Pluto Transit To The Moon: Mine… The Family Legacy

My husband was raised in a conservative family, steeped in tradition, where as I was raised by progressive, eccentric and ultra-detached, Aquarians. And with the Pluto transit (uncover what is hidden) to my Moon (roots) these things have become center stage.

Now when we were kids, this was one jacked up relationship! Because coming here from South America, a quarter Italian himself, he took one look at me… we were the same color, and he assumed that I was just like him. You know. He assumed I was Catholic, for starters! And I never did disabuse him of this notion.

For one thing, he was very forceful. He was a know-it-all to the extreme and in fact could recite reams of history, facts and figures, quotes and trivia like you wouldn’t believe. In contrast I was from the desert, and this stuff was just plain beyond me. If you want to stand on your head, well fine. Or if you want to commit a crime, I knew a hell of a lot about that as well, but Catholicism? Forget about it.

So if you can imagine a mad man ranting and preaching and lecturing about who we are and what we represent, that was him. And I would be sitting cross-legged yoga style, staring at him bemused and somewhat enthralled, listening to him tell me who I was on the chance he was right, unbeknownst to me! And the Pluto transit is bringing these things to light.

And I haven’t broken it to him yet, but not only was I not raised Catholic, I was distinctly taught there was only one sin you could commit… and that was to be boring!

“It is a sin to bore people.” This was my parent’s mantra.

And I internalized this to the same depth and degree that he internalized his parents and you internalized yours. And we are all so impacted.

So what did you internalize? What did your parents tell you?

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  1. To be a strong woman. My mom extoles strength as the greatest thing in the world and especially applied to girls, young ladies and women. It’s a curse and a blessing I tells ya. More a blessing :).

  2. Sense of humour and humanitarian outlook (moon conj jupiter & uranus trine mercury). Even in the darkest of times i have never lost the ability to laugh or see the ridiculousness of life’s complexes. During quite a dark period of late was on the phone to my dad and while crying i’m making jokes and he said ‘well least you haven’t lost your sense of humour’ ‘if i lose that’ i said ‘then i’m dead’.

    Funny bout the catholic thing..i was brought up without religion (thank god :)) but have always attracted catholic men for some reason (moon jupiter in 7th?) who’s mum’s always try to convert me..i tell them i’d melt if i went in a church and my family would disown me. I say it jokingly but they get the hint usually. My dad is an atheist and will challenge others beliefs (i used to too but if it brings comfort & meaning who am i to crush their hopes as long as they dont preach to me..then i might-mars in sag in 9th)but has always held i can be/do whatever i feel is right for me. Consequently i am fascinated by others beliefs be it religion/spiritual but astrology is the only ‘belief’ i’ve stuck with (which my dad also poo-poos but hey). Religious warfare is a crime against humanity and ultimately the earth as far as i can make out and its presence in world politics is becoming scarily divisive and a threat to all our freedoms. Sorry getting off the subject..guess maybe i’ve inherited my dad’s beliefs after all!

  3. i got some good things from them, i think…if you have a problem with someone, you sit down and talk to them about it. you work it out…if you’ve done the best you can, then let it go, because that’s all you can do…you don’t tally hurts up…you give people you love the benefit of a doubt…the most important thing i think i got from my parents, however, was a relationship model. they loved each other very much, and it still shows after they’ve been married 51 years. i credit part of my happiness with my husband what i learned growing up about relationships.

  4. “And I would be sitting cross-legged yoga style, staring at him bemused and somewhat enthralled, listening to him tell me who I was on the chance he was right, unbeknownst to me!”

    ha! you see Elsa i would have been besides myself hammering into the other person my point of view (my family’s legacy), making sure he understood just how little he knew of me (a protective device used on the off chance that he might be closer to the truth).

    …and that i guess is the key difference Elsa, because you ended up with a life long friend and me, well…

    please keep these stories coming cos’ i am learning 😉

  5. =)
    I grew up in a small portuguese island, everyone there is very much catholic, and so was I, untill at 13 me and my familly became protestants, then at 22 i became atheist. and soon after found astrology. I guess what I internalized was the importance of being helpful to other people and the importance of working hard and being respectful, virgo values mostly.

  6. “So what did you internalize? What did your parents tell you?”

    Hmmmmmmmm……my father did not speak to me per say….but he did DO things to me. My mother rarely spoke to me also. My sister told me a couple of weeks ago (as we were laughingly discussing all of the names my mother used for my person starting at the ripe old age of 6) that she had grown up thinking my name was “whorebitchslut”! So I’d have to say that is what I internalized.
    I’ve never met a whore/bitch/slut because I do not believe in using these words to describe any female.
    Looking back I suppose I internalized a lot of crap. Luckily, crap flushes.

  7. I think that’s where I got the idea that I always had to make nice – always bend to others – always be wrong if my being right would be offensive. I have only recently begun to unwrap my real self and I’m finding a person with opinions, with likes and dislikes, who is really real. I somehow always believed the real “me” was not very loveable, so I repressed her. Even as a child I always felt responsible for everything. I’m only sorry it took so long to let her out because I’m finding out she’s a lot of fun – and fun is something I don’t ever remember having in my whole life. And I’m finding people actually like me better now that I am myself. Go figure!!

  8. I do think it’s a sin to bore people. I have no planets in Aquarius, though my Venus is in Gemini.

    Here’s why I think it’s truly a sin, for real: Because to listen takes a lot of energy. Think about it, it does. When you listen, you give someone your energy. You can tell this is true when you’re learning a foreign language and you spend all day listening to people converse in that language. By the end of the day, you’re exhausted and it’s a physical kind of exhaustion, too. And another example is when you’re stuck with a chatterbox who happens to be a bore. You’re listening and listening and listening and your listening seems to wind them up while you’re slowly feeling more and more drained. So, I think it’s a form of psychic vampirism, extreme as that may sound. And boring is not necessarily about the subject matter, either. You can have a conversation with a child about his new sneakers and not be bored for a second. Or you can even be completely quiet and still be having a terrific exchange; like, for instance, when you dance or when you’re just mellowing out next to someone. And I think the difference comes down to tuning into each other’s channel; an energy interchange, if you will.

    So, it’s a sin to waste people’s energy. I think so, anyway, bc it’s part of one’s life force and not everybody has the same amount of energy.

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