Client Testimonial: “Difficult To Ask For Help…”

Recommendations from clients.

Christy writes:

“For people such as myself who find it difficult to ask for help, Elsa’s compassion is the perfect companion to astrological advice.

Her grasp of the language of astrology was easily accessible through her warmth and willingness to deconstruct my chart’s aspects. I found this invaluable. I have explored numerous healing avenues over the years and I find astrology the most empowering by far.

Elsa is an experienced, empathetic person and her innate ability to detect the heart of the matter provides welcome respite. For me, these consultations are a therapeutic service. As I’m charged on a ‘time’ basis, I appreciate Elsa’s efficiency and professionalism.

Come with questions and be prepared to have an enlightening conversation with the astrology community’s most succinct and distinct voice.”

Thanks Christy!

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