Mars In Libra: Drive To Be Beautiful

christbas broachI’m not the kind of person who accepts whatever I’m told. I want proof. Whatever “truth” I’m being exposed to has to jibe with my personal experience or I’m going to remain skeptical.

Needless to say, I’ve tested astrology!  And what I learned is that I can see a watch by my chart.

Case in point, Mars hit Libra and what am I shopping for? SCARVES!  All the sudden, I think it’s enormously important that I beautify my wardrobe. I have do a better job of decorating, okay?

I am also buying jewelry. I decided I needed a Christmas broach!

I already have some scarves. With natal Mars in Libra, they do flatter  But with Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto transiting deep in my 12th house, it’s not seemed necessary to beautify myself, while navigating one swamp after another. This has changed!

I’ve had a Christmas brooch in my life as well.  An old lady crocheted one for me when I was a teenager. I wore it for Christmas when I was a bartender a million years ago – I still have it, packed away somewhere.

What kills me is that now, after all these years, I want another brooch and I mean I WANT one! I WANT one in a MARS way. I want more than one, actually.  I want two, and I want 10 new scarves as well!

I also want to get rid of any scarves I have what are not beautiful. I used wear scarves in my hair to the gym – no more of that! I want to look lovely now…is this not hysterical?

What have you noticed since Mars went into Libra? Also, if you have any scarves you want to get rid of…I’m having a fit over this.  “Swamp Thing” needs a pleasing veneer, stat!



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  1. hahaha…Elsa, you’re funny. Scarves & Brooches, huh? How very proper and pretty. This Mars is in my 7th house and I have a feeling I am going to meet someone who knocks my socks off. I am concentrating on the Libra to maintain balance and not get all starry-eyed and swept away like my Pisces Rising likes to do.
    Other than that? My shoe fetish is going strong. I just bought the cutest pair of boots yesterday.

  2. Dresses – five in total! After going out almost exclusively in jeans, tracksuit trousers and trainers for the past like 5-6 years, it’s really hit me that I want to dress sexy! So I went out, bought some lovely fabrics, different colors and texture, and took them to my neighbourhood’s (slightly crazy) dressmaker with all my design ideas: how I want them to be feminine but comfortable, stylish but not flashy etc etc… She’s seen so much of me in the past two weeks, she’d probably hate my guts by now… IF I didn’t pay on time, which I do, and kind of helps my cause, hehe! 😛
    I’m gently insisting on her finishing my order before Venus turns retro next, which in her mind means before people start their Christmas shopping. Hopefully she’ll do it, so she can get rid of me and my wannabe-fashion-designer blablablabing! (Which is actually not all that bad, since Leo Moon does have taste!)
    So yeah, I totally get the scarves and brooches ‘obsession’, the need to feel beautiful… aaaaand I would also add, the need to be touched beautifully (Jupiter in Taurus).
    This Mars will soon square my ascendant, and progressively oppose my Aries planets, but I’ll tell you this: I don’t care if it’s in the sign of its fall or whatever… I really believe relationships in my life need energising and I very much welcome this energy, stressful aspects and all.
    I do not intend to hide in my cave for the better part of next year, and I do think you’ve given us some very good advice on how to consider the other person’s wounds before we start an argument.
    I’m also taking care of my own wounds, and have started to be passionate about leading a beautiful life. Right now, I can’t think of a better use of Mars in Libra! 🙂

  3. Oh man, I’ve been obsessing over this blue Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ”Gi” that I wanna buy for my training. I can get a plain, comfy, no nonsense white Gi for free via full time membership. But I want the blue one dagnabbit. Except it’s 200 bucks. Going through hell justifying the purchase but thats futile coz im gonna buy it anyway!

  4. I went to the street festival yesterday where artists show andd sell their creations…I was inspired by the most beautiful handmade clothes and scarves…also paintings with beautiful colors and light! I saw some colllages that were just awesome. I came home wanting to create!..So, I have some clothing I am altering and redesigning..lace here and there and added some beadwork…

  5. I have Mars in Libra in my Natal and I always want to be more beautiful. For me it is not so much about clothes and accessories (although I am extremely picky about what I put on myself), it is more about the hair, makeup, body…I have just realized I put on makeup yesterday for the first time after several weeks of not wearing it because I started a series of facials and “wanted my skin to breathe”. Lol what a waste of Marsian energy, using it to beautify.

  6. Re-designing sounds about right. And more social events ahead. In my natal 11th and progressed 9th so events with an educational flair. Feelin more self contained. Getting my funky mars on so as not to be distracted by the rest of the freak show going on. Doin my own brand of freak on. Have to be less idealistic, which has been difficult with natal neptune in libra. But it’s progressed to scorpio so I guess I have to get with the program. Unfairness and injustice hit me like a ton of bricks with mars going into libra. I have a tendency to bleed for the unfairness and injustice hitting those I care about and to fume at the perpetratrators. It is a most unpleasant feeling. It’s life. It’s not always fair. It’s just the way it is. And to take my stand and act accordingly while walking through it all with libra poise and grace, that is a feat. Will be hangin alot with a libra NN person.

  7. Mars is moving in my 5th house (creative expression). Lately I have ignored the everything organized to do list (Virgo/Libra sun) and am going full force into spontaneous creativity(Aquarian moon). I spent hours this week playing in my sewing studio. As a professional seamstress I NEEDED to play! Now I’m obsessing about the house we bought in June. Sat.I spent all day organizing our mud room and back breazeway so I can access my garden room all winter. Then all night clearing a space in the basement to play/do art/get messy. It’s high time to pound some nails, hang art and paint. Possibly in that order. I don’t really care about the rules. My biggest desire now is to reconnect with my inner child and Play!

  8. I want desperately a sexy lingerie – Mars going through my 8th house. Also a sexy ass.. Everything has to do with me feeling more sexual than usual but in decent way..

  9. Very sensual and dripping with sex appeal…just to put it lightly about how I feel. And I’m Libra Sun Aries Ascendant and Taurus in my first house- you get it. I will take full advantage! .

  10. Mars moving into 10th, but all I want is to get away, actually; a dream beach paradise would do.
    But until this happens by a miraculous change of circumstances, I will get a haircut.

  11. OK, now the perfect day my daughter had makes sense! She is such a sweetie anyway, but today, has been smiling and cooing non-stop the whole day. She also learned how to grap her Sophie The Giraffe teether (a small version) AND accepted a pacifier, something my Husband has trained her to do with little success for a couple of weeks. She had a 2-hour-nap during the day, which is unusually long, she usually sleeps 1 hour when she wants. And she still fell asleep once I put her down to her bed.

  12. Avatar

    Whoa, haha! Love this! Got out my scarves that my grandma made for the first time in 3 years. Took a break because of health issues. So happy to be able to use them againnnnn!!

    Libra Mars is getting me aggressively pursuing these nice agreeable redirecting conversations (rather than not responding to drama / trying to change her mind, haha) with my Gemini grandma while taking care of her. Pretty good so far, but I also noticed time is being sucked down into a conversational vortex. However, the smiles (and changing the subject) under fire are working. 5th house go! *flicks hair* If there’s going to be drama, might as well wear it like a scarf!

  13. I snipped six inches of my pony tail and speaking of scarfs got a purple velvet one for a birthday gift. A pretty veneer … I like that. It feels good to be a funny, pretty girl out from the cave!

  14. I have been up every other night until 2 am crocheting granny squares for scarves and blankets, and obsessing over the BALANCE of colors. I have Mars in Taurus, natally, so I’m wondering if this transit will give me some leeway. A slice of second and third chances to get things up and moving.

  15. I looked in my wardrobe yesterday and I actually got scowly at the scarves hanging on their little rack that I felt were not lovely…and pulled them out. Same thing when I reached for a warm winter scarf (it’s cold and snowy here). This began about 10 days ago when I was prepping for a trip. Now it’s even stronger with me and I’ve been face-down in work almost ignoring my beloved fashion for about 5 months. I also became very judge-y about my earrings on Friday. Hmmm….Virgo (Sun and Rising and MArs and Mercury) here with Pluto being screwy. I have BIGGER THiNGS TO WORRY ABOUT but by god, I am suddenly all about the pretty again.

  16. — and ooh, like Mokihana, I got a gorgeous grey velvet scarf about a week ago — saw it, had to buy it, it gave me this instant sense of happy lift and everything has been swirling upward to live up to this scarf! I am shaking my head…this is a THING, isn’t it????!

  17. How very scarf-y this all is…and after reading this hilarious girly frivolity, I realized I wore a scarf for the first time this year today and thought, This is the only decent one in the drawer; I must get a fluttery pink one. HA.

  18. I styled my hair for the first time in 6 months. all of a sudden I’m really horrified by my “beachy” hair and broke out the flat iron. 🙂

  19. Hi Elsa! I have natal Mars in Libra in my first house. Funny you should mention scarves because I use to knit really beautiful ones for people I knew when I was single and had all of the time in the world. About a month ago, I decided I hadn’t knitted in quite some time and wanted to make an infinity scarf using heavy yarn with pretty sparkles. It turned out beautifully.

    I had a baby in January and 2013 has definitely felt like it’s been the year of sweatpants for me. The baby weight I gained during my pregnancy has refused to budge. I have also had bad luck with hairdressers this year. I have met some really bitchy women who charge a lot only to do what they want with my hair. Between the sweatpants and bad hair I gave up.

    However, I found a good hairdresser a few weeks ago and bought some cute skirts online to look more more put together. I am hoping things will return back to normal for me in 2014 now that Libra in Mars is doing a natal transit in my chart.

  20. Coat! Sheepskin, that looks like fur-gotta have it!
    I am sick of being cold and so rugged up, that I look like the Michelin man.Want a coat that’s warm enough that I can wear silk shifts under-Toasty and sexy- yea!
    Can you tell I have Venus in Cancer [5th house]?

  21. I have natal mars AND pluto tightly conjunct at 6 degrees libra in my 5th house. Soon as Mars entered Libra, i started playing Tennis. I had bought that racket in 2010…..but waited this long to get started. Obviously with Mars conjuncting natal mars/pluto while also beginning to square transiting pluto, i just could not sit still at home.

  22. I want a new boyfriend! NEED a new boyfriend. An absolutely gorgeous one to help me get over my ex.

    And new dresses. Definitely new dresses are on the list.

  23. I m mars in Aries and venus Pisces … Pluto libra in the 12th
    Scorpio ascendant and oh well
    These days I want to buy nice clothes yes , but I feel like motorbike leather jacket ( ???) and something extremely sexy underneath … I don’t know but mars in libra is playing up in my mind yes … It s also hitting my 12th house …

    Won’t be a joke …

    By the way … I had my heart broken by a mars libra man … This is not a great man s placement to be frank …

  24. Quite a lot of passive-aggressive conversation around me. I try not to participate in it, as I already feel that I’m being talked about behind my back. It’s transiting my 12th house. I have a lot of work to do but I feel rather tired and I’ve been putting a lot of things off. Blergh. It’ll take over six weeks before it hits my Ascendant.

  25. Oh, and a member of my family tries to pick up a fight with all of our mutual friends. Our friends bad mouth my relative to me, and my relative bad mouths our friends. I’m of course supposed to be the diplomatic peacemaker here (Libra Asc), and I can’t be bothered. Just leave me out of it please.

  26. My son (Libra Moon and rising) is also getting a fashion makeover. He is big enough now, I can invest in clothes (men’s size large) that he should be able to wear for awhile.

    He’s got a kick ass coat, super nice gloves…not kiddie stuff. Stuff he’ll probably be able to wear through high school. He looks real good. 🙂

    1. I love this! I have been paying more attention to males dressing well –not out of romantic interest or anything just because… I don’t know why!

      Lately when I ANY male and I mean any (toddler to seventy two) is dressed well I get some sort of satisfaction, it makes some happy somehow

  27. With Mars in Libra, I am making an effort to be tactful and fair in my relationships, from my family life to my professional life.
    I strongly believe in wearing practical and elegant clothing. With Mars in Libra, I make sure to properly respect my karate uniform, my hiking clothes, my wading boots…

  28. I had a jolt of creative digital inspiration and completely revamped my art website; it all went quickly and fluidly. I’m working on the little details now but overall the visual communication is better. ….and I can relate to everyone who’s been writing about wanting a haircut! Mars is transiting my third house.

  29. I went for a pedicure and painted my toes red for Christmas. Going to color my hair auburn after being plain brown all year. It feels like a good time for a makeover:)

  30. This is reminding me of my libra moon mother. A new outfit was always her suggested cure for anytime her daughters had a broken heart. My sister got cut really bad. Her fiance got a woman pregnant while she was away at college. He decided to marry the woman, but told my sister he was breaking up with her cuz he was going into the army. She took a week off college and just lay in that upstairs bedroom wretching. I still remember my mother at the bottom of the stairs trying to coax her down with shopping money. 😀

  31. Mars went into Libra and we are (me, my partner, his other partner) building relationships in some very unexpected ways. (I have Uranus in Libra – shocking partnerships are par for my course 😉 )

  32. I dyed my hair a fiery and warm copper and then went shopping for a full outfit because I decided the old ones don’t match with my new hair colour, then bought myself a cocoa-pistachio bath set and put it into use… I think my Libra Moon approves for once 😀

  33. I am putting more thought into my outfits lately. I have also been thinking about changes to my hair (softness, trimming split ends, dying it blue-black even though it is naturally black…), having healthier skin, better looking nails, trying to lose some weight.

    And THEN doing things a particular way because it “looks nice” or “looks better” because that seems important somehow.

  34. i need to start replacing or removing all the broken/ugly things. first i need a couple real paychecks. but i expect, soon enough i’ll be there.

  35. Today I did something I don’t think I’ve ever done–hand-pick Christmas cards for my family. Usually I buy a box of them cause it’s cheaper that way, but that doesn’t seem proper this time. Proper….Libra. Show some thought for those you love, you know?

    It also occurred to me lately that the director where I work has a much more professional-looking haircut than I do! (Mars in the 10th).

  36. Okay. Now that Mars entered Libra, I’ve started playing piano again, and with a real drive to become as good as I was 17 years ago when I quit playing. Not all is bad that comes with Mars in Libra.

  37. I’d like to have more of this drive because I’m obsessed with getting the treatment beautiful people get. Who knows why. I just seem to only have sporadic drives. And a drive to form habits like a bit of yoga which is twenty min or less a day and doesn’t shave off the pounds exactly
    But im having a Jupiter transit

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