Getting A Grip On Life In The “Now”

total eclipseI’m caught at the moment as the astrology community is in an uproar over the April eclipse.  If you’re looking for clicks, this is the way. I feel it’s distracting and damaging.  Rather than do something productive or self-improving, you wind up, transfixed, waiting for the sky to fall. It steals your time and energy.

I’ve mentioned, recently, Libra tends to move counter to the crowd. It’s another undervalued sign as we desperately need that counterweight. I have Libra and I just can’t stop myself.  I’m going to continue think and write as if there is a tomorrow.  This doesn’t mean, I’ll be in denial. Clearly, conditions around the world as changing. We need to adapt.

By now it’s obvious, I feel investing in relationships is very important. Being a trustworthy person is paramount. I’ve come to this conclusion, by considering how things are NOW, because how the were and how they should be are irrelevant.

You want to be an adult who keeps their word.  I don’t want anyone worried about whether I’m going to do what I say I’m going to do. I want to be reliable. I think these qualities make a person viable as a friend, a lover, a spouse, or whatever.

I do feel the ceiling is lowering day by say, so think about it. You have a reduced amount of space. “Peace” is harder to come by. The last thing you want to do is bring a crazy liar into your life.  Sane will look for sane in these conditions.  I see this happening all around me.

Life In A Cellar Box

This explains my current slant.  Rigid stubbornness and/or a closed mind will do you in.  I feel these qualities are being cultivated at this time, so of course, I’m moving in the other direction.

It’s not just about getting along with other people.  It’s about cultivating faith when fear is being pushed. It’s about working with and in the current conditions; astrological or otherwise, in order to get the best result for yourself and others.  So if you wonder why I’m not yelling, the sky is falling – this is why. I really think we need to plan to live, rather than die, because living is what usually occurs!

Do you feel you’re intellectually and emotionally, well positioned to get through what we’re all going through?




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  1. This last weekend saw a bit of a break through. Some of the fear is gone.

    My mom & step dad wanted to meet half way between our places to drop off onions and grapefruit from Texas. So we met for coffee, and they told me that my step father now has heart failure and my mom now has a very large area of skin cancer that really looks bad. I was able to handle this news well . I’m ok, I might write a post on the forum about living with the specter of death in so many loved ones and learning to cope.

    The good news for the weekend was my husband finally opened up and we talked after I got back from meeting my parents. We talked about losing people and what we wanted next in our lives. Things we needed to say . We didn’t come up with any concrete plans. But it was a start.

    So for the moment fear is at bay and even though we’ll be hitting some rough times. It’s going to be ok. What will happen will happen.

  2. I will not give in to rubbish as I am so in a ready-for-whatever-life-throws-at-me mode after the last 5 years…the wholla [Jamaican spelling] the new century is ‘part 3’ of my life and it is all just how it’s been going down! ‘acceptations ‘ peeples!!! 🙂

  3. Good question. I woke from a dream where I was on a big old bus, my bag with clothes and my iPhone were next to me on the seat beside. I looked around to see where all the passengers were. The one person I wanted to checkin with was my Ma. I decided I would not call to talk(intimately) with others so close.

    My Ma is long gone from the flesh, but she is one of my favorites anyway always. I miss her, like you Henry. We do need to adapt and I have Libra 9th house trining much of the natal planets. Waking from this dream and reading your post I say there’s room to appreciate the genes of my past(my Ma’s kindness and resources for giving) as I ride the bus now moving forward with whose here now.

    1. Partly because it is an TOTAL eclipse and the shadow goes across America.
      Aries in general is impulsive and can indicate war, rage, explosions, etc.
      Top that off with a near perfect conjunction with Chiron, which brings up old wounds, and I’m not surprised the headline today is “Israeli forces bomb aid worker convoy delivering food.”

        1. I was trying to explain to Belladonna why this one was generating even more paranoia than usual.
          This new format makes it less obvious who a poster is responding to.

  4. I think Libra is often the Devil’s advocate… They like to think from both sides (Moon in Libra here).

    I also think detaching from the dooms day speaking is very healthy!

    I am aiming to look at the Chiron/NN/Eclipse energy as a BRIDGE – not a disaster. Even if Eris is involved.

    Eris is the Maleficent personage energy. Was Maleficent evil?
    No, she was the betrayed, hurt one.
    Was Chiron one that brought pain and doom?
    No, Chiron was abandoned at birth, he became a shaman, finding lost pieces of the soul in a hard therapeutic process.
    Is North Node future karma?
    Yes – it could be.
    But if you do the work, reclaiming your personal power from the therapy work on your soul, you will manifest the results of that in your life / karma.

    Karma is neutral until directed – just like energy, isn’t that amazing?

    If we work towards the good, take personal responsibility for our wounds instead of lashing out from the shame, hurt and anger, well…. We can do pretty much anything, I’d say.

    Quadruple Scorpio here.
    Transformation is yours to utilise for good or bad. And it just so happens, that transformation is the bridge one needs to transcend and pass over to a new (and hopefully elevated) place of thinking, being, feeling and living.
    It’s the same thing as “when you have seen it, you can’t UNsee it” – alas, you have crossed a bridge, aye?

  5. Sometimes I wonder if this is directly related to having survived and gotten back on one’s feet after personal tragedy and trauma, of which I experienced a great deal the first 30 years of my life. And I mean actual trauma, not just challenging, but ordinary, circumstances or perceiving ordinary challenges as trauma. I do not like the atmosphere of things at present, but I know survival is possible and even likely with the right mindset and actions, no matter what. This seems to be a distinction.

      1. Thank you for your post, Elsa, and thank you for all you do. You are a light in the world, and at present we need more lights. I hope that some of us, and there seem to be more than a few of us who visit here, can at least do our best to comfort those that can’t see a way, for whatever reason. Sometimes ‘the way’ isn’t clear until the first step or even many steps on that path have been taken. Like you, I think we are endlessly adaptable, full of promise that we can realize no matter how oppositional our lives may seem to be. It can be hard. Hard is not the same thing as impossible.

        It may be a dumb analogy, but it’s the difference between a battle scar and a vanity tattoo. One we earned and hopefully came to understand, and furthered our understanding through it; the other we did because we were bored. And this this is not to judge anyone, it’s just an analogy.

        1. PS – I also personally feel that we get into the loop when things have been bad for far too long – too many of us decide things are bad, gather the evidence of why things are bad, and then try to predict our futures based on all of that that, and why things will always be bad. Hard transits are not a death sentence. Difficult natal aspects are not a death sentence (we were born after all, weren’t we?) In astrology, we should know things could change on a dime, and even if they don’t circumstantially per se, our ability to cope or even thrive most certainly can. 😊

  6. One of the joyful excitements of my childhood was the coming of an eclipse. seven decades later I feel the same. …even having fallen iinto a psychological ditch lately. With all the angst and anger around, it will be great for everyone (well, many) to stop, simultaneously, to experience a bit of wonder instead.

    1. I like this idea. I was thinking, the way they’re reporting this on the news… I wonder if they might pull a big stunt – inflict trauma, which would scare people for generations to come. 🙁

  7. Well,I have a lot of thoughts on this.

    First,I think it’s important to wake up every day and act AS IF you are going to keep surviving, living, etc. Because, usually, you are.

    But even if NOT, why not act “AS IF” and live every single moment up to the last one, as fully as possible?

    If the world IS coming to an end, if the sky IS falling, do you want your last days to be filled with doom gloom dread and tears? Or do you want to go out in a blaze of glory, and joy.—- maybe sipping a margarita, with your feet in the sand and Bob Marley playing on your radio (or ipod)….????

    I have an incredible Faith in my ability to survive.Perhaps some of this is in my chart, and perhaps some comes from 70, I have already loved and lost,experienced the death of parents, loved ones ,friends, pets,survived a couple of car wrecks, been broke, not broke, abandoned and found, and have had some pretty scary shit in my own nuclear family in 2020-2023… all of which I have survived.I have always found a way to pull up the big girl panties and move forward.At times, I have had to learn to reach out and get support, encouragement,assistance! And at times I have had to CONSCIOUSLY LEARN HOW to meditate more,pray more,trust more.It hasn’t been EASY, but I have done it, so I figure I will continue to do it..even if the sky is falling.

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