God, Science & Astrology

Elsa, What are your religious beliefs…as in what higher power, where you think we came from and what you think happens to our souls when we die? And how do you explain your involvement with astrology to the people that think it is against God? Do you think that astrology is a science and totally separate from religion or do they


Henry In His Own Words: Double Capricorn, Desert Philosopher and Authentically Interesting Person – Part Eight

Although Henry was had fervent interest in religion and studied throughout his life, we were never taught anything specific to believe. Stellium in Sagittarius, he was wide open to discuss the subject and people commonly were invited to his house to debate. They showed up in droves. Young men with bibles showed up. Men and

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Jupiter In Sagittarius Seeks Meaning / Scorpio and the 8th House Thinks Everything In A Sign

So we collide at the truck stop and within a couple hours we’re on tour of the city, guided by a friend of the soldier’s who happens to be a history buff. So we stop at the water… learn about the barges, get a history lesson the next thing you know we are driving by

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