The Astrology And Psychology of Stalking

rebecca_schaeffer_closeup.jpgI don’t know how I got this book, “The Psychology of Stalking: Clinical and Forensic Perspectives”. I am not really interested in the subject. But it wound up in my hands and it sure is good.

Here’s some stuff off the top that got my attention:

“I think that the rage is the central component in motivating the behavior of the stalker to then pursue the object. The intent is to dominate, devalue and in some cases destroy.” (Kohut, 1972)

65% of non psychotic stalkers were motivated by anger, 24% by jealousy.
53% blamed the victim, a measure of projection.
(Kienlen et al. 1997)

I thought that was interesting. 53% blame the victim but the other (roughly) half know exactly what they are doing and who is at fault.

This was also pretty keen.. a stalking flow chart:

The whole thing starts with what is referred to as a “narcissistic linking fantasy” – the person feels special or loved or admired by or superior to or destined to be with.. the object -> leads to…

acute of chronic rejection -> leads to…

Feelings of shame/humiliation ->

Defended against by rage ->

Fuels behavioral pursuit: To hurt, control, to damage or destroy -> and this…

Restores narcissistic linking fantasy

The author uses John Hinckley Jr as an example. Rejected by (Scorpio) Jodie Foster he shot the president…

Meloy writes:

“But a curious phenomena has occurred. John Hinckley Jr. did in a sense set out to accomplish what he set out to do. The public will always link him with Jodie Foster and most importantly, as a basis of gratification in Mr. Hinckley’s mind, Ms Foster will likely never forget him. Her consciousness of him validates his narcissistic linking fantasy, one that perhaps remains a hidden preoccupation for him 17 years later. As he said to an interviewer 2 months after the assassination attempt, “To link myself with her for almost the rest of history, if you want to go that far.”

I’ve had limited experience with stalking in real life but I pick them up pretty routinely writing this blog and you see the Mars function here. They stalker hunts you and tries to destroy you.

In my case (Mars conjunct Mercury) the stalkers generally write a lot of poison emails and send them out around the world (9th house).

In extreme cases they do destroy you. Scorpio, Rebecca Schaeffer is mentioned.

I’d not have made the connection between stalking and narcissistic personality disorder but now I see it clearly. This is Hinckley’s diagnosis by the way and now I understand what is driving the people who stalk me.

What’s curious about this… or at least another angle that occurs to me around this is the idea some people have that we can eradicate Mars from this earth.

Robert John Bardo, is the man who shot Schaeffer. I bet he seemed like a real nice guy to many but she opened the door and he shot her dead at 21 years old.

If you know any “nice” people hunting me, do me a favor and don’t give out my address, mmm kay?

Do you have any experience with stalking? Tell us. Also, where is your Mars?

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  1. I wouldn’t call it stalking, but.. there have been times in the past when I felt my boundaries have been breached, but am confused by the seemingly nice-on-the outside manifestation. For example, one guy I hooked up with once (and had only known for a few weeks) showed up at my house uninvited at the crack of dawn to lay mulch on my flower beds. I don’t even garden, and it just creeped me out, when I heard all that digging outside.. Another time, in the early days of courting with my now ex- he just tripped out suddenly on a seemingly benign phone call, and I was spooked by it. The next thing I know, as I’m coming home from work at midnight, get out of my car to walk to my door, this shadow figure emerges from the dark with flowers in hand.. it was him, come to apologize, but omg deep down I was rattled. My Mars is in Leo, square Neptune. I also have that pesky Moon in Scorpio conjunct Neptune in Scorpio, so perhaps this plays here?

  2. By the way… those two fellas who just showed up like that? One was an Aries, the other a Leo with a lot of Aries too.

  3. I had a stalker who followed me from state to state, always found my work phone numbers, etc. It got to the point where he’d call my work so incessantly that I’d just leave the phone laying off the hook so he couldn’t call back for a while.

    Mars in Gemini in the 3rd, but I think it also has something to do with Pisces rising, and it’s ruler neptune in Libra in the 7th opp venus, and it’s co-ruler jupiter conj. uranus.

    I had a stalker before that one, in college. That man kicked down my kitchen door and entered the house from outside. Then he just said “Next time I knock, answer the door.” and then he walked away. He also broke into my house when I was out of state, and moved all the living room furniture into the bedroom and all the bedroom furniture into the living room. when I got home he was laying in my bed in the living room. scary guy.

    I also had a couple of stalkers from working in the psych unit of a state hospital (after they got out). scary shit all around, that stalker thing, if you have never experienced it I hope you never do.

  4. the longest one was a cancer, I think, and in general, I have had a very hard time ending something with cancer people because they would not ‘get it’ and would not go away.

  5. I have never been stalked yet, but I always figured it would happen someday, given that I am a walking weirdness magnet. Why wouldn’t someone go psychotic on me? I’m female and I stand out, I’d make a great target. I’ve occasionally run into those guys with anger, or those ones who try to breach your boundaries (i.e. keep grabbing ass when you said no twice). I don’t know why they never pursued me on that leve. Seriously, I am surprised it hasn’t happened.

    1. I can’t speak for your experience, as most likely we don’t even live in the same country – but weirdness isn’t the same as dangerous. Most weird people are harmless.

      I attract a lot of the weird ones, too. I might be one of them. lol Just doing things our way instead of the box society wants us to be in.

      I learned the hard way – it was the (seemingly) normal, successful, intelligent, professional man that was actually the problem one.

  6. Like in any other dynamics between people, there is a connection between the stalker and his/her victim, and it’s not relevant if this connection is voluntary or not. In my understanding stalkers have a baggage of unresolved emotional stuff that they compensate with their narcissistic fantasy. They seem to feel attracted to Mars in Scorpio or other Mars-Pluto like combinations in their victims, because they feel that these people “know” about their stuff, and of course, could set them free. However, there is a fatal hook in this, because they don’t love their victim, what they actually love is their own stuff, and that’s why they get to destroy the victim in order to keep their stuff “alive”, it means unresolved.
    Mars-Mercury in Leo, 7th house.

  7. “As he said to an interviewer 2 months after the assassination attempt, β€œTo link myself with her for almost the rest of history, if you want to go that far.”

    That is truly one of the creepiest things I have ever heard.

  8. My ex- partner used to stalk me – he is no longer with us though.
    He had major issues and from his childhood that were never resolved – we had a deep connection and were together from a young age for thirteen years – but he stayed stuck in his pain. It was a massive lesson for me – although very scary –
    Some people just cannot accept that they cannot control another persons actions.

  9. No, thank god. A friend called me 3 times on Friday after I told her I was too stressed out to talk and even that got me all riled up.
    (Aries Mars)

  10. No stalkers. Definitely been around people with really bad energy that wouldn’t go away voluntarily or projected their shit all over me, though. I think my mars might come out more directly oppositional with others, even in the case of underhandedness or pretending to be “nice”, what with it being conjunct my ascendant.
    Libra, 12th house

    1. I have Mars conjunct my ascendant. With that configuration you really have to learn how to own your Mars, so it does not come at you.

  11. yes, I prosecuted a stalker! Come to think of it do ex husbands count? ha ha ha. I didn’t mean to prosecute but this lady/housekeeper person who lingered too long and ended up on drugs and schizo started calling nonstop threatening to kill me so I had to call the police. So they found out that she had a warrant outon her for PHONE HARRASSMENT. So I didn’t mean to prosecute her but it sure got rid of her. My judge was Toler, the divorce lawyer that has her own tv show now. It was very very surreal. Another stalker was a guy who I apparently rejected. Unfortunately, he had a hobby of re inacting wars by dressing in costume and firing machine guns. So when he was rejected I was very nervous but then he just threatened to kill himself and eventually faded away. So it was a great lesson in boundaries!!! mars in leo sq neptune possibly?

  12. Yes, last year a neighbor down the hall who I had only seen in passing started going through my mail, following me around, parking his car next to mine and waiting inside it in the dark. Following my every move, he became my shadow. Eventually started “running into me” at different places, emailing me, offering to “help” me move to my new place. I suppose, so he could continue to stalk me there?! I didn’t even know his name, said “hello” maybe twice, he just went psycho. And the kicker? He was a psychiatrist. Despite the creepy/scary factor, I was mostly just angry. Angry that someone took it upon themselves to trespass, to push their way in, violate my boundaries. Transiting Pluto was conjunct my moon/ascendant.

    Aries Mars in 10th.

    “Some people just cannot accept that they cannot control another persons actions.”

    It’s pretty hard to accept that sometimes you can’t even control your *own* actions. This stalker was making it impossible for me to protect myself, my privacy, peace of mind, etc., courtesy his actions. He was crazy, and the fear he created dictated when/where I could go, what I could do. I couldn’t do a damn thing about it. He challenged my sense of security. Made me realize just how vulnerable I was, whether I could see it or not. Nobody is immune to another’s actions.

  13. I’ve got Mars in Libra in the 5th.

    My ex-husband would have stalked me (I’m sure of it) had I not immediately moved to another continent (and he doesn’t speak English). There is no restraining order like the Atlantic Ocean.

    I wonder if my Mars in the 5th means that I will be stalked by my kids!? Will they never grow up, move out and become self-sufficient???

  14. OMG Lis! I also have Mars in Leo and had a similar situation. Guy stalked me, long story, years later he shows up at a used cd store and hits on me, but since I have a different hair color he has no idea.

    I’ve had only that one true stalking experience, but I have also been harrassed and had lies spread about me etc.

  15. yes.
    there have been several. it has been pretty ugly at times. started when i was a teenager. been very careful about dating after i started to get a sense of the vibe. they do have patterns, but they tend to come across really charming, initially.

    my mars is in pisces.

  16. Kashmiri – I disappeared on him. Literally packed up and moved at night. Not sure if he has figured out my new location, but he did try to “friend” me on Facebook after the move (“I was your neighbor, remember me?”). Had to leave that too. He’s apparently a Taurus, on staff at a nearby hospital now. Yeah, I track the motherf**ker right back. Wonder if he realizes that? He is vulnerable too.

  17. yikes…that is terrible anabanana. it’s interesting that your aries mars is in the 10th…(my aries mars is in the 4th).
    when will pluto in capricorn square your mars?? i’m not sure when pluto moves to the 2nd degree but when it does mine will be triggered.
    i have pluto in tight opposition to mars natally so i’m used to the tension but i’m looking forward to the lessons of the square.

    i’m willing to bet tracking him under pluto square mars will bring you what you need.

  18. I think it’s going to be 2-3 years before the pluto/mars square is exact. But for now, pluto’s squaring sun, venus, mars, jupiter, saturn and conj. moon/Neptune DC. I’m sure I’ll have a tale or two when it’s all done!

    Natal Aries Mars opp. pluto? Wow, I can’t imagine a lifetime of that tension. You’re pretty tough stuff πŸ˜‰ I bet nobody would mess with you!

  19. I have Sun/Mars/Neptune in Scorpio. Am being stalked by a Sun/Mars/Uranus Cancer, with Leo rising. He just pops out of nowhere. We work together (big company), so it can go just so far (thank goodness). He’s a superior, so I can’t do too much except leave, which isn’t an option, these days. Others have noticed and have acted as though something was going on between us, with me as the culprit. (Given “shade” by his peers, etc.)

  20. I have a Virgo stellium (Mars, Uranus, Pluto) in the 1st house and I have been the victim of stalking.

    I lived with an abusive boyfriend for 10 years + 2 years of prior dating – 12 years in total. He was very controlling and emotionally/physically abusive to me. I am still recovering – 15 years later.

    When I left him (The second time), he stalked me and threatened to kill me on a number of occasions. After 4 months of stalking and my finally taking my story to the police, he was caught and put in jail. He is a Sagittarius with a Mars in Scorpio.

    I still have a restraining order and my urge to hide is still very strong. Self protection runs deep…

  21. {{{everyone}}} who has had this terrifying experience. I am a Mars in Scorpio in the 12th house…which sounds scary even to me! But I would never stalk anyone…no more than anyone else who is “curious” about if they are on line or not but that’s as far as that goes!! I have had childhood boys who had crushes on me stalk me…I have had a guy kind of charmingly stalk me..showing up with little things to give me and then he’d sit on my bed and kind of moon at me. But nothing scary or threatening! Thank God!! My heart really goes out to all of you who have been through this. And Elsa I don’t know how you keep up your emotional sheild. I would be a wreck! You are on strong woman!

  22. Mars in Taurus in 12th… do ex’s count?

    Mine is a vampire and my facebook is barely touched cause he was using it. right now I feel physically safe. But I am starting more energy work cause he drains shit out of me…

    His moon 5 sag On my 5 sag Neptune
    His Neptune 0 Sag on my 29 scorp moon
    And my 7th cusp is 4 sag….
    His mars and N Nodeare 15 Pisces to my 16 pisces sun
    His Chiron (and he has a lot of wounds) is 2 aries to my 1 aries Merc
    My Chiron is 11 aries on his 11 aries MC
    My south node 3 leo to his ASC 1 Leo

  23. I had this happen at work- I had trouble. My Mars is in Leo Rising (conjunct Ascendent), and you are wise to say we cannot get rid of Mars as we cannot. My Mars is square Neptune in the 4th (helps to Soften Mars) and opposite Jupiter in the 7th in Aquarius conjunct my descendent. I think that Jupiter seems to offer protection.

    So when you say we cannot get rid of Mars – you are right. From reading what you have written and articles other people that I respect have written – seems I need to make the energy conscious in order to deal with it properly. I am a work in progress, I am still working on it. I go to work every day and have to do battle wth the men – but I would rather deal with Mars there than on the home front.

    I had a co-worker stalk me. I have been broken into where I live. I know beyond a fact that if I am cornered an in a situation I will come out fighting and fight with everything I have. I could not have said that when I was 20 like that poor girl. This came with experience. For now I have my red peppar spray and a baseball bat in the bedroom. Fortunately – I do have a lot of good men in my life, who have no illusions about Mars, and are very protective of me.

    The movie “The Town” – Charlestown – I lived in that neighborhood for five years. The movie was filmed 1 block from the house. I went to that Laundry. Ben Affleck nailed it. I mention this as that was a very interesting way to experience Mars/Pluto. I live on my pluto line up there.

    Elsa – hope I did not hijack your thread – yes this has happened to me. But with Mars Rising like that I have learned how not to feel like a victim. At least in that neighborhood I was told not to act like a victim. I think the Jupiter has brought in protective people. And I think the task somehow is for me to become conscious of that Mars – and try to deal with it head on instead of just having it just show up in my life. But every now and then he just shows up – I was robbed in March. The astrologer I went to to discuss this – well she and I talked a lot about Mars.

    all the best to you –


  24. I have Mars in Aries in the 1H. It’s square Saturn/11H, Neptune/11H, and Uranus/10H.

    I’ve only really had one internet stalker on MySpace and eventually Facebook. He would really try to talk to me and prey on me, but I would ignore him. He would talk about me to my friend as if he personally knew me ( and that is a sign of it, my friends ). He would read all my blogs. Finally I deleted MySpace and he found me on Facebook. He would go on my Facebook. I know so, because he commented on my stuff and he was not a friend of mine on there. Eventually I blocked him. I think he got the picture, or at least I would hope. The scary thing is that he would go on and on about how “sexy” I was without meeting me and how he knew he was going to get me. Yeah, right. He was a major weirdo.

    Oh, he has MANY Neptune afflictions in his natal chart. I looked. Delusional, he is.

  25. The stalkers I have dealt with . . . hmmm. Obsessed with me the object. I don’t get it. They never seemed to like me very much to begin with. I feel like that was the draw. To make me submit to something. I get like it’s a setup to draw me in so they can destroy me. Hmmm, I’ll have to check my behavior to see if I resemble that at all on some level. There is a difference between having impulses and acting on them, though. The stalker has a boundary problem?

  26. Mars in the 12th house in Pisces. I seem to get stalked by spirit entities and dead relatives from this and previous lifetimes!

  27. This is so fascinating to me! I’m buying this book! I haven’t had any stalkers. I have Virgo mars in the second. The worst that happens is I get nit-picked to death. Or visa-versa lol. My Roomate had a stalker for 3 years though. Not sure where her mars is…

  28. Avatar

    i have mars in cancer..?
    im an Aussie all the way from Australia..who was introduced to this site by a very good American friend of mine that came to live here around 5 years ago..we worked in retail together..he made me laugh & taught me lots about astrology. I used to believe that his nice demenuer was just a faux pass just to get me to believe in something i felt was possibly just another belief system..but i was very wrong.
    Before i checked out this site though..i checked out many others, only to find out that many other people from various blogs & forums, were linking there blogs to this site/blog. which made me feel comfortable in comming here to express & learn.

    Elsa..anyone that tries to defame you on this site, is simply a cyber bully, with nothing else to do with their time except for harrass & aggitate people that actualy have brains & intelligence..& most of all..a real life!

  29. Avatar

    @kathryn “Elsa – i hope i have not hijacked your thread”

    im feeling the same right now…:-/

  30. it is a Mars / Pluto / Saturn thing
    the rage / obsession / false controle
    I do not stalk, I think my Mars would not allow me. It’s in Libra, she would not approve… but this Scorpio is nasty when angry,
    I would probably be brutal and ruin the person stalking me. I can see how the link with narcissistic personality has been made. the ego will just not let go of the image it tries to hold on an control. or the illusion. I think Mars is first shame and then rage.
    See, a healthy mind would just let go even if it hurts, and would be humiliated to stalk, but an insecure one, which is in the middle of narcisistic picture would not accept the mirror image of someone that is rejected… there goes this game of prolonged rejection of the real, scary (Saturn, Pluto) image. this is something very clear to me, but i don’t know if this text makes sense.

  31. …you really think dreams count Elsa? i was talking about this today with my mother, i mean, if it’s my dream, it’s in my head, even if i so don’t want to dream it, or have it, it still comes, the shadow… is it a corpse too? a person, when i dream him the whole day is just kind of weird, like i have gotten an energy that is not even near me any more. i don’t know what to think of this. it was a pluto-mars synastry conjunction. i’m the mars.

  32. I dont know if would help as astrological anedoctal evidence, I have saturn, pluto and south node in Scorpio in the 8th square my mars in Aquarius. Also Neptune, mercury conjunct MC. I tell you I get stalked by unthinkable random strangers.

    Examples are some bus driver (rn I am living in a small 20K pop city) that is in my usual route knowing I am married and trying to make me sit near him, checking my boobs, getting to talk suggestive to me when i am alone at the bus, I had to change route. Some random wealthy Arabian business man that offered me to use his phone while I was in a train because he saw mine was out of batery and later got my name found me on facebook and send me sms to take me to dinners/offered me a job in a big company/etc and he doesnt even live in my country. Random weird office person who starts stalking me and asking me details about my housewife capabilities and start insinuating things. New corrupt politician turned company director that tries to make me transferred to work as his private assistant, invites me to his vacation house and is married, even though I never spoke more than hi to him. Most of those were Scorpio.

    Is weird that is usually connected with power positions but sometimes also random men on street following me around and wanting to talk to me. Once a crazy lady (city crazy known) tried to bite me on my leg on a bus center -.-

    Is pretty creepy because I dont know/tried to know these people and they start stalking me even though I am not super sexy woman/never use heels or provocative clothes. Is there something astrological that point to that and what points on a chart can help balance this?

    Great post, thanks!

    1. Wow, I have had so many experiences similar to Lina’s! Since I was little I had close family members, classmates, teachers, random people on the street, friends of friends, and now co-workers that have done similar things. I have been chased down a few times by men in cars to the point I had to go to a supermarket to be in a public place. For some reason I’ve always known my eyes do something to certain people (I inherited that from my grandma’s family, all the women have eyes that draw you in but there just brown :). I had my boss’ boss hit on me the first time he met me in front of every one and said I must be popular with all the men that sit near me and wouldn’t let go of my hand. A cell phone company manager called me after visiting his store 3 months later to upgrade my service. I never really spoke to him, only his employee, but he got my number from my records and he was trying to flirt with me through text out of the blue! I was terrified since my SSN and all my info was there, finally he stopped texting once I lied that I had for a birthday lunch with my boyfriend. I honestly haven’t dated because guys have come on WAY too strong or pretend I’m invisible. Luckily I can be a fighter and people say I scare off guys with my eyes if I feel threatened or mad. I have a kite/grand earth trine in my chart and my Mars/Sun/Venus tight together inbetween my 7th and 8th houses and hard Sat. aspects with Sun Venus and Mars. I wonder if that is what is causing crazy attraction and repelling? Any insight is appreciated πŸ™‚

      1. I think is prob the energy in the 7/8th house. I have lots of capricorn and sagittarius, 2 stelliums in capricorn/sagittarius 10th house. And pluto in the 8th house as well as saturn. Do you have pluto in 8th or 7th? Or connected to your venus/mars in 8th?

        1. Hi Elsa and Lina, thanks for the welcome and fast responses! I had no idea that Capricorn/Sagittarius could lead to the same thing too. Though with 2 stelliums it makes sense that would cause a magnet of some sort in the midheaven house. I have Pluto in my 9th Scorpio house (opp) my Taurus moon at the very end of my 3rd house – its the opp. that “destroys” my kite. I have Mars (7th Virgo) sextile Pluto, but I just noticed Pluto also squares my Aqua Asc. Venus (Vir) however is my 8th along with my Libra Mercury. I guess my 7th house border Sun and Mars can’t decide if they are 7th or 8th house, and my 8th house Venus can figure out the same either.

          1. True, and the pluto squares and oppositions don’t help either! Just be always cautious and think of you first always. I was checking the book somebody else suggested of “The Gift of Fear” it sounds like has good tips to identify potentially dangerous people. My north node is in Taurus 2nd and south in Scorpio. What about yours?

  33. If you are having a problem like this the best thing you can do is get ‘The Gift of Fear’ by Gavin De Becker. Every woman should read this. It will clue you in on what the signs are and how to get rid of your problem admirer.

  34. I’ve been stalked once, as a barely-turned teenager in the late 1970’s.

    I didn’t know who he was. A guy in a car used to follow me home from school and around the neighbourhood, sit outside the house, be sitting outside the tennis court or activities I used to do in my neighbourhood. The very scary part is I didn’t even know what he looked like, only his car. He could have come up to me on the street, when I was in my home alone, and I wouldn’t have known. I couldn’t tell my parents – as someone who developed very young, I was groped on the bus and my mother didn’t even want to hear about it. I felt alone and terrified. Finally I told friends in my neighbourhood, and the next time he showed up, one ran to his car and looked in. He sped off – he’d been identified, and I never saw him (well, his car) again.

    Cops at that time wouldn’t have done anything.

    I hope he didn’t go on to do any more damage.

    I have Mars in Leo in the 4th.

  35. I’ve just attracted a weird guy!
    Eeeek! I’m pisces moon in scorpio and his a cancer and I’m 26 yrs older than him
    Spent 2 nights at his place thought it was just a bit of fun ….. I never gave my address out well he has found out where I live and he said he was away for work this week ….. His not he drove past my house and around the block
    Looking back now I can see all the signs I’m agitated as hell …… His last g/f cheated on him I think he thinks I’m her I don’t know it’s like his shifted his vibes of anger and rage over to me like I’m gonna be the one to pay now or something I don’t know if to when he messages me just to act like I didn’t see him and be normal then slowly pull away ….. Or just disappear and ignore now help! We have texted everyday for a week until last night no text and now this …….. He chased me for ages and I gave in first time I was alone with him he said I don’t want to share you ……… I’m freaking out a little and I’m tired so my energy isint very strong at the moment πŸ™ when he spoke of his ex like 3 times and said that she cheated on him he shot me a dirty look and second time we met up he asked wat did I get up to today I said had heaps of stuff to do and he said like what !!!!!!! Real serious wtf is going on I can’t believe this is happening to me he said through text he can’t wait for the weekend and I thought that’s weird his going to be away at work then followed up by asking me wat I’m going to be doing …… Sorry about rambling I’m a little freaked out and I was also thinking I don’t want to go back to his place again I don’t think that I would and I was right about my feelings and he told me that I would never want to see him angry when I was at his place and I said well I won’t have to worry about that will I and he said no! Why cause I’m gonna be a good girl that’s wat he is thinking ……… Don’t know wat to do maybe he will go away ……………………….

  36. On the side of Gemini and cancer 5tghouse more Gemini traits. Gemini moon in 5th Aquarius ascendant then I have Venus in Libra in the 8th house and Pluto in the 8th house. My first real stalker was a double Capricorn with Scorpio Rising which coincided with my Saturn Return acted like a jealous lover even though we were only band mates and I was married already. This seems like it’s a theme of people who are somehow drawn to me for the same unorthodox not seeing gender not seeing age openness that they later want to beat out of me and turn me into the way a woman should be or else make me suffer for the transgressions of the last important woman in their life this was a really interesting article. I just got divorced after 19 years and I’m so not looking to play the field or any of that crap and I have someone in my life who dated briefly in high school with Scorpio Moon who just won’t back off and I need to do me right now but he’s not going anywhere interesting food for thought damn you 5th house and my damn curiosity and my lack of appropriate fear regarding 8 house type subjects always with the curiosity but I better reign it in before I end up chopped up in a box. Eel

  37. My ex stalked me after I left him. I was threatened, followed and harassed. He is a psychopathic narcissist. I have Mars in scorpio conjunct uranus and sextile jupiter and saturn.

  38. I have a 4th House Gemini Mars. My ex-husband sent a barrage of profane text message, voice mail messages, e-mails to my home. Then he tried to break into my home for further fighting. I placed a 911 call to the police and got a restraining order the next day. My Mars is qunicunxed my Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in my Scorpio 9th House. Interestingly, the asteroid bearing his first name in conjunction my Scorpio Jupiter/Neptune. Yes, I had a big time “blind spot” with regard to his true, devious nature!

  39. I have mars, mercury and venus in the 10th house of Virgo aspecting my Capricorn 2nd house Neptune, Uranus and my stalkers will stalk me at my job. They pretend to be other people, catfish me and have even committed fraud to act like my boss. I don’t like them and I don’t want anything to do with them and they create these false personas, fake fantasies that are not real and made up in their heads to force themselves into my life because they are psychopaths

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