Pluto Conjunct The Lunar Return Ascendant

Back in April, I wrote about having Pluto conjunct my ascendant in my lunar return. It’s been a real vomit-ride, I’ll tell you what.

This is not to say I’ve not gotten something out of it. I’ve got some startling insights into myself and others. I’ve purged and I have been purged for that matter. ::flush::

I have most definitely been draped in the collective shadow, but I have known this one thing.  It takes me all the way back to when I was sitting a whatever card table, when I was a kid. Eight years old. Ten years old.

My favorite game back then was Pinochle. I love, Pinochle! And there are times when you play, Pinochle, that you know you’ve going to prevail.

This is because you’ve got the high trump card and you know how and when to use it. Or maybe your hand is overflowing with trump cards. When this is the case, it really doesn’t matter who says what or thinks what or does what, eventually, you’re going to throw down the trump and that’s going to be the end.

There is a gal in my (broad) circle who plays Pinochle. I’m considering letting her be the one to explain. “Hey, Fred. Tell them what it means when you’re holding the high trump card…”

All heads would turn to, Bernie.  “Tell us,” someone would say…

Astrology is potentially, “trump”.  But only if you know how to use it rather than have it use you.

Lunar Return reports available here.

11 thoughts on “Pluto Conjunct The Lunar Return Ascendant”

  1. I’ve tried playing some Pinochle with my guy’s family. It’s hopeless. I’m like a goldfish in a shark tank. Great people, but they are SHARKS when it comes to games!

    1. Yes! I won’t play cards anymore, under any circumstances. I know I would feel that same competitive adrenaline rush run through my body. The thought of it makes me ill. 🙂

      1. I don’t even really try to compete. I’ve won a few times at Mexican Train but mostly lose laughing. His Mother once said “You’re not gonna role over ME” to which I answered “But I’ll roll UNDER you”. We were laughing so hard we were wiping tears off our faces.

  2. ‘Astrology is potentially, “trump”. But only if you know how to use it rather than have it use you.’

    Could you give an easy example? Mercury rx has lead to the loss of a whole month work wise, but it was something *out* of my control…

    1. Yes, I can give an easy example. People can misread their chart or the charts of others. They routinely disable themselves looking at transits – get themselves paralyzed with fear over their children, their boyfriend, their marriage, whatever.

      Astrology can ruin a person OR it can be a phenomenal help!

      1. Which is why, if anyone is twisted in a knot, in their life, contacting Elsa for insight is a very, really good, thing to do.

  3. This weekend I joined the Mercury/Uranus conj. to tell my mother something that has been weighing on my souk for two to three years (Pluto transits 12th house – hidden discoveries.) As she has been reeling from this I also told her I don’t blame her for any of it. I was very clear. But I think it was good for clearing the past and explain certain things that her husband has been inquiring about regarding the past.

    I’ve always been the black (paychological speaking) sheep in our family, bringing 8th house topics onto the table. Traumas, taboos hidden hidious stuff that smeller bad. People didn’t want to hear it, because it clashed with their world view. But this time she listened. I don’t hink she would have if the doctor recently gave her life an expire date. That puts things into perspective. And that’s why I had to ensure she knew I wouldn’t blame her for not seeing what I was telling her. She took the info and she was shaken (Uranus) by it. But I think it will be a hood shake when the dust settles… ❤️

  4. Lunar return charts have been on my “do this” list for a while… so I took this opportunity to look at mine (why I totally missed the mid-April post, I’m completely mystified).

    My current Lunar return chart has Pluto (conjunct Juno aka Commitment) in my seventh house, connjunct DC.

    PS Thanks for the fond memories of learning to play Pinochle, at my best friend’s family’s cottage, as a teen. Along with her parents’ stories about their lives in the Netherlands during WWII… hugely positive people, and hilarious stories 🙂

  5. I have it conjunct my Descendant this month and next and still haven’t quite worked out what it means. I know there are some power struggles in work. And I was seeing someone but it feels like it has fizzled so I wonder if Pluto on descendant will bring it back to life (there are alot of feelings there) as it is trine my Moon.

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