Ascendant : Is Your First Handshake Misleading?

veneer.jpgRecently we’ve been talking about attraction and repulsion and also the rising sign, a person’s first handshake or their veneer as I say. I have been talking for 20 years about the problems I have on this front as my appearance is somewhat incongruous with my actual personality. Basically, I have dimples which attract people but I try to warn them – Beware the undertow.

“Well it just happens sometimes, I told the soldier last night regarding someone who approached me in friendship but has now retreated. “People see me, think they like me but find out they don’t. I mean look at me. I have dimples or whatever. I am always smiling so people think things when they see me. They think they want to know me. Other times they think I am some kind of mess they are going to save so they come in to do that but then they get a little closer in and change their mind in a hurry.”

The soldier stared.

“It happens to you too. Say you’re wearing a long sleeved shirt and you get a date. Then you take off your shirt and the person sees your tattoos and says, oh no! I didn’t know this – I’m out of here!’

That he understood.

Is your veneer false advertising?

18 thoughts on “Ascendant : Is Your First Handshake Misleading?”

  1. Oh yeah, totally. Although it is not intentional at all.

    I’m outwardly warm and Taurus/Jupiter- very yang. Inwardly, I am quite yin. Much more sensitive than I appear to be.

  2. Lol shannon!!
    I wouldn’t call myself misleading not purposly anyway. Libra rising want to be friends with everyone, but Sc. sun is in her own world, where few others really get in.

  3. I’m relaxing into the fact that though my venere may be attractive, i’m hoping that whats underneith isn’t REPULSIVE!lol

  4. There’s a phrase in a Jimi Hendrix song that has stuck with me for a long time: “Gonna wave my freak flag.”

    Gemini sun/gemini rising and I can’t hide who I am if I want to. I am continually surprised how much people pick up about me without knowing me for very long or with much depth. It’s a little disappointing, really – a girl likes to have some mystery about her!

  5. A veneer is inherently false advertising, they put it on a surfaces to make them look better than they do naturally. It doesn’t disguise the surface, just enhances it’s natural beauties. I think mine accomplishes this, I tend to present a sunnier, more powerful image of myself (unintentionally) than is actually the case. I can actually be quite sad and weepy but people who know me would never believe it. I consider that a good thing.

  6. Not misleading on purpose. . .

    Outwardly a warm Taurus/Jupiter yang and inwardly completely yin. Much more sensitive than people initially see.

  7. Oh, absolutely. As a Taurus Rising, I tend to seem solid and even unfriendly. But once I start talking and all that Leo comes out, people are usually shocked by how sunny I am!

  8. Hahaha, Becca….

    Aquarius rising and full of eccentricities. I always make sure people know me well. I try to let them. That way there’s no surprises (probably Cappy).

  9. The only people who ever get surprised are co-workers…they only ever see the serious side of me at work, so when socializing, they are surprised that I am naturally a little goofy/silly. But, I don’t think that’s an ascendant issue. I’m fairly sure that I’m a WYSIWYG kinda person – though I’m patently unaware of how others see me (unless I ask). 🙂

  10. Heck yeah. I am a Sag rising/Pisces sun. I come off much more warm and exuberant and much less mystic and sarcastic than I am. Actually, it’s pretty helpful most of the time.

  11. I have too much Libra to be able to decide whether my moody, emotional, caring Cancer exterior is misleading.

  12. I have a fat Italian sweet wittle baby face, and I look 15 years old. There is no way anyone can guess even close to my real age.

    I’m the QUEEN of false advertising, even with Scorpio rising. Unless you count looking deceptive as a Scorpio trait, I dunno.

  13. I’m a Cancer rising so people sometimes think I’d make a good shoulder to to cry on. For less nice people this equals someone to dump all of their problems/baggage on. So I usually find out the unattractive things about people pretty quickly that way.

    1. That’s me, too! Only exacerbated with Neptune trining my Ascendant.
      Needless to say, people don’t dump on me anymore: I’ve closed the borders.

  14. Yep. I can appear pretty breezy and open-minded with my Sag rising (and a Jupiter on my MC), but I’m actually calculating and evaluating the whole event and deciding who has credibility and who can be trusted (Cap sun). You may think you got away with whatever you did, but I may bust your ass.

    This is an amazing combination for teachers of high school students.

  15. Aquarius rising. It kind of sucks because sometimes people think I am standoffish and rude and as a Leo sun I definitely am not comfortable with that. On the other hand some people think I am the cat’s pajamas.

  16. i guess the aries might surprise people, but i don’t think so-they seem to see it better than i do… at least, i am often described in arian terms even though i think i’m acting my virgo ascendant. 😉

    i get the neptune thing too (with neptune on my ic) in a lot of odd ways, but that’s nothing i actively do, and i’m extremely blind to it’s affects. trying to get a better grip on that lately.

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