Progressed Moon In Capricorn Vibe

capricorn goatWith my progressed moon heading into Capricorn, I wondered if I might become (more) morose. I don’t actually think I am morose but others do and I field their remarks.

Moon in Capricorn does trend towards depression.  I had a few people write me about my recent newsletters. This surprised me because I think I am just saying “the quiet part out loud” as they say. Who in the land of sanity can’t see we’re in a precarious spot, ’round the world?

I’m happy to report, I don’t see it going that way. The shift is here and I’ll tell you what’s happening.

First, a brick mason is coming by tomorrow to replace bricks on the corner of our house. I have been neglecting this, see?  But no more. I am taking responsibility for the house (moon).

I also have a plumber coming over to work on a couple of leaks, both longstanding, and one has been let go long enough to cause further damage.

Mostly, I feel like an adult.  This is very different from my progressed moon in Sagittarius. I have felt like a teenage boy, the whole time!

I feel settled down and ready to manage… whatever.  I also feel comfortable with limits which see a giant blessing.

Is your progressed moon in Capricorn? How’s it going?

26 thoughts on “Progressed Moon In Capricorn Vibe”

  1. Morose isn’t a word l would use to describe you, Elsa…
    The thing to remember around Saturn/Capricorn is they/we like feeling melancholy it makes them/us feel better.
    Check out Durer’s Melancholia
    (Sesquad to sun/moon here, and a Saturn in Cap 11th)

    I need ‘fixes’ at this house too. The list gets longer…

      1. “They only do it to annoy because they know it teases…’

        I was thinking of a word to describe you … ‘curly’ old Australia slang…unusual, difficult, not easy to describe…think ‘a curly question’. Personlly, l don’t like ‘easy’.

          1. No, not a fan of Freud and Ink Blots, Elsa. Sorry for the messy reflection above. I still like ‘curly’ as in not easy to define…not straight foward, like a ‘curly question’ needs thinking about, not easily answered. ‘Difficult’. l like women who get called difficult. I get called ‘difficult’ because l won’t comply with expected roles or agree with opinions l disagree with–l also dont demand that people agree with me. Only seems fair. And l am sometimes melancholic too, but not all the time…l am what l am when l am…

            1. Yeah, I don’t crave being called “difficult” but just add it to pile! It’s not as bad as being told I had “inherited syphilis” based on my appearance.

              I’m just not cut out for compliance. My hair is currently not compliant and I am going to leave it.

              1. No, don’t put ‘difficult’ on any pile, particularly given those other insults, Elsa. No insult implied… and l am not fluffing your tail either.
                You are not one dimentional- you have depth in other words and are definitely,no easy push over either…’curly’ therefore. I know you have ‘shiny hair’ you once described yourself in a particular way…it was dead funny. I thought Libra 8th when you said it. I told you once this is my Nth node.

      2. My PR Moon has been in Capricorn for last two and half years. It really helped me to have a project to work on. As you said, it helped to be responsible.
        I don’t see you as morose either, Elsa. Sounds more like people don’t want to hear that they need to be more responsible so that feels like a ‘Debbie Downer’ to them. Have you ever seen that SNL skit?
        Having raised several teenagers it feels like when you tell them they have to do their homework, chores, etc before they go meet friends. It’s not what they want to do but then they can go off and enjoy their time instead of other consequences.
        I love your heads up you give us!

  2. If people say you’re ‘morose’, are they right? Perhaps your mood will simply fit and reflect the reality. Perhaps your mood is maturing, and theirs have not (yet). Perhaps you’re ‘realistic’ or ‘serious’, but not ‘morose’.

    I know all signs have their positive and negative traits, but I’ve never liked how the negative traits are the first thing that comes to mind about a Capricorn.

    I know many, many business owners and highly respectable, accomplished people (who are Capricorns). But they’re not morose. How would they have gotten to where they are today of they were truly ‘morose’?

    1. I’d like to add:

      I think ‘morose’ is a state where someone can fall into, like a hole, if they do not respond to their reality in a responsible way.

  3. My progressed Moon is in Capricorn too…I feel very serious sometimes, my family keep saying I need to lighten up! We go deep…and rise high like the beautiful sea-goat. How long does it last in the progressed moon?
    I got a Progression report from you Elsa, very interesting except I feel like I’m chasing Saturn as my progressed Ascendant is now in Pisces (natal asc is Capricorn)

    1. You’ll be hearing that often with this progressed moon. A progressed moon in a sign lasts about 2, 2 and a half years. I have natal moon in capricorn conjunct my cap rising plus saturn aqua in 1st. If I hear’ you need to smile more’ one more time. There was a leo sun guy saying this all the time of course. This is my face, shut up man!

  4. My progressed Sun headed into Capricorn last August.
    But that has been a process towards maturity I’d say.
    But nevertheless, I have felt like a teenager without the wisdom to consider the consequences for 30 years – that’s practically all my grown up life.

    Shit got real: I got diagnosed, medicated, took responsibility for my personal situation and how my Sun in Sag had been creating all these unwanted and unfortunate circumstances I had had to deal with. I wizened up pretty hard and knew I had to take smarter choices for myself.

    It also had as a consequence,that I needed to put up some firm boundaries to protect my person.

    When my progressed Moon was in Cap, I did experience some heavy things. It was no ride in the park. Cap is HARD on the moon, unless you’re a mature adult, which I definitely wasn’t at the time. My 12th house is in Cap natally, so count that double!

    Well, all in all, I matured, and I think it was a good thing, before my Sun went into the sign.
    I came prepared!

  5. I have this by progression right now, I think it’s the “no bulls–t” transit. The timing is good considering the state of the collective energy – aka the hall of mirrors.

  6. It’s hard to discern what’s what right now. My moon just progressed into Cap about a month ago, which put it into direct opposition with my natal Sun. In addition, transit Saturn is squaring my natal Moon.

    That triple whammy = hardcore, crippling social anxiety and intense melancholy

  7. Hello Elsa,
    My child’s moon is in Capricorn 5th house
    and I tell you, there are times she’s felt somber or even depresión , even when she’s hanging out w her friends, trying to be entertained or entertain her friends
    mind you this was precarious to me cause I thought well she might be a little depressed, but then I started paying more attention w astrology eyes, and ive notice that she was feeling this way mostly when pluto was in Capricorn, but now she’s doing much better, she’s turning 23 this year, and I’ve always have her look within as with out same as above as below and its worked for her. Im not going to claim thats she don’t go through those somber moments but she sure knows to handle herself now more then she did before, i always remind her you feel much older cause you feel/ see the reality, vs her friends who are just having fun. She now enjoys herself much more then she did before, she knows that adulting has been on her since birth lol, but her leo rising reminds her that she’s a kid @ heart 😊

    1. I love this – its so insightful!
      Growing up I always wondered why I was so different and not lively, crazy funny etc(although people who know me well think Im all that)..I have a Capricorn Sun and Ascendent with an Aquarius Moon and a Stellium in Scorpio, it all makes sense! Little Capricorns are so adult like!

  8. This began for me shortly after I graduated from university. During this period I started full-time work and was finding my way as a responsible individual in the world. There were definitely some stops and starts involved but by the end of it, I had secured a position that would eventually become permanent and I’ve never been unemployed since. Similarly, I’ve lived on my own since this time period.

  9. I have a cappy moon natally, conjunct jupiter (also in cappy) if anything I always see your posts as a reality check, sound advice/head up, but not morose :chuckles:.
    My progressed moon is in Scorpio right now, wading thru my 4th house, so lots of moving/transitioning in support of family. I’ve explored what ‘home’ can look like from several different places with lots of variables thrown in. There are days when I wish I could just ‘be back at home’, but I’ve embraced my cancer nature and taken ‘home’ with me; that has made all the difference.

  10. My progressed moon is in early degrees of Taurus. Only Pluto is in an earth sign in my chart, so I’m also relishing in the effort to tackle grown-up stuff!

  11. My progressed moon made it into Capricorn and I feel really good. This may be because my moon is very well aspected. I’m also comfortable with Saturn stuff.

    I definitely feel more grown up, with good boundaries. I feel willing to stand for my opinions and I’m ready to pull in or reduce, everything. I definitely want to simplify my life in every way possible and on every level. I am looking forward to this period.

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