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Client Testimonial: Effective Astrology

EP writes: “Elsa was incredibly effective at time when I was looking for advice in order to make huge and very difficult decision. She was straight-forward, astrologically-sound, clear, and her advice really help me to finally see and confront feelings which I was content to ignore. I was able to address and conquer obstacles and […]

Client Testimonial – Psychic Surgery

A M D in London writes “In a 30 minute e-mail consultation Elsa resolved an ongoing and seemingly insurmountable problem that other astrologers and 2 years of psychotherapy had failed to even touch upon. Elsa went directly to the source of my despair and with wisdom, compassion and humour gave me the clarity I needed

Client Testimonial: Serious Concerns

C.D. writes: “Elsa gave me crucial advice in 2003 which was exactly right. Thankfully, I listened to her. Just recently I had another consult with Elsa about some very serious concerns. Again, she hit the nail on the head. I think she’s a naturally gifted psych wizard too. There were things she told me, which

Client Testimonial: Loss Of Relationship

SaDiablo writes: “I consulted Elsa recently when my relationship of eight years dissolved. The advice she gave was compassionate to both of us and really helped me to understand what was happening. When I followed her advice, things ran much more smoothly and I think we will be able to salvage a friendship from this

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