The Year 2020 (Pluto Transit the 12th House)

defiance20I was thinking about Pluto’s transit through my 12th house. When it was coming on, back in 2007, I googled the transit. I found virtually nothing on it, that was of any use. I decided I should try to fill this void.

I’ve kept that commitment by chronically my experience with this transit, tagging these posts, Pluto transit 12th.  This is one of my favorite threads on this blog. I like the depth and the inexplicable mystery of this transit. I like the fact that the process is inevitable.

In 2009, I marveled at the movie, Defiance. It about a group of Jews who flee into the woods in Poland to escape the Nazis.  I related it Pluto in the 12th.  Hide (12th) or perish (Pluto)!

I could feel I was going to have a similar experience and sure enough, I withdraw deeper into the mist by the day.  I think it’s cool. If you actually talked to me, you’d find I’m exceptionally clear-minded.  It’s because my senses are heightened.

I was wondering when Pluto would clear my ascendant. How much longer will this transit last? Turns out I’ll be popping up circa 2020. Does that seem like a long time to you?  It seems like a short time to me.

This has been one of my favorite transits of my life. I might think otherwise if I did not have a packed 8th house, but as it is, I’m keen to know all I can about spiritual power.

Think about those Jews. They never planned to live in the woods. They had to survive (Pluto) on faith (Neptune). It’s freakin’ intense! You’re cold, you’re hungry, you’re exposed and people are trying to kill you!

If you’re struggling with anything of this nature, I’d watch that movie. Movies are associated with the 12th house (Neptune) and this one is empowering (Pluto) and inspiring (12th).

2020 is about 7 years away. I started writing about this transit 7 years ago. It seems like it could have been last week or last month.  That tells me this transit speeds by.

I’m pretty sure I’ll survive it, so what I want to do now is milk the transit for all it’s worth.

The picture is from a scene in the movie. The Jews are stuck in the woods, but life goes on. That’s a couple getting married, there.  It’s very powerful…and very hidden.

The Nazis think they’re dead, right?


Just think about that a minute.  You’ve been counted out, but you’re more vitally alive then you’ve ever been before you in your life.

Is life delicious, or what?

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  1. 🙂 it seems that our Ascendants are close.
    But then Pluto will continue to conjunct my Mars… I think there will be some interesting years for me…

  2. I learned to never use words from a song to pickup chicks at the meat market. You should never use movies to prove a point. Movies are art, hardly. Art is useless, purely. Tattoo it. Remember it.

    1. that’s crude and unnecessary. i pity the black void you must exist in believing art is useless. with an attitude like that, i’m guessing it’s the pickup ‘artist’ and not the song the chicks are rejecting.. and this is no meat market either.

  3. pluto transited my 12th from 1996 through 2009. i think that was the period of my life that i really came into my powers of intuition (mars and neptune are in my 12th), though there were also many times during the transit that i felt like i was lost in the dark as well. it was just after pluto crossed my AC that my interest in astrology really took off..

  4. I’m with you on this, Elsa. Pluto transits my 12th, and my moon. The depth of life is incredible, the hidden reveals the miniscule and the whole. Your chronicling inspires that perspective and I eat it up. A gift. The depth is a gift. To survive and thrive you gotta live when the next breath comes. Giving it all I’ve got through 2020 … I’ll keep my oxygen tank at hand.

  5. Won’t ever happen to me, as I have Pluto in the 1st house… The possibilities it could give seem really interesting though.

  6. “You’ve been counted out, but you’re more vitally alive then you’ve ever been before you in your life.”
    Ooh, I love that thought, Elsa. I don’t think I’ll live to see Pluto in my 12th, but you make it sound magically (12th) deep (Pluto)!

  7. This sounds amazing Elsa, what a powerful time! 2020 is when Pluto will cross my DC and go into my 7th house, so I will probably not be around by the time it hits my 12th. I’m kind of sorry I’ll have to miss it!

  8. For those of you who are having or had this transit have you noticed a difference in your dreamlife? I have it natally and have heavy intense, and occasionally premonitory dreams. Curious…

    1. Yes, I have had very vivid dreams. So much so, the other day I had to ask my husband if we had a particular conversation in the kitchen…or if I had dreamed it.

      I had dreamed it.

    2. Yep, they are vivid and weird. I always had a lively dream life as I have a strong 12th. But when it entered in the 12th and conjunct my Neptune, they were really VERY strange, kind of epic-like. And I entered psychoanalysis then 🙂

    3. As Pluto got real close to my Ascendant in 2007, my dreams became very distinct and vivid. House dreams, car dreams, wandering dreams, dreams about grating hair or crumbling teeth, and one in which I saw a stranger in the mirror (how appropriate for this transit, LOL).

  9. I had Pluto in my 12th for about 10 years, and now, at last, it’s crossing my ascendant. After it ripped through oppositions to my sun, mercury, venus, and uranus, I was happy to heal in solitude and go deeper than I’ve ever gone. The solitude was tough though. I’m hoping Pluto in the first will bring more connectedness and energy. Pluto on my ascendant: I always feel as if I want to just lie down and stare at the ceiling and process. I just wish I had someone to process WITH…

  10. I had Pluto in the 12th until 1994 or so. It was a wonderfully invigorating time, intellectually enlightening, I studied and learnt a lot. Pluto in the 1st has not been so happy (opposed my Sun), body issues, yes. Now she has just passed into my second… money, money, money (opposes my Jupiter).


    1. Avatar

      Ahh, I don’t have imgs here on my phone, so I don’t know if the “dead of winter is pictured yet”, but this is what is brought to mind… Very powerful, moving words, Elsa! Thanks for sharing the experience.

  11. Pluto is going through my 12th now.
    I’m not sure what to expect with this transit, so it’s great that this topic has so much for me to look into.

    I have situations in my healing form a car accident where Dr’s and others have tried to count me out. I just keep going and I keep finding the help I need. So far so good.
    My Pluto aspects my neptune so maybe it gives this transit some assistance.

  12. Thank you, Elsa. I want to watch that movie. I once worked in Poland for some months and found its history fascinating – the deep Woods… I have pluto transit my 6th house and I just wonder if this transit is supposed to be like the 12th house transit – or completely opposite?

  13. I use movies ALL the time as a mirror to what I am going through – as they are a product of the collective unconscious they are often spot on in explaining transits in the outer planets. I just wrote a piece about the recent “Great Gatsby” movie – I won’t go on but it reflects much for us folks with Pluto 12H transits – the misperceptions spirits who embody the “Christ consciousness” being condemned by “godless” – – This was a GREAT write-up – – thank you

  14. Hello Elsa, great post. I have Pluto (in Libra) in conjuction with Moon (in Scorpio) both in 12th. This is me!!!

    I sometimes just don’t know why I feel like if I don’t hide I will perish. Is so comfortable for me to be at home, and to not expose myself. Sometimes I wish I lived in a far away village, where most people couldn’t get there and to live disconnected from everything. But at the same time with my Uranus right in my ASC, Sun in Capricorn in the 2nd, and my Mars in Aquarius in the 3rd I fight with myself trying to remain hidden, because I’m opinionated, try to make it always to the first place and to disturb the establishment. Sometimes I get tired with this tug of war.

    Thank you because never saw it that way, the hide or you will perish, but is so much how I feel. That is why retreats, vacations and turning of the phone is so delicious for me. And btw, I never tell nobody when I’m coming back, so they won’t start looking for me as soon as I get home. Next trip will have to be to a cabin in the woods!

  15. My fiance’s Pluto will soon enter his 12th. this does make a little nervous cause Pluto crossed my ASC went into my 1st a few years ago. I’m finally free and coming out of the cave now, a new person, just as he’s going in. Will we turn into hermits? LOL Will I have to reenter the cave once we get married?
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Say it ain’t so!! :O

    1. Update: My husband has been going through this transit since about 2014. (Pluto dipped his toe into ST’s 12th house that summer.)

      Where do I start? He was diagnosed the following year with diastolic heart failure. Nowadays, unless he has a doctor’s appointment or shower, he doesn’t get out of bed much. I miss our walks and our trips to the neighborhood poolside. We do go out to eat once in awhile. His family hasn’t been around near as much as they used to. I feel as if we’re living in our own little bubble, and have to do this for reasons we can’t explain. No one would understand anyway. It’s very depressing, but I’m trying to make the best of it.

  16. Fabulous post! I love the imagery too. Loved you saying, “You’ve been counted out, but you’re more vitally alive then you’ve ever been before you in your life.
    Is life delicious, or what?”

    So this is the Pluto that’s in now Capricorn? If so that means in 2020 it will be going into my 12th house and sometime cross my ascendant. You make it sound such a beneficial time only, thanks Elsa 🙂

  17. Another wonderful Pluto post! I will definitely look up that movie Defiance. I saw part of “The Pianist” last night on TV about the gifted Polish pianist that went into hiding in WWII. For some reason I love the Eastern European cultures.
    Pluto will finally be leaving my 12th house next month and then one month later will conjunct my moon. I don’t know what will happen. I just have to keep chugging along. I’ve been invisible for so long…

  18. Pluto is now transiting my 12th house. I, too, have an 8th house stellium. I have been dealing with difficulties for SOOOO long and now I find out that I have this transit until I am 50 years old. I don’t know how to deal with this. I keep reading horrible things about it but Elsa you are the only one who has a positive spin on it. I am in my late 30’s not married, no kids, and I now find out that I will have this transit that causes one to be more reclusive. How am I ever going to have a life…have a marriage, have kids, if I have this transit until I am 50? Why is this happening to me?

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking when I pulled this up. I have let go (of virtually everything). I wondered if I should be looking towards the shore where I’m headed.

  19. Pluto has been moving through my 12th House since 2003 (my 12th House cusp is 22 Degrees Sagittarius) Asc is 18 Capricorn. It’s been hell!! I wake up and feel I’m living through a nightmare that will never end. Pluto in Capricorn, deep into my 12th house, brought health problems relating to abscesses, dental infections and lots of visits to hospitals. Death was a theme as well, with losing a family member and ensuing power struggles over that persons estate, was bullied mercilessly by members of my own family. Been a hermit since a decade now, don’t like socialising, just want to be left alone. Pluto will conjunct my natal Venus in March 2017 – am dreading it. I’m single and hoping some good comes out of that conjunction. (I have natal Venus square natal Pluto in Libra). I was wondering if anyone can tell me about what their Pluto experience was, once it hits the Ascendant and moves through 1st House. Specifically, would like to know if it changes your appearance drastically (surgery?) or brings any health issues? Also, what Pluto does to your personality, after it’s in your 1st house – I’ve read that this is called a ‘superwoman transit’ and Pluto rejuvenates the body, gives you lots of internal power and once it’s hit the ascendant, you come out of solitude and are a changed person (not only internally but externally as well). Thank you in advance, folks!

  20. We have near similar transits and natal planets and I’ve only read about 3-4 of your posts just now. Similarly,I have Pluto & Saturn transiting my 12th house(capricorn) currently and have been totally isolating myself from the world this past year. Friends have found me hard to reach/inaccessible/elusive. Being a native (sun 20°) Libra (Aquarius ascendant 9°) I totally enjoy it, as I’m used to being the “life” of everyone’s party(Exhausting)! However, my life is most definitely seemed heavy and seemingly difficult under this transit. Yet, i have a profound awareness that everything is going to be fine. I have been releasing my attachments to things, jobs, people, etc. I too have natal planets(Sun,mercury,pluto)in my 8th house which is also currently being squared by Pluto and soon Saturn. Talk about deep evolutionary transformations!

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