Astrology, Thinking And Mercury In The Natal Chart

einstein-god-s-thoughts-posters.jpgMy husband has Saturn in aspect to Mercury in contrast to my Mercury in the 9th conjunct a hotted up Mars.

“I like to control my thoughts. I don’t like them running all over the place. I like to think of things in a logical order one after another with nothing distracting me,” he explained.

“Yeah? My thoughts do run all over,” I said.

“Yeah they do and with high variable. Your thoughts?” He waved his hand in the air in a spiral and then moved it high and low. “They go all over the place with no order to them at all,” he said with that look on his face that assumes I’m crazy but he loves me anyway.u anything he is thinking something similar.

How do you think and communicate? Can you see the tendency in your chart?

(The graphic, perfect for Mercury in the 9th house… which Einstein had according to Lois Rodden.)

17 thoughts on “Astrology, Thinking And Mercury In The Natal Chart”

  1. I like lots of thoughts. I gather them from all over and sometimes hoard them. I am enormously defensive if I feel they’ve been invaded, but also have a huge mouth and share’em even more than I realise sometimes. When I need to quiet my mind and focus focus focus I can find my stunning ability to find unrelated tangents frustrating, but when I do not want to do what I am doing my ability to find the same tangents is a relief.

    Sun conjunct mercury in capricorn, square Jupiter and Saturn.

  2. ugh. i have a bunch of different modes, and i try to corrall the best one for the job, and sometimes i even manage it. sometimes i think slowly and methodically, to make certain of something, sometimes i can hardly keep up with myself….
    i hate being forced to do linear thought, but i can well enough if i have to. and sometimes the puzzles are fun, so if i think of things as puzzles i’m usually ok.

    i have mercury in taurus opposite uranus in scorpio, both in aspect to saturn and my virgo ascendant.

  3. My thoughts run all over, hop and skip from one to another. There is order, but it’s not linear, and it never appears ordered to others. Linear feels too restricting…I like to compose my thoughts as I go, and then let them assemble in whatever order they wish. Kind of like playing a game of chance. And I absolutely love games and puzzles of all kinds!

    Unaspected Mercury in Pisces in 9th conjunct MC; Gemini Rising.

  4. I’m in the middle between you two. My thoughts do wander, but they go sequentially within the wander and then come back to the original topic. I like to analyze things/people/plots constantly.

    Saturn and Neptune trine Mercury, Pluto opposed to it.

  5. Well you already know this, cause I’ve told you, my Mercury is conjunct Neptune conjunct Midheaven in house 10, Libra. And it’s a wonder I can think or decide anything at all. I’d love to have a job thinking, like being a TV sitcom writer, but, though I live near L.A., it hasn’t happened. (No, I haven’t actually tried to get such a job.)

    Oh yeah, and I took a lot of LSD in my teenage years. I saw a lot more than images of the Virgin when I looked at my cheese sandwich. I remember that the popcorn ceilings, especially, held a lot of “hidden” images.

  6. Oh yeah, and that triple conjunction all opposite Moon in Aries (feelings on fire?). Come to think of it, I think I just don’t think at all. The things I hear in my head all the time are either song lyrics, or the tape of some conversation that I had or will be having.

  7. My thoughts (when not engaged in a mental project) are absolute useless repetative gibberish. Hence the need to silence them in meditation as often as possible.

  8. My thoughts are scattered all over the place. I’m slightly anal about tangible things, I think partly because I have such little control over the internal things. I like the fact that I think, contemplate, analyze…but at the same time, my mind can be my worst enemy. It can cause me to fabricate scenarios in my mind, give me anxiety about things that haven’t even happened yet (or will never happen), it causes me to forget things, space out, yadda yadda yadda. I just need to learn better control.
    As for the astrology, I have Mercury in the 10th in Leo conjunct Sun in the 10th in Leo AND Mercury square Uranus….which is textbook for scatterbrain right?

  9. this story made me laugh, because i could imagine my husband and i having this same conversation with the same outcome. i think he’s suprised that i function at all, let alone well, without all the linear logic thing going.

    i get zaps on one thing or another and be all over with it, and it chains to something else, and it chains to something else. it’s very fast and somewhat disorganized, but if i go back and clean it up, i can find useful stuff in there. I just have to be careful because it’s easy to lose focus because it goes so fast. i also get a buzz off of it, so i have to watch going a touch manic with the ideas. chain lightening spell courtesy merc conj. uranus. ha!

  10. Wow, Elsa, sounds like you have a lot of scatterbrains that read your blog.

    Another scatterbrain here, but I guess it works for me. My Mercury is trine Jupiter, and also trine Juno (which is spot on, by the way). Also I have a fair bit of Pisces, and boy do I notice it. Sometimes it is next to impossible for me to come to a decision. Yikes. Sometimes I lean on my 11 year old Aquarian daughter to help, or even my 9 year old Cancer son.

  11. I think all the damn time about everything and anything. I have Pluto in the third house which if one of the few of my natal positions I can work with. I think it enables me to make connections between all sorts of things. Mercury in Pisces in the 7th, so I am always always always romanticizing something (boys) or drifting off into my thoughts.

    I was reading about how one of the techniques used by therapists to help people with extreme self-loathing or depression is the “re-routing” of the thoughts in the brain from “I dropped a glass> that’s the third one today>I suck!>I am the worst person alive” to stopping your thoughts before they get to that “horrible person” part. The whole idea that you can actually control your thought paths and structure them really blew my freaking mind. I had no idea you could do that. My thoughts control ME. They go where they want, I am just along for the ride which means extremes between fantastic insight and darkness.

  12. I tend to stick to what’s appropriate to the situation — free-flowing, go-with-it, whatever-happens processes in creative environments; and rigid, sequential, let’s-get-this-done-right processes when I’m dealing with real-world problems.

    But I always have to have some kind of distraction in the background or I can’t get anything done. That’s Mercury in Gemini in the 3rd for you…!

  13. Saturn conjucnt mercury in libra. I do think alot before I speak and I can be quite logical but my mercury is in libra so I think im prone to babbling and getting off track or maybe thats my mercury trine neptune. My mercury is in 8th a part of a stellium so im prone to obessing about… uh stuff 😉

  14. Hokay. Looking at my chart… I have Uranus in the 3rd house, meaning I do jump around a lot (and I have ADD, so this is definitely a problem for me). I also have Mercury in Taurus. I tend to see the Merc in Taurus as representing my true nature, where the Uranus in the 3rd is more of an afflicting influence. What I want is to be calm and steady. Those two parts of me fight it out a lot. The fact that Saturn squares off with that Uranus in my chart may be what makes me feel such antipathy toward my ADD side.

    And the strong influence of Saturn in my chart and the concentration of planets in Taurus (including Chiron) is, I think, what drives the ability of diet and exercise to have such a strong influence over my ADD symptoms. As long as I work, I eat right and exercise, things I do not always want to do (Saturn), then my brain stays on target.

    I’ve also got Moon square Mercury, meaning the moment my emotions get out of whack, my thinking goes along with them. This much I know. I’m bad at compartmentalizing… when things go wrong, I have a tendency to feel like nothing else matters except the drama. But my Moon is also sextile my Mars/Venus conjunct in Taurus. I’m thinking that’s probably why diet and exercise help control my mood as well. (Note: Uranus is also opposition that Venus/Mars conjunct. It all inter-relates.)

    At that point, I may be reaching. A lot. 🙂 But it seems to me like Venus/Mars conjunct in Taurus is all about my body, and if I can keep those two happy, they carry a LOT of weight.

  15. Virgo Mercury & Pluto conjunct 3 degrees. Pluto sextile Scorp. AC 4 degrees. I’ve never been one for “fluffy” conversations. I tend to want to get a goal accomplished or to wanna learn something of a deeper nature about the one I’m speaking with. This seems very ingrained in me although I am a tad envious of people who can talk about anything with anybody and thus make easier social (Merc. & Pluto conjunct 11th) and buisness contacts. I do keep a lot of my thoughts to myself, though.

  16. As someone suffering from intrusive thoughts and rumination to the point of exhaustion it was astounding to learn that some people have no interior monologue. What is this wizardry? Life betrays once again. I cannot only hear my own perceived voice but can imitate other voices and hear my thoughts by using their voice. I can also mimic some voices outwardly as well, but not too many, it’s easy to pick up speaking quirks and behavioral too. In speaking and writing I am both guarded and all over the place.

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