The Sun: Your Ego Self

Teletubbies SunI’m a Pisces Sun, ego ruled by Neptune. Much of the time I’m trying so hard to figure out who I am but it’s so hard to pin down, like a wave on the sand. There are so many ways to be and I can relate to all of them, at least a bit, that is when I’m not just blurring out the question entirely. Pisces may have the hardest time doing this, pinning it down, just because there are so many ways to be. As the 12th sign Pisces can relate to possibilities. Perhaps Aries has it easiest in this regard with “I am” as their credo, one way, the first sign. I envy that fiery simplicity at times.

If there were only one right way to be, we wouldn’t have 12 different signs. Everyone is exactly who they were meant to be… or they’d be something/one else. I used to have a t-shirt that said, “We are where we should be, doing what we should be doing, otherwise we’d be somewhere else, doing something else.” I like the solidity that quote offers. There’s the caveat, of course, that we endeavor to the best of our ability to express our placements to their higher nature. Our lower expressions of our nature are also ourselves, but if we want positive outcomes, the way to do this is to acknowledge and own the lower while striving for the higher.

Astrology and knowledge of our natal chart give us the concrete tools to suss out not who we “should” be, but who we ARE. With these facts we can discern what will result in better outcomes and what tools we have to achieve these.

What is your Sun sign? How well do you relate to its exposition of your ego self, who you ARE?

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  1. I am a Sagittarius, I’m constantly moving, evolving. I understand my ego needs to be tended. I am still learning about self, I don’t think I’ll ever truly know myself…. Yeah, I’m a Sagittarius alright.

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    Sue Ann Edwards

    I am a Taurus. 35 years ago, I was a typical insecure Taurus. Then I went within, now I am a Pure Taurus, who’s gift is that of sensitivity which brings awareness, where before, all that sensitivity just brought on a bunch of boohooing, ‘you hurt my feelings’ type of thing.

    Every single one of us has an “I Am” or ‘aries energy’, so it boils down to filling in the blank:

    “I am ______”, (what?…angry, sad, happy, etc.)

    Whatever we fill in the blank, so will we Be.

    When we contact or reach the part within us that never changes, then we have found our True self.

    Pisces, I would say has the challenge of an Identity crisis “Personality and therefor mortal or Soul and therefor eternal”, since both realities can be sensed. The way I found to resolve the conflict, is to actually BE both,fused, integrated and coordinated.

  3. I appreciate this good heartfelt and healing post. Had my Leo Sun not been in my 12th House and gotten buried with life experiences, I may have traveled to the more arrogant side rather than the humility of this archetype. I used to regret my early years growing up with a lack of self-confidence and hardly ever getting my way; but as with all of life’s lessons, there was some purpose to evolve. Whether I will freely radiate that heart energy in this lifetime or another, who can say; but I’m on my way.

  4. I’ve always strongly identified with my Capricorn Sun even before I knew I had a Cap stellium

    I embody both the strong, enduring and responsible side of Cap, and its tendency to judge and judge harshly. I expect high standards and effort, both of myself and of others

  5. I can understand totally not knowing who you really are… But in a way I look at it and consider myself blessed, because in a wave of confusion comes a sea of creativity: Virgo Sun in 12th house – trine Neptune, with Ascendant square and Midheaven opposite Neptune… while having my progressed Sun square natal Neptune, and soon to be transiting Neptune opposing my Sun sign.

  6. I’m Capricorn sun but identify strongly with Neptune. My Neptune conjuncts my IC and I feel my IC is my soul. That deep seed inside of myself that sprouts myself. So I deeply feel I relate with anything Neptune. Although my Capricorn is loud and clear.

  7. Also, Pisces Sun and I completely relate to this. While I have begun to become more clear on who I am without always doing so in relation to others, I still widely identify with many people and different things. Just yesterday I was thinking about how deeply I relate to various ways of being and it doesn’t feel wishy washy anymore. It is just part of my make-up.

  8. I love my Aries Sun! That ‘fiery simplicity’ is my saving grace. With so much Pisces wrapped up with Neptune in my chart, I appreciate the light my Sun shines through the watery fog.

    I AM ME, but I FEEL WE.

  9. “I AM ME, but I FEEL WE.” – I like that saying, CArRiE.

    Pisces here, and I can relate as well. I don’t fight it anymore- that it is never going to be simple and clear cut for me as it might be for someone else. It’s just not my nature.

    Melissa said something I can relate to and agree with, ” . . . I was thinking about how deeply I relate to various ways of being and it doesn’t feel wishy washy anymore. It is just part of my make-up.”

    So true! The more I grow into my Sun sign the less wishy washy I feel.

  10. Relating to different things on a spiritual level is one really cool part of it. Identifying the universal rather than the personal. I also don’t doom and gloom over anything relating to the 12th house/Pisces or Neptunian in my chart because I consider myself to have the ability to express what I don’t understand about myself in the creative sense and by allowing yourself to be connected to the collective (and just accept in being) allows you to come to terms with the confusion.

  11. Aquarius sun, I relate to it pretty well. I’m freakishly knowledgeable about certain subjects and a bit…rebellious. I’m always thinking I know better so I have to do things my way. I’m a loner despite my libra moon and people think I’m weird..:D

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