Personal Transformative Drama & Avoidance

rageMost remain gripped in some kind of personal (transformative) drama. The Fixed T-Square is still quite tight. It’s about endurance on some level or more likely, levels.

This process is painful and enraging. I hate to write this, but today and overnight may be the peak of the rage. This is because the moon in Gemini is headed to conjunct Mars retrograde. You know, Mars? It’s the planet squaring Neptune (and Jupiter).

Assuming you know you are angry in the first place, the next challenge is to decide where to direct it or how to channel it. This is almost impossible because all targets are shrouded in fog if not completely obscured.

We’ve got another week before things shift in a way that should be palpable. See: When Will This Clear Up?

I do notice, Pluto in Capricorn is well aspected right now. This suggests healing is possible if you face your fear and go deep. If you want to do this, you’re have tp overcome the Mars Neptune energy which super avoidant.

The challenge then, if you choose to accept it, is to go in there and find the root of your problem. But be sure to grab your angel before you do!

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How are you faring?

4 thoughts on “Personal Transformative Drama & Avoidance”

  1. Nice one! I’ve got this!
    I’m reminded of the comment you made, Elsa, “Verify your target”. I’m honing my sights and I’ve got added ‘instrumentation’ on the job.

  2. I’ve found it an extremely emotional time, deep stirrings but I have been using it to move things forward. Husband’s home from hospital and he’s doing well. We’ve managed to get plans into action, all of them have started rolling, the health plan, the financial changes and the downsizing. They’re all off from the starting line. It seems every crisis has a silver lining,and scorpio energy works deep in the heart. With Saturn on my Venus, fear has been emerging but scoprio power at this time has helped to shape things and endure. I have transiting Jupiter on my Chiron too, it all feels like it’s been helping. Just hope things keep on rolling. Thanks Elsa for all your posts, such great support in trying times.

  3. i said thank you to some powerful elder ladies in my life. too late for them to hear, but not their kids and grandkids. getting up in front of family and speaking from that deep is hard. thank you for the encouragement

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