Client Testimonial: “Spiraling Downhill Fast”

Dixie Vogel writes:

“I’ve had a few consultations with Elsa and they’ve all been helpful, but one particularly stands out. An adult child was living with us and clearly in crisis, but not interested in making changes. The situation was spiraling downhill fast and had seriously disrupted the entire family.

Elsa’s assessment was lightening quick and dead-on accurate. I told Elsa, “I’m not sure she’s going to make it out of this alive.” Elsa immediately agreed. I felt huge relief at the acknowledgment – obviously not what I wanted to hear – because it was pure, unadulterated truth. That’s what I most needed.

She went on to give me excellent advice. Elsa’s advice in my case was not easy to follow; in fact, it was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. But she was right and I knew it in my gut, so I did exactly as she suggested. Following her advice also completely eliminated the family disruption, literally within 24 hours. And finally, Elsa’s prediction of when things would resolve was right on the money as well, as was the entire consultation.

I would highly recommend working with Elsa for anyone who is ready and willing to hear the truth and move forward. You don’t have to know or even care about the astrology to benefit from her sophisticated grasp of interpersonal relationships. My consultation was like a lifeline for me when I didn’t know where to turn, and I’ll always be intensely grateful for her help.”

Thanks, Dixie!

3 thoughts on “Client Testimonial: “Spiraling Downhill Fast””

  1. Elsa,

    Any chance we could get the transits or astrological issues that made you think this person wasn’t going to get through.

    Honesty is the best. I’ve been to too many people who tell me what I wanted to hear.


  2. That would be up to them. I have confidentiality to deal with, plus I don’t retain this stuff.

    I do the work in a very focused way and then I do the next work in a very focused way.

  3. Hello, Busted. Just noticed your comment.

    I can’t share specifics because it’s wasn’t just my own chart involved. (I was asking for advice in managing my relationship with my SD.) But my sense was that it wasn’t about a specific chart marker anyway. Just some very difficult energies that were not being well-managed. And Elsa absolutely did NOT tell me the kid was going down. I saw it myself, and she only confirmed it as a possiblity.

    Confronted with the reality of the situation as I observed it, that was a huge relief to have it openly acknowledged that my fears were not baseless or overreactions.

    She did make it through that one, by the way. She’s had issues since then, but they weren’t in my living room.

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