Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: How It Plays In Relationship

Whenever there is an opposition in the sky or in a chart, you can see it play in relationships. Someone is on one end acting one energy and the other person acts the other end. With the current Saturn Neptune opposition this has been wildly apparent not only in my life but in the lives of everyone around me and it looks like this:

The Neptune person disappears or becomes incapacitated in some way. Could be mental illness, could be addiction… could be any number of things but for whatever reason this one person leaves the scene and becomes inaccessible.

This leaves the Saturn person confused and feeling rejected. They may try to control the Neptune person which causes the Neptune person to become even more evasive which causes the Saturn person to feel depressed and accept (un)reality… that is, that they suck and the Neptune person hates them.

But then the tide turns!

Now the Neptune person is back, typically oblivious to the Saturn person’s duress but so bewitching the Saturn person shrugs and says “Oh what the hell…” They let the Neptune person back in. And is this a mistake?

Hard to say. We aren’t going to know until this opposition breaks apart this summer. Until then, if you’re feeling sorry for the Saturn person, don’t. They are learning from Neptune. They are learning their boundaries are penetrable! They may swear this person off and try to block them out but their feelings melt their walls. Turns out they are human, capable of compassion after all.

On the flip, Neptune is learning from Saturn. Because Saturn keeps going. Drunk and beaten bloody, left in a heap on the side of the road, Saturn is still going to work and don’t think Neptune doesn’t notice. “Jeez, man. Maybe I ought to get myself out of bed and do the right thing like Saturn over there…”


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  1. Elsa, this was the exact question I had, the question that never reached you. A friend of mine came for help, she was desperate, we worked on it (oh, how saturn), she disappeared completely, I told her it bothered me – she gave me a nasty reaction, now she is back but does not want to be held accountable, and I can’t face more of her suffering without her doing one jota to do something about it. She is killing herself and asking me to be a witness?! Come on! My question was: should I let her back in? Maybe me cutting her off (saturn again) will force her into reality. Or should I stay watching her mutilate herself, feeling what I feel for her. This stuff has been going on for years, but now it is especially acute.

  2. I’ve had a few relationships break down since this opposition began many, many months ago (late 2005?). Of one, I can say that I knew deep down that the relationship could never sustain itself, and it was a matter of time before it disintegrated.
    Some relationships highly influential, but fleeting. (I have a Fire trine in my chart involving Neptune and Saturn, so maybe that’s why I voted that I am Neptune).

  3. I am Neptune! Neptune is my ruler and its transiting my 12th and all i’ve wanted to do in the last few years is disappear into a cave so i did (well sort of – i live in a basement near the sea) and i love it. But work seems to be alluding me (or i’m alluding it, either way it’s very nep/sat) and i know i’ve gotta get my act together (as everyone keeps telling me – the saturnites) but i just keep avoiding.

  4. I am Saturn. Both with a very good friend and a fleeting lover. The friend is now back in my life, albeit in a much more minor way than she used to be, but I don’t know what to do about the man. He’s gone now and although I know I could work to bring him back- is someone who keeps disappearing worth it in a love relationship? I find this question impossible to answer because when we are together, it feels like we are invincible and I’d like to think love conquors all, but I also recognise that I need stability and reliabilty (Taurus Sun) which he doesn’t seem to be able to give me. But then, like you said, all bets are off until August, right?

  5. elsa- is this how the dynamic works for neptune opposite saturn in synastry? I see a case where the person with the natal neptune acts like the saturn you described- and the natal saturn acts like the neptune you described. how can you explain that?.. what is the final outcome of this in a relationship?…

    1. Yes, this would play in synastry. But there is no way to tell what the outcome will be. The people involved have free will.

  6. can it work this very way inside the same psyche?I’m experiencing exactly this alternate pull between escapism and self discipline, a turning point in my life,thanks to saturn shaking a too comfortable neptune and thanks to my effort(mars) in grabbing the opportunity for major relationships, it’s showing out as fantasy vs reality all the time

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