Storytime – Mrs Frick & Frack

I talked to a gal last night. This is a real life friend. I like her soooo much.

I mention this because she has one of those cowlicks in her psychology. This is going to sound as if she’s annoying. You’re just going to have to take my word for it, she’s not. But for some reason she thinks I (or my husband and I) are on the verge of not liking her / dumping her.

Now I don’t know if she does this with everyone, but I rarely have a conversation with her without her mentioning that she was wondering if I (or we) were going to be done with her for _________. She comes up with a reason. Too old, too slow, too stupid, too busy, too crazy, too insane, too much of a hick…

I’m serious, now. She says all kinds of things like this, all the time, when my husband and I have liked her (and her husband) from the moment we met them.

So as crazy as that sounds, this gal is one of my favorite people in this area. For one thing, she showed up at the hospital when I had surgery. “We’re friends,” she said. “We’re not good friends, but we are friends.” I laughed so hard. She’s blunt like that.

She’s also trustworthy. If you tell her something she doesn’t “run her mouth”, as she says. “You won’t see me runnin’ my damned mouth!” And she’s constantly telling me how she confronts people. “I ain’t takin’ their shit!” she explains. “I will not put up with a person and their shit! I will tell them right to their face, I ain’t taking your shit and they know I mean it.”

She’s protective of her husband, who is tough but also one of those sensitive types. I don’t know my psych test designations, but he’s definitely a deeply feeling person. So much so, people try to take advantage of his kindness, she says. This is when she steps up, right up into your face and tells you straight what you are and are not going to do.

Her husband really is one of those people who are emotionally wise and I’ll give you an example…

We were in a group, discussing the us/them division that pervades our society at this time. People said this or that, but then he said that every time he meets anyone, anywhere, he always tries to connect with them.  “With my heart,” he added placing his hand on his chest.  “To whatever extent I can, I try to have a connection with that person and I don’t worry about anything else.”

He’s got Pluto in Cancer and Mars in Scorpio.  His birthday is coming up, we’re going to his party. They have family coming in and they want some scones.

Do you know who, Frick & Frack is?


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  1. I forgot.

    She says she was thinking we’d have enough of them. I say, “What? No way. We are thinking nothing of the sort.”

    Then she says, “Oh, okay. Good. I was kind of worried about it. What’s happening? What’s on your mind? What going on with you guys? Did you hear from blah, blah…?

    And no matter what I’m doing..

    “That’s the difference between me and you. I would never put up with that kind of shit. Some thinks they’re going to give me shit like that, they’ve got another thing comin’…”

    And I snort and snort and laugh and laugh.

  2. Wow neat people. Does she have water in her chart? Seems like the kind to worry if youre tired of her.
    It’s so nice to have friends. Some parts of this country are so isolating 🙁 sometimes its enjoyable to have alone time (see e.b. white)
    But for empty nesters it’s so fkin hard. I wonder what parts of the country are more sociable

    1. I don’t know her chart. I don’t understand her worry. It like every time I see her, this cowlick of hair is in her face. I move it and then she it completely normal. I guess they don’t want to impose.

      He is Canadian. She’s from MA. He drinks tea. She makes chowder but she calls it, “Chowdah”.

  3. With my chart id worry about that guy and want him to be self prptective from creepers or shallow people..hed be hard for me to observe

  4. i try to do that.
    i’m not very good at it, but it’s the source of most of my blessings.
    i just need to notice when my gut is telling me to back away slowly. that has come, with experience.

  5. Just found out I am making 5 doz scones for the husband’s birthday. But I will be taking our son to the airport that day, so will miss the party. Arrgh.

    But the scones are a gift.

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