The Upside Of Mars Square Neptune

compassionHi, Elsa

Most things said about Mars square to Neptune is so negative. If you feel you have something that may help—I wanted to propose writing something for us, even if brief, about how to make use of this since we are leading into it being exact this weekend. There’s not much out there about what good can come out of it.


I don’t know why astrologers write about the bad of an aspect without touching on the good.  There is no always-horrible, unrelentingly bad aspect in all of astrology. As I have been saying for decades, “energy is neutral until it’s directed.”

In the case of Mars squaring Neptune, Mars rules action. If Neptune rules compassion, a person can act with compassion with these planets is aspect.  See how easy that is?

You might also transcend (Neptune) your anger (Mars).

Just these two brief examples illustrate there are positive channels for this energy.

Good luck!

22 thoughts on “The Upside Of Mars Square Neptune”

  1. To me, the only upside can be fighting for a cause, being a spiritual warrior, or driven to make art. Or defending the little guy.

    Otherwise, I see no upside. I’m having a neptune transit to my sun of all things and i’m full of hate and doubt and scattered and i hate it.. my feelings of runtiness and cowardice are exacerbated and brought forward more than for my Mars Pluto transit.. I’m a damn monster. If someone challenges me I may just pee the floor but afterward cut their power. I HATE THIS. I don’t like what I am.

  2. Honestly, I have no energy to defend the little guy. I feel weak and defenseless. Does Neptune have something to do with cowardice? Or backstabbing?

    With my Mars Pluto transit I’m tired of being a coward or backstabbing people by stealing their towels if they don’t flush their pee and are shitty hosts.

    1. Kri, I’m glad you said you don’t like what you are (right now), and not WHO you are.
      If nothing else, your sense of humour will see you through. I’m still laughing at the pictures you painted of yourself, peeing the floor and sneaking off with the towels. Serve ’em right!!
      When tr Neptune was opposite my Sun, my whole life dissolved into nothing. And I never saw it happen (nebulous Neptune blinded me) until it was all over. It was the WORST. So maybe watch out for that and just bloody well don’t let it happen!
      It was also the BEST thing that could have happened. But it took forever before I realised that and started picking up the pieces.
      I am so very wary of Neptune! He (she?) is the worst – or the best. Pisceans can be astonishingly compassionate and deeply understanding when you hit a good example of one of them.

      1. Thanks 😀 the beginning of this transit has been really dramatic.. I have Sun/Chiron so Neptune is also transiting that and a t square it is involved in.. (along with several difficult “energizing” transits, Mars opposite Saturn/Pluto, Jupiter/Saturn)

        what happened when sun transited Neptune for you, if you don’t mind me asking? Even metaphorically? I don’t know if I’ll be aware of anything, you know?

        1. What happened was that I was so busy keeping my head down and working hard, that I missed a whole bunch of stuff that was happening around me.
          I didn’t notice that my work skills were getting out of date (I was in IT, ie. computers).
          I didn’t notice that many big companies that were getting nervous about paying out quite substantial pensions to my generation of IT people were getting ready to pay out a lot less than our pensions were supposed to be. I wasn’t the only one who was suddenly a lot closer to the breadline. It was almost like a bit of a conspiracy!
          Because of the timing of all this, my pension was a lot less than it should have been. And I have to add that money slips through my fingers, but that’s a separate issue…
          The GOOD part was that, instead of earning easy money and seeing no reason to stop doing that, I’m now AT HOME where I’ve always longed to be – my North Node is in Cancer together with my Vertex. I should have aimed to be where I am a long time ago. Now I live in almost-poverty (had to sell my dream house) and am trying to learn to trust that I won’t starve tomorrow.
          I hope I don’t sound too incoherent. It’s all quite a convoluted story, hard to put into a short description and still make sense.
          I don’t know about you, but I found that the most recent round of bad luck (with an occasional bit of good stuff thrown in) eased up a bit after the Full Moon on the 18th. Whatever’s been happening to you – good luck! and keep a beady eye on that darn Neptune!! And on Chiron – do you find that transits involving Chiron sometimes bring healing instead of hurt?

  3. Thanks for this. I have the aspect natally with Mars in the 6th and Neptune in the 8th. I choose my fights carefully at work and in my daily errands. Exercise and clean living help with this. I’m good at calming other angry people down! My creative drives aid in streamlining work and life routines.

  4. Thank you for this. I am by nature a person who gets angry easily, but that’s not what I’m worried about so much: I shall keep this in check. I see it as a poisonous aspect.
    The intentions are unclean: agressivness is done out of spite and malice.
    I’m currently having Neptune Mars aspects in every chart I have (not my natal). By transit it is in exact opposition to my 1st house Mars; in my progressed chart the conjunction is on my ascendent, in my Solar return Neptune is very near the MC.
    I feel rather like Kri, but then,I also have many other difficult transits going on: Pluto and Saturn are squaring my Libra planets (AND Neptune is among them) and these two are also opposing Uranus, so I don’t know who to blame.
    I’ll try to be good, or at least better, nicer, more tolerant.
    It’s difficult to act with compassion if you are the one who is feeling weak and powerless, but I’ll have this in mind.

    1. Marina, you have helped me to identify the one thing I just cannot STAND about someone whom I usually admire prolifically: every now and again, he will indulge in a seriously nasty snigger-fest about someone who really doesn’t deserve it. He’ll sit there like a nasty grubby little schoolboy bully and ENJOY tearing someone to pieces behind their backs. LOTS of malicious sniggering.
      He did it to me. I sometimes find it hard to get past this slimy aspect of his character.
      He has Mars in Cancer 4H square Neptune in Libra right on the cusp of 7H/8H. His mother has the SAME aspect, and behaves in the same sly, spiteful way!
      On the whole, I prefer Elsa’s way of looking at the transit, and will take great care not to descend into the slime…

      1. I must back-pedal a bit in my assessment of this aspect!
        Yesterday, less than a day after my post above, I was the recipient of an ASTONISHING act of compassion! A bunch of guys at a wheel and tyre shop told me that driving my car, with one of the wheels not matching the other three, was life-threateningly dangerous. I had noticed that the bolts holding on the unmatched wheel were beginning to look suspiciously bright (they were in process of being STRIPPED). It was the spare wheel that had been put on when I’d had a puncture recently. I had been told not to drive like that for too long, but did I listen?? Nooooo… Time passed and eventually there was this knocking noise (that was the loosening wheel getting ready to fall off).
        Ok, I didn’t have a spare rim and the punctured tyre was unfixable. And I had no cash to buy a new tyre (of course there had to be two so that there wasn’t a different kind of imbalance).
        So what did these guys do? They GAVE me a used but still very good tyre, and put it on the rim for me.
        I’m not usually a helpless female type. But things haven’t been easier for me than for anyone at this time with all the difficult aspects continually hitting my chart almost daily (Saturn opposition etc). And these guys helped me out without the slightest little hint of a patronising attitude, there was nothing in all this but sheer kindness and compassion.
        I am enormously grateful…

  5. I brought a dying gal some fried chicken, cole slaw and mac and cheese… plus scones and chocolate eclairs. You’d think she could not eat all this (cancer / weighs about 90#), but it’s exactly what she wanted.

    I also agreed to be her stand in for power of atty, if needed. She asked me if I would adhere to her wishes… I asked what her wishes were. They were all agreeable.

    I had to wait 12… and then another 16 min for the chicken to fry. I did so patiently, which for me is a feat. 🙂

  6. I like your examples Elsa. I found that generosity toward others cones more naturally under this Mars-Neptune aspect. My friend was touched that I gave her home grown grape tomatoes and a couple of sweets. She offered to treat me to an appetizer when we met for lunch. It was a fair bit good deal for us both.
    I do have to watch my temper though since this Mars retro is in my 6th house currently.
    We shall get through this.

    1. I have Mars conjunct Neptune in my Solar Return this year (from the Pisces pile up in May) and one of the pieces of advice in a SR chart reading was that it was important to go/be near water a lot. I think this would also work for the square aspect – to de-stress and cleanse energy field. I’m also walking more than ever – Pisces rules the feet.

  7. How can you look in a positive light Pluto approaching your moon in Aquarius in your second house?With a whole bunch of other planets in your second house too.

    1. Pluto represents potent, powerful energy which is neutral until directed.
      This is not necessarily a bad transit. In fact it could indicate massive wealth.

  8. eh, picked up a maybe date while on travel to a family funeral. very threshold experience weirdness. but i’m too old to tack on any more regrets for not acting on instinct when the iron’s hot, as far as these things go.
    haven’t really been on a date for twelve years, so that’s a thing, too.

  9. My god; it’s draining

    Just started a new job and on the third day wondered why I felt so tired and drained and then I see I have Mars Square Neptune till Saturday that began on the 19th at 7am kinda uncanny

    Also recognised someone from elsewhere as of yesterday and wondered if there will be gossip

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