Transits That Leave You Speechless

Someone just left a comment on an old post about Pluto’s transit to my Moon. I’ve had two of these transits in my life. I work with people having Pluto moon transits all the time.

I’ve noticed that people with this transit all seem to come to a point where there are no words to describe their experience. They wind up in some kind of vacuum, one way or the other.

If Saturn transits bring you to your knees, a Pluto transit to the moon puts you in a fetal position. Fetuses don’t talk!

Pluto Transit To The Moon (Mine) – Checking In Eight Years Later

Have you ever had a transit that left you speechless? What did you do instead?

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  1. What about someone that has moon conjunct Pluto natally? How would they experience this transit? I know someone with this aspect and they have this transit coming up. They also have pluto trine sun ,pluto on their MC, pluto sextile pluto transit now .. Thanks 🙂

      1. My Dad has the Moon conjunct P,uto exact natally. His mother was a Real nasty piece o vampire, manipulative and dark. they used to abuse me. He s now a better person but still an alcoholic. He has his murderous agggresive side.

    1. It’s awful. I can’t think of a way to sugarcoat it. The houses matter too as to where the energy will play out.

      I have natal 4th house Moon conjunct Pluto/Uranus and the square was from the 7th house.

  2. Wow, I had not thought about this.
    I had Pluto in Scorpio transit opposite my natal Moon Dec 1992 to Jan 1993 (fell pregnant unexpectedly with my youngest, working hard at 2 jobs, my own business & temp work plus sale of home & moving house all at the same time); I had no time to think about myself at all with the 2 older babies (eldest deaf cochlear implantee & next an asthmatic. Husband’s assistance? Non-existent for he considered himself the ‘man of the house’ & the ‘only’ breadwinner!
    Then Pluto Rx April 1993 to May 1993, still as busy as ever (moved into new home but I had oversee the new kitchen/family room renovations on my own plus keep my business going, get babies/toddlers/kindergarten sorted & went down with pneumonia). Again, husband was not around to help with his country roster/shifts being more important to him than my health or our children’s needs.
    Finally post the youngest’s September birth (with a Scorpio Asc & Pluto in house 1), I had Pluto D opposite my natal moon for Oct 1993 to Nov 1993 & that period is a bit of a blank. So much went on/happened/occurred, it does leave me speechless.
    Natal Pluto intense in house 10 in a feminine sign, transiting Pluto through house 12 opposite house 6 Moon (both feminine signs thus the act is done to me); intense change to household/work/family/mother just says it all!
    When Pluto in Capricorn or should I say crapricorn, trines my natal moon, I think I need to go under a mushroom to hide!

      1. Conjunction… Sextile-Square-Trine… Opposition… Trine-Square-Sextile…

        Not every transit will have the same depth of pain – and re Pluto transit Moon, the “easy” aspects can be hard, depending on various factors. 🙂

    1. Oh, now I get it–Retrograde. I had this transit 3 times in 1998, which was an extremely difficult time for me…

      1. Pluto can retrograde over a point, five times. But I was talking about Pluto hitting my moon HARD, twice in my lifetime.

        Hard = Conjunction, Square, Opposition

  3. Oh hell. Pluto will be opposing my natal Moon and Jupiter once it enters Aquarius. I am so no looking forward to that.

    1. And you actually can not prepare… Should we sleep in the coffin?

      Pluto in Aquarius will hit my ascendant opposite natal Tsquare – Uranus opposite Chiron square Mars &Saturn on DSC. Later on Pluto will square my large stellum from 11 Taurus to 5 Gemini ( the Moon, Jupiter, SN, Pallas, Mercury, Vesta, Venus, IC and Sun)
      I have survived the time as a teenager when Pluto opposed my everything in this Stellum. I was abused at home and rejected by friends. i have changed my religion, started therapy, started studying occult area and astrology.

  4. I read astrology charts for friends and during the Pluto/Uranus square. I read multiple charts with Pluto and Uranus transiting the moon. The amount of devastation was just frightening to witness. The themes were death of a partner, physical destruction of a home, and one man learned his child wasn’t his and his partner fled to another country taking the beloved child with her. Once you’ve witnessed this destruction it’s hard to know what to tell people if you see it coming in their chart. I’ve been looking for a long term partner and I would certainly think twice before picking someone with an impending Pluto opposite/conjunct moon.
    I had Pluto conjunct my moon(8th house) when I was 14. My Father became very wealthy during that time and built a beautiful modern house on 400 acres in the country with tennis courts, horses , pool , etc. my moon trines my Venus and sextiles my midheaven so it seemed to have quite a positive flavor. However in 6 years my Dad divorced my Mom, sold the house, and married a younger woman. Then after 6 years went bankrupt and lost everything.
    This plutonic process sent me into deep spiritual searching in my young life – trying to find the meaning in loss of family, loss of material wealth. It shaped who I am and How I live my life . Definitely there are powerful spiritual lessons in a Pluto transit, often not visible for years to come.
    I have often pondered how Pluto energy comes into your life. I imagine that someday scientists will be able to measure the energetic influence. I think all you can really do is surrender and work hard to handle the transformation. And yes I am curious why some people have much harder transits than others. Pluto transits certainly make us aware of the mysteries of the human life cycle.

  5. I have – a two-for-one, Pluto to Moon, mostly overlapping Neptune to Sun.

    I stopped trying to say anything meaningful, most of the time, except to my very few closest folks. I was so deeply disgusted by the people who were visibly proud to show me their potential for ugly behaviors and attitudes, and at a loss for words to say, “you and I have less in common than you seem to think.” It was exhausting, in a wrung out way, and harrowing. So, taking the advice of my mother and a priest, I gave myself a break, every opportunity I got. I focused more time on those who liked/loved me (actions, louder than words).

    For a Gemini Moon to be “too worn out” to talk… that’s far, far down.

  6. Many years ago, when I had transiting Pluto conjunct my natal Moon, I started having problems with female employees. This was the first time in my life that some women at the workplace environment were competing with me and doing things behind my back. This kind of thing had never happened to me. It was a very dark time in my life and very surprising and difficult, although I also ended up having one relationship (with the supervisor) that was beneficial and positive, helping me overcome the bad relationships. Thank goodness it all happened at a temp job, not a permanent position. I was able to continue my job search for a permanent job and get away from the toxic environment that I was in for a year and a half. In my personal life, during that time, I parted company with a long-time female friend. I think the “truth” of our relationship reared its ugly head, and we knew there really was not much of a friendship to continue. So, for me, most of the Pluto-Moon transit was about difficult relationships with females. Thank goodness transits don’t last forever.

    1. Hmm. When Pluto opposed my Moon, it was almost exclusively *men* who dumped garbage on me. Plus, they wanted me to know it, like a dirty secret (theirs – I wasn’t agreeing to share that with them). Ironically, some of them later made overtures to become closer. “Are you kidding?” I thought. “You painted me a detailed picture of your character!” I didn’t need words for that – my disgust showed on my face.

  7. I have moon conjunct Pluto natal, too. It feels like a lot of deep stuff rolling around and sometimes words just can’t even…

    Transit Neptune on my DC and Saturn was pretty sad and I wanted to cut off certain people. I guess I was speechless because I felt they’d disappointed me (I guess it was good to err on the side of shutting up because it was really my own issue, not theirs).

    Pluto going through my 5H and over Mercury and Venus sucked. I felt like I was beaten up. I guess I wasn’t speechless there either because I acted out.

  8. With Pluto transits of my Mercury, Mars, and Sun coming up, I am going to have to do a thorough study of this…

  9. Pluto has been transiting my natal 12th House Moon and is now crossing back and forth over my ASC. It’s interesting you wrote that these transits can leave a person “speechless.” For me, these years have been ones I have tried again and again to describe using written words on a cyber page. These attempts are different than using words in face-to-face exchanges with people (family and neighbors, old/new friends). For in that respect I have been speechless and isolated in my experience. Very few ‘real people’ see me in my mundane life. I write to make my way through the dark matter, and really, have no idea how the stories affect others. The losses are breathtaking, literally, the explanations and fiction I write help get through; I hone my craft with this transit. That’s a worthwhile outcome of my efforts and I’m grateful.

    I hope to ‘go home’ in my imagined future now that Pluto has moved from my Moon. Have I regained my speech? And what language will I use when and if I make the crossing back to my original nation?

  10. Oh no, I’m not looking forward to this. My moon is about 25 Capricorn in my 2nd. My moon does trine Pluto nataly so maybe the blow won’t be as harsh.

  11. I have Cap Sun 17 degrees and Libra moon also 17 degrees and Pluto is squaring both and currently going back over it exact and then will do it again. I’m in the no words fetal position place right now. The people with whom I mostly deeply connected seem to no longer be able to connect. It’s just me. And God, I suppose.

  12. Pluto is conjunct my Nep/Ura and in opposition (3 °) to my moon/merc right now.
    The opposition will be exact 2020 before Pluto enters my 12th house.

    Gee…can’t wait for that one.

    The only transits that have left me speechless were Neptune related. Neptune transiting my 12th house and then conjunct my Asc/Sat, opposing Mars, squaring Pluto. I still cannot believe what happened…

  13. I’m being hit again. . . transiting pluto in 8th square moon saturn and vesta in aries 12th – this is the third ‘hit’ (another few years by the time it clears vesta at 21 aries). My son and I are home from the ‘war-zone’ of chemotherapy for leukhemia. I’m speechless, because for most people life is not on this level. I’m living on another level. My son is alive but it’s not over and I’m back in civil life, how the hell to live normally? While we were on the oncology ward children died – who was to be next – and it’s not over, YOU DON’T GET OVER THIS. People are trying to ‘normalize’ me, I’m screaming inside – crying and praying – they don’t understand the trauma. No one is listening because no one understands how you just got your heart stabbed by your child’s cancer and horrific treatment . . . and it’s still bleeding. Socialising and trying to go back to ‘normality’ isn’t helping. I think I have no choice but to go back to painting and poetry to get this ‘stuff’ out. Pluto square moon – This is unhealable.

    1. ((Jimmer)) “No one is listening because no one understands…” I hear this, been there too. I have an illness no one understands. It’s very inconvenient to believe, this illness. I write and draw to get through; it’s my medicine stories of tough magic. Pluto conjunct my natal moon. Take good care on the way through.

  14. The years during which I reached the lowest point of my depression and even considered suicide on various occasions, Saturn entered my 7th (Scorpio) and transited my Jupiter. Neptune opposed my Sun as it entered my 11th (Pisces), Uranus entered my 12th (Aries) and Pluto my 9th (Cap), and both formed hard aspects with my natal Mars.

    I am fully convinced that I came out stronger from what I experienced during those years, so I hope I will be able to face whatever the Pluto-Moon transit brings me. I honestly feel that I have left behind the worst part of my life.

  15. I have Moon square Pluto in my natal. The speechless thing explains a lot! I always wondered whether my Saturn in house Three could explain my mutist years. But now I even realize that there were different causes for not speaking at different times and this still continues in a way, which is less damaging to me. First it was a psychological reaction to the violence, which I experienced as I was a child. Later a chronical throat inflammation took the role of the part of the physical pain, while keeping me from speaking much. Now it is mainly the fact that most people around me, especially the closest, don’t understand anything. My Sun, Mercury, and MC in Sagittarius want me to teach, but it is so incredible useless.
    Now I wonder whether not to speak is what my natal chart wants from me or rather to overcome this. If I just learnt to shut up voluntarily, would that be without any pain then? I’m daily searching the internet for opportunities to have an at least halfway intelligent discussion. Am I supposed to do or to stop this?

  16. In 2006 and 2007 I went from transiting Pluto square Moon to transiting Pluto opposite Sun. I went through a deep depression and felt everything in my life was falling apart. I also felt worthless and hopeless. My conclusion was that while Saturn transits can be challenging, they make sense. Pluto transits never seemed that way. Every time I thought things couldn’t get any worse, something even nastier happened. I guess it really does make you stronger in the end, managing to survive grueling pain that seems to make no sense and have to purpose. It does give a slight feeling of invulnerability afterwards. Looking back at my life, when I go through something terrible, I can tell myself that i I made it through that period, I can make it through anything.

  17. My moon’s 23 Cap. So, at the moment, is Pluto. Saturn is two degrees away. Unless I’m in what my daughter calls my “work skin,” I’m taciturn, even silent. I feel like an ocean spitting out a lot of plastics others (and the “others” can even be past versions of myself) spitting out a lot of junk onto some metaphorical sand. Then the hard work of beach cleanup will be next.

    Thanks for putting into words what I obviously can’t.

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