Violence in all forms. Some posts may be graphic…

Predicting Violence In Relationship: Mars in Synastry

Dharmaruci of ASTROTABLETALK, writes on the “violence erupting in nature” blog: “We’ve all got violence in us given certain conditions. We also have a civilized veneer that disguises it from ourselves. So we need football, we need violent computer games and films, it gives some sort of expression to it. None of us are beings

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Violently Traumatized Family Trying To Heal: Venus Conjunct Neptune in Scorpio

Dear Elsa, I hail from a family of incestuous behavior and violent abuse. My brother and I got to be the “guinea pigs” so to speak. My sisters (for some odd reason) were spared the violent attacks but not the sexual abuse. No, I cannot say for sure that my brother was also perpetrated but

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