Taurus, Famous For Their Self Esteem

My son is a Taurus, he’s seven years old. Screen name, Vidroid, he was watching TV before school, eating yogurt. “You have writing on your head,” I said. The way the lines were drawn on he looked like Frankenstein. “You probably ought to get that off before school.” “No. People love me like this,” he […]


Can A Person Be Born To The Wrong Parents?

SaDiablo asked on the Single Mother blog: “Elsa, you said in your response, “…I assure you that your daughter has the right mother, not the wrong one.” Does this mean that you believe sometimes a child *does have the wrong mother? Just curious, as I’ve kicked this question around myself a few times. I’d like

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Pluto Transit To The Moon: Mine… The Family Legacy

My husband was raised in a conservative family, steeped in tradition, where as I was raised by progressive, eccentric and ultra-detached, Aquarians. And with the Pluto transit (uncover what is hidden) to my Moon (roots) these things have become center stage. Now when we were kids, this was one jacked up relationship! Because coming here

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Violently Traumatized Family Trying To Heal: Venus Conjunct Neptune in Scorpio

Dear Elsa, I hail from a family of incestuous behavior and violent abuse. My brother and I got to be the “guinea pigs” so to speak. My sisters (for some odd reason) were spared the violent attacks but not the sexual abuse. No, I cannot say for sure that my brother was also perpetrated but

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