to Nov 2010. I have read a lot about how this is a dark time, but can anyone give me examples of what actually happens during this transit? I have moon conjunct IC in the 4th and it’s square Pluto natally. Any thoughts on what will happen? Please shoot me an email at [email protected].

    Thank you so much and god bless.

  26. Pluto started opposing my Natal moon in cancer since Jan 2008, and I must admit that the transition started with a bang! Early Feb 2008, I learned that my brother was taken to custody by the INS, and since I’m his only relative in USA, it behooved upon me to help him out. Then on Feb 29th whilst my brother was still in jail, my dad passed away. I was traumatized for his unexpected death, and for not being able to take care of him, or be by his bedside before he died (I was going to college in USA, and my dad lived in Bangladesh- on the opposite side of the world) It took two freaking days just to reach bangladesh. To make things worst, I could clearly see that none of my other relatives are mourning my dad the way they should be. My dad’s relatives seemed relieved that he was dead because they no longer that to worry about the fact that they had disinherited my father from his property. My mom’s side of the family was pissed at my dad for remarrying so soon after my mom’s death. So as I said before, I felt I was the only one mourning- it made me very angry that people could be so selfish and insensitive. As if this was not enough, seven days after my dad died, I heard from the bank that my stepmother was there to collect all the money. I rushed to stop her. Then I had to get hold of a lawyer in bangladesh and do a lot of running around trying to make sure our inheritance is not nabbed by my step mother. It was really hard, because legal things are not as straightforward in bangladesh as they are in usa. And to make matters more difficult, my stepmother who was a politician, bribed all the people upto the wazoo so they won’t help me. All my other relatives seemed so scared of her that they refused to help me too. So I felt very alone. Then there was the issue regarding my dad’s burial. They lied to me about my dad’s burial and buried him in a place they know I’d refuse. I was really mad at my relative for that, but they called me ungrateful and tore all connections with me! I had planned to stay in Bangladesh for two weeks, but due to all the complicatiions I had to stay for a month and then go back during summer again. Because I missed school for 1 month, it was really hard for me to catch up and so I had to withdraw from the semester. The thing that striked me the most was how unsympathetic most people were when I told them about my ordeal. I told my roommates and friends about my father’s death, but they said “nothing”, not even that they are sorry! And this guy that I was in love with even broke up with me a month after my dad died! I soon realized how unsympathetic people are and whereas previously I used to provide emotional support to other people, now I have stopped being there for “so called friends” because I’m too overwhelmed dealing with my own emotional problems and really don’t have time to help others especially since they were not there during my time of need. Another factor that has really caused a lot of anger in the past one year, is the fact that I had to give around 13K to my brother to help him out with his legal problems. It was really hard for me to help him because he has physically and emotionally abused me from 8 till I was 18. At first I thought I would just let him rot in jail, but I felt obligated to help him because he is part of my family. But I think helping him was a mistake because he didnt seem to have learned anything from his hardship and is the same old jerk. After he got out, my brother told me that he had no money and tons of credit card debt- he expected me to help him but he was doing nothing to cut his expenses. This created a lot of anger as I had so hard to save up that money, and my brother doesn’t even seem to realize or appreciate it. And he also asked me to lie to his boss for him when he missed work for ten days. That’s when I put my foot down. I wasn’t gonna lie for him especially when I hate lying and especially when he was lying for no reason. Then he expected me to lie to his gf, and I refused that too. I think this transit is really helping me stand up to my brother, and set boundaries, and be more selfish, and take care of my own emotional needs because I know that if I don’t take care of myself nobody else will

  27. I like the way you describe this transit, Elsa.

    It’s always an interesting topic to me: the transit vs the natal placement.

    I recognize that voice though — in myself — when one is writing from “inside” the moment, whatever it is. It is dark and deep. Reminds of how it is for me when someone close to me dies-

  28. Transiting Pluto is opposing my Natal Moon(8th house) as well as conjuncting my Natal Venus and Neptune(2nd house) Lots of re-evaluating my values,emotions, family,spirituality etc. I don’t mind Pluto transits, it gives me opportunities to become the Phoenix. (metaphorically speaking)

  29. Whatever happened to max? I see his comments on the “flashbacks” posts but nothing recent. Other names too that seemed to have disappeared but his stands out–

  30. moonpluto – I miss him too along with a long list of others. He dropped off a number of months ago, popped back up some months later (briefly) before he dropped back down. I have no idea who reads but doesn’t comment, who is gone for now, who is gone for good or why for the most part.

    Some people do email me from time to time but mostly it’s a mystery.

  31. More ongoing dramas with my opposition from pluto 10th to natal moon 4th. It’s power struggles with the law and the injustice of a situation. I’m learning to act and not react, maybe Hopefully I may find some of my own power including a voice to stand up for myself. I can’t afford solicitior so am doing it myself and calling on all my old expereince in the UK police force 40 years ago, to play the same game and it doesn;t matter if I win or lose, I will at least have my integrity intact and that is more important than anything right now.

  32. I saw your post and it scared me. In January 2010, I will have Pluto conjunct my Cap Moon in my third house. I have been told it sextiles my Mars. I am getting nervous and praying a lot!

  33. Just an encouragement to folks about experiencing fear when staring down the “transit tunnel” to see what trains are coming….

    I used to have the habit of reading ahead in my life (not always a bad thing, depending on one’s approach and attitude), and then falling into fear and discouragement about what I was seeing and reading. This is probably a relatively common thing, and I notice fear resonating in some of the posts here, so I’d like to note a couple things from my experience if that’s okay.

    One is, don’t forget that when you’re reading about a transit or transits, you’re reading a distillation — you’re reading words, someone else’s snapshot of a moment in *their* life, or you’re reading an astrologer’s synthesis of ‘this is what often happens.’ Either way, words describe the essence, the themes, the patterns that have been observed — they can’t really convey what it feels like to be living the transit. You’re reading a condensation, a summary. The words come all at once and it can impact the mind as if “all that” just happened to you, all at once.

    But when you’re actually living the transit(s), it takes a year, two, sometimes three. These outer planet transits are merciful in that regard — they take a long time, a series of interactions, and ebb and flow of touching your life and then backing off for awhile. The energies don’t stay at an intense level for the entire time. You’ll experience peak times (a week or two?) when you’re very aware that the pressure is there, and you’ll experience times of release when you have a chance to process what is occurring. In real time, this is manageable. You need not fear – it will not run you over like a freight train! That’s just an artificial feeling you get when you first find out about the transit and read up on it.

    Another thing to remember is that the best response is not of fear, but of cooperation. These planets are gifts to us, not evils to be tolerated. When you read about a transit, look for the themes that describe inner work you can do, growth and evolutionary steps in your consciousness, your belief systems, upgrades you can make to your habits, your thought processes. As you learn what the themes are, you sort of learn what a planet is trying to accomplish, and then you know the best response to that planet. For instance, with Pluto a good response is to let go. It is a transformational process that occurs via letting go of what is no longer serving you. The more you approach Pluto with open hands (instead of clenched fists, clinging to what you are afraid to release), the easier will be the transit experience and the more gifts you will find in the end.

    Lastly, many book descriptions of planetary influences touch mostly on the outer events in our lives and this leaves us with a sense of fear, as if we have no control over what happens to us. Instead, the work is really on the inside. And the more you tune your radar to what you can change, release, and recreate on the *inside*, the less drama has to occur in your outer life. External events occur to help us see what work is needed in the inner world. By focusing on the inner and being receptive to changing what you find there, you *do* control your outer life to a large extent. Always use outer events as a mirror.

    Hope this helps! I have been through several Pluto transits and am currently in the midst of Pluto squaring my Moon. It has been beautiful work! I was afraid at first, and now I see the joy of it. Life has so much to give us as we are able to relax and know that we steer the ship by our attitudes and consciousness.

    Wishing you all the best!

  34. I still like reading the posts but am steadily plodding through the pluto opp moon sqr Venus Asc transit now adding a Saturn opp Venus Asc and transiting uranus just leaving a conjuntion of my sun.
    All sorts of hassles with cars, small speeding catches(not deliberate) computer hiccups, stelen mobile and usb sticks, but Oh how well I am dealing with it all and realising how unimportant it really is in the begger scheme of things.
    I still haven’t sold my house, and the relationship has shifted to a more civil atmosphere.
    At least we all know we are not alone going through these trying times.

  35. Hi,
    According to one of the sites, I am supposed to go thro’ a Pluto moon opposition from end of Jan 2010 till Nov 2011. My Moon is in Cancer, 5th house. I have not heard good things about this transit & I’m worried. I don’t know what’s coming. 🙁

  36. My Moon is at 9*57 Capricorn, and current Pluto is at 5* Capricorn…

    I can’t feel a major change yet. =S
    I’m worried about whether I’ll gain something good, or be unaffected, when this transit passes…

    Well I do feel the need to change. And I know I probably should keep a journal or something… But I’m always procrastinating and I prefer to just sit and listen to music…

    But this is one of the songs that I keep listening to these days:

    It sounds very Pluto/Moon. “Houses crumble, shadows howl, trapdoor is in ourselves… you tear your insides up…

  37. Okay I posted a comment an hour ago, but I had to come back, because something just happened that baffled me.

    SERIOUSLY. It’s both ridiculous and mystifying. The bottom layer of the ceiling “peeled off, cracked” and fell to a heap on the floor. (I know, this sounds funny, I couldn’t resist a chuckle myself.)

    I recall reading descriptions for “Pluto conjunct Moon” that contain something along this line: “Repairs will probably be required for a building, most likely your house…”

    See the lyrics for Windows: “All your houses crumble,”… I never took that line literally even though this “ceiling disintegration” has been happening since the start of Fall last year.

    In addition to Pluto/Moon conjunction, Neptune is passing through the 4th house; again, I read another description saying that water may do a huge damage to the house… Yes, the RAIN is indeed breaking down the roof…

    BTW, in my natal chart, my Cap Moon (3H) is quintile both Saturn and Pluto in Libra (12H).

    May I post a question here?… What exactly do these external (house-crumbling) events say about my internal life… =S

  38. Hi, Mia: Saw your post. As of yesterday, March 3rd, Pluto conjuncted my Cap Moon in third house. I’ve been told I have five passes of this aspect. I have attempted to read everything I can about this aspect. So far, everything is good. As an adjunct to this conjunction, I have Pluto Sextile my Mars ascendant which is supposed to lessen the severity of the major transit. I’m not an astrologer but I read a lot. Neptune is in my fourth house, as well. My house has been on the market for almost three years. I’m hoping the pluto conjunct moon will break about a sale/move. Best of luck to you!


  39. Hi Kim!

    I don’t know how many times Pluto will be passing over my Moon, but it is definitely welcome. Oddly enough, I feel less panicked and depressed than before, even with my current problems…

    Pluto also is making aspects to other natal planets that connect with my Moon; it’s trine Venus in Virgo (11H), opposite Mars in Cancer (9H)…

    I have read “the Hades Moon” a few years before. I only understand just now what “the Devouring Mother” has to do with my “Capricorn Moon.”

    Thank you Kim, for your blessings, I hope you find success with your sale/move…

  40. Mia, thanks for the response. I ordered the book you referred to in your email, “Hades Moon” from and should have it next week. It sounds interesting. I didn’t quite get the “Devouring Mother” comment you made. (I’m estranged from my parents for a year or so now and was curious as to what you meant by that.) Thanks a bunch…and you know what? Like you, I strangely feel less panicked and depressed lately. Best regards, Kim

  41. I know this was posted some time ago, but thanks Kat for your words of encouragement. Pluto will start to square my Moon/Sun opposition next year from the 8th house. Most of these posts just scare me! I’ll do my best to keep an open mind and not cling too tightly. One of the things I am dreading most is the possibility of losing loved ones. When Pluto was conjunct my 8th house cusp, my stepgrandma passed away. One month later my paternal grandma passed away. A month after that my Uncle passed away. One positive thing that has come so far is that my relationship with my dad has improved somewhat and some issues that were not discussed before have been brought to light. This is the start of a healing process for our relationship. But I’m more than a little nervous about what is to come.

  42. My Moon is at 6 degrees of Capricorn, so I’m undergoing the last few months of the tPluto conjunction. It’s been emotional hell. Like Amethyst describes in #19 above, it’s felt like the lights have suddenly come on, and I could see that I’d been living in a shark tank. It’s been impossible to find someone to trust emotionally; I’ve been betrayed over and over, particularly by those closest to me.

    It’s almost over. I can say two things so far, one positive, the other iffy. First, I think I’ve learned a bit more about a kind of emotional self-reliance that comes hard hard hard for a Pisces Sun/Cancer AC. If I do make it through this, I’ll be different, that’s for sure.

    But second, I feel broken inside. I go onward, sure, and I have interests and good things and triumphs, but inside I’m either dead, or broken open and bleeding, depending on what time of day it is. It comes and goes. Some days, the only thing that keeps me alive is the thought that my body of work just isn’t good enough yet for me to be able to quit (I’m an artist.) I’ve never been more alone in my life, and I really don’t see how I can ever be otherwise, knowing what I know now.

    Now, my experience is probably atypical. I have a natal Moon/Pluto square and a natal Moon/Saturn opposition (along with a Pluto/Sun opposition and Saturn/Sun square which has been tied up with transiting Uranus.) The Moon is also my chart ruler, and falls in my 7th house; relationships have always been challenging for/to me, and these past few Moon/Pluto conjunction years have been like taking all the grief and betrayal and abuse and loss of all my nearly four decades of life, and concentrating it into one nonstop onslaught. I’ve honestly felt flayed alive. How I’ve continued, I’ll never know.

    But I’ll make it. I’ve made it this far, haven’t I? And somehow, I’ll be stronger. I do believe that….

  43. Hang in Laura, Im pisces sun cancer moon and T Pluto going back to oppose moon and a recent relationship of 5 months seems to have gone on hold and is bringing up all old rejection abandonment issues AGAIN! It’s just another turn of the circle and all we can do is greive and soldier on doing the things that give us a sense of connectedness even if it isnt to any particular person, even though that may be what we wnat, it may not be what we need for our partilcular growth journey. Blessings and hugs

  44. I will have one soon according to my horoscope. Curious to see what will happen…. At the moment I’m experiencing Pluto square Pluto, also a nasty one?

  45. Hi Harald! By itself, I don’t think Pluto sq Pluto is all that bad. I’ve been going through that one also. It’s a generational transit, meaning that everyone who is around our age is going through it. I’m finding that it’s more of an internal change than external crisis. Alot would depend on other planets that might be involved and the houses that are being transited. For me, Pluto is transiting my 8th house/squaring 5th house Pluto. Also, Scorpio rules my 6th house. The way this has all played out is I am reevaluating my day-to-day routine and health. Specifically, I have been taking a long hard look at how I spend my time (5th/6th house) and money (8th house). I’m realizing that I waste entirely too much of both, lol. But for you, look at the houses that are involved to see where you will be reevaluating. Now, if other planets are involved you may be forced (helped?) along in this process. For me, Pluto/Pluto is playing more of a supporting role for the Saturn lessons I’m learning than leading actor. If you have other hard aspects to natal or transit Pluto, it might be a tougher transit for you.

  46. Pluto in Capricorn, 4th has been squaring my natal moon in Aries, 7th for about sixteen months. It’s been dark and deep and continues.

    I have had three relationships with disordered men and I guess this is the major lesson Pluto finally shoved in my face. I met a man several months before the transit began and thought it was going to be happily ever after. Then, gradually his BPD traits began to show but by that time I was trauma bonded and was blinkering myself (I did not know anything about BPD at the time.) Things gradually got worse and my emotional state deteriorated. The first Pluto/Moon square was exact in spring last year. That’s when I ended the relationship. But at the same time, Uranus was conjunct my moon. Several months of emotional manipulation on his part. It was powerful, dark and horrible stuff and I was emotionally floored. It eased slightly in the period between passes but was still dark as I’d just been told that my ex has BPD – digging for understanding of a severe mental illness that was hidden The next pass was at the start of this year, more trauma with a man who said he was besotted with me. It felt like his obsession. Still grieving my lost “love” with BPD. Several months on and it’s now retro with 1 degree orb and, a year later I am still grieving for the BPD whilst reading why I was trauma bonded, this entailed digging into my childhood and family bonds (4th). I am the most stressed I have ever been at the moment, with property problems (4th again) and wonder if this is the square manifesting in a different way.

    Another six months of this to go before Pluto clears my moon, but at least it’s not as dark as it was during the whole of last year when, with Uranus conjunct Moon as well, I was forced to confront why I have involved myself with disordered men and do the internal digging to find out. The high stress maybe linked with current Uranus square Sun (10th, Cancer) alongside Pluto square Capricorn.

    Like others, I sometimes have to withdraw, hide away, to process what is happening. It all feels too much. It manifests physically and emotionally and I feel drained. Dark, dark times but I hope that the internal scrutiny will aid the upside of Pluto, that is transformation. Another seven months to go. I’ve never known anything like it.

      1. Thanks Elsa.

        I see it’s eight years now since your Pluto Moon transit. I’d be very interested, if you’d care to share, about how you found the after effects.

        Was it transformational for you, was it ultimately a positive force?

        Many thanks a keep up the great writings. 🙂

  47. Pluto is squaring my moon since march 2016 and it’s been tough, maybe the toughest time of my life. I moved home for the first time where I was living with my mother and feel abandoned ever since. Because I felt emotionally contained living with her I was doing a lot of creative stuff and felt quite good. I knew a time like this will come to pass as the generational gap is present between us, and I am pass my 20s, but the after effects are harder to swallow than I thought.
    Basically I just survive now with my work, feel emotionally numb, no feelings whatsoever, not joy and the pain is too big to be felt. The building I moved in is on the red-list in case of an earthquake, everything is shaky and don’t feel safe withing me or with others. Mother seems to be doing great without me, as it would have been natural when the daughter passes a certain age. Split from a 3 year relationship with a guy I met during hard transits from Uranus to Moon and Venus, but Uranus is a longtime companion and a good one. The relationship became manipulative, or I became aware of these tendencies when Pluto started hitting, although it kept its Uranian flavour all the while. He was suffocating me, moving in with me, not really working, not really doing anything but kept demanding pleasure, alcohol, lost nights. Pluto instead… not only it is dark, it is the nothing, as in the Neverending Story. Feeling nothing, staying awake at night, wondering why. Emotional disconnection from one’s one self.
    Next year it will opposite Venus as well, I will think about it next year.

    Swamp times that tell that the more you move, the more you are bound to sink. I really don’t see any lightness coming and it will last another year.

    Thank you Elsa for bringing stories together, your article was very helpful.

  48. Pluto conjunct Moon is happening right now, but I just looked up the dates for Pluto square Moon. Around the time I was 16, I had a very traumatic experience I’d rather not lay bare for the Internet, screenname or no. Pluto was square my Moon.

    Is part of Pluto conjunct Moon mourning all your past mistakes and feeling like you screwed up your whole life?

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