Violence in all forms. Some posts may be graphic…

Pluto In Capricorn = A Collective Pluto Moon Transit

From the comments on Dumped By Scorpio – Snake In The Grass, I was writing about how law could be manipulated. This dovetailed with the question I mentioned earlier… “Are there circumstances when one person breaking another person’s arm might be warranted?” I wrote (in part): “…Law is pretty freaky… it can absolutely be manipulated. […]

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Mercury In Aries vs Mercury Conjunct Mars: “Why Do You Want To Marry An Assassin?”

“I’ve been writing about what I have had to realize and come to terms with as far as being with you goes,” I told the soldier last week. “Like what.” “Well for example, when we were kids we were going to get married but then you decided you wanted to go into Special Forces. So

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Predicting Violence In Relationship: Mars in Synastry

Dharmaruci of ASTROTABLETALK, writes on the “violence erupting in nature” blog: “We’ve all got violence in us given certain conditions. We also have a civilized veneer that disguises it from ourselves. So we need football, we need violent computer games and films, it gives some sort of expression to it. None of us are beings

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