Sun Conjunct Saturn @ 9 Years Old – His Mother, She’s Like A Curse

Today I dropped my son at the bus stop for his last day of school. I was singing on the way, something like this:

“I love, Love, LOVE you! I Luuuuvvvvvvvvve, la la luvvvvvvve you!”

I don’t sing very well but never pay attention to this unless it is called to my attention which is what happened this morning when I pulled up at the curb and stopped to let him out.  There was one girl there, waiting for the bus.

“That’s not Emmy is it?” I asked, understanding she is now getting off the bus with him, one stop ahead of her usual. Might she show up in the morning too?

“That’s not Emmy,” he said, putting his hand on the door handle. “Now, Mom. Is there anything else you want to say before I open this door and be humiliated?”

I stared. I was stunned and then broke into a grin because he was grinning himself, slightly.  “Do you mean you wouldn’t rather I not sing for that girl.”

He nodded.

“Okay then. Gotcha. It’s safe – You can open the door.

He got out and I drove away thinking, this is a curse.  He’s a Sun Saturn (take me serious!) with a Jupiter Moon mother (rollicking good times) – What’s the boy to do?

Do you have a similar curse in your chart?

6 thoughts on “Sun Conjunct Saturn @ 9 Years Old – His Mother, She’s Like A Curse”

  1. yes my mother is a leo I am a scorpio. She has a packed 8th house I have a packed 2nd house. Somtimes all this feels like a curse.

  2. My kids have forbidden me to sing or dance in public and for the most part I do as they wish, but every once in a while I can’t help and sing in my head with a big grin and they know what I’m doing and can’t do a darn thing about it.

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    Little Miss Hermit

    My mom has a 4 planet stellium in Aries directly opposite my 4 planet stellium in Libra. Plus, she has Scorpio rising. Pushy and domineering at all? Nooo;)
    She has always bought me stuff I don’t even like, especially clothes (and always a size or two too large for me!:P), and then calls me ungrateful when I express my apprehension…:P
    And for someone with 4 planets in Aries to have the nerve to call ME masculine (which I’m not in appearance, I just happen to be cerebral). Her stellium is opposite her Neptune/MC. Projection, projection;) And she seems to look for ways to take things I say the wrong way, so she can have her fight:P Taxing!

  4. Im giggling at this post. Im a Sun Saturn Pluto as well as a Moon Saturn Pluto with a Cap Moon. My Mum is Cancer Moon in aspect to Jupiter & Jupiter also conjuncts her stellium including her Mercury & Sun. My dad has promient jupiter and Uranus aspects. In very capricorn like humour it is a tough life for me living them. I go grocery shopping with them every week, I truly dont know why I torture myself – oh wait I do, I have Pluto!!!

  5. my son has venus/moon/saturn in cancer all in square to either my aries venus or my aries sun.

    uhm, and my saturn on his jupiter/mercury in leo…

    it’s like i can’t be everything he needs to matter how much i want to, so i have to borrow other people to fill in the gaps (like his babysitter, with her cancer saturn in trine to a bunch of scorpio….)
    by which i mean he needs to have women more yin than me around.

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