Top Cheat Code For 2024 & Beyond

Aquarius water bearer paintingMost of my consultations this week have been about improving or restoring or strengthening relationships. I guess this is due to my writing on these topics lately.  It’s very important right now. I figured I say some more.

I don’t see life getting easier in the foreseeable future. Even if costs go down (deflation), it will be prelude to seeing them shoot back up. Bottom line, very few are going to be able to make it on their own, especially if you’re aging. It’s this simple: not everyone has the option to live on their own and be self-sustaining.

If you’re go live with anyone in any capacity, social skills become very important.  A lot of people have or have developed social anxieties.  Others are straight up anti-social and I don’t mean that as a mental health diagnosis. I mean, they just don’t like people, possibly because their relationship skills are underdeveloped.

I feel we’re headed into a time where the inability to be reasonably cooperative is going to cost a person big time.  It’s not like I think everyone should run out and get married.  But I think combining households is going to become even more of a thing. Not just kids living with parents or parents living with kids, but for older people – a Golden Girls situation is a solid option… but only if you not going to be an ass. You simply have to get along with others.

For the record, this is what I will do if I wind up alone.  My husband has drilled into me, men tend to die before women and he is a bit older.  If he were to die would I want another marriage? Probably not.  So what am I going to do? Sit and stare at a wall all the day, or the damned computer? I have had serious conversations about this with friends, beginning a number of years ago.  Ben and I have talked about it for example, and not in a frivolous way.

So that’s old people but what about the young?  Well, they can’t afford to buy houses for the most part… unless the get creative.  For example, what if they pool their money and buy degraded commercial property and customize it to suit their needs? A a group (Aquarius) innovating, pooling their resources (Pluto)?

We all have to live in the schema provided.  This particular game board is pretty tough. If you want an advantage, a cheat, if you will, here it is: learn to get along!  Because as things get even harder, anti-social people will be locked out, isolated from support.

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  1. “Learn to get along.” My husband remarked last night “We’ve kinda retired. .. pregnant pause , “We stopped moving.” After many years of moving due sensitivity to chemicals and then sensitivity to being with people because they used chemicals etc. that make us sick we were offered a place to root with a Pisces medicine woman “Let’s grow old together, she said❤️.

    It’s been almost 3 years. We’re all in mid to late 70’s , and slowly my fight or flight impulses are calming and I recognize how my South Node Scorpion past so trained to take the bait of all kinds for trauma or drama is slow to release; that mode is exactly conjunct my sun so that entanglement 😫
    But the calming is happening. Not too late to head to the North Node (in stable Taurus)✌️.

    I am hoping my son will get that message and make his current Chiron Return in the 7th house a transformative time. He and his young family are creating an inter generational homestead in Hawaii — off grid and very isolated. It will require grit and getting along.

    You’re right about innovation and the Golden Girl model. It’s an Us thing, as many of us are learning to share in elder kindergarten.

  2. I’m 31 y/o and single for a few years. I have been “on my own” since about 22. I always loved being independent, but have a deep longing to partner up again… I feel ready…

    This concept you mention is something I have been fearing even more-so recently because of the direction this country is moving in with inflation and all… I’ve also found it very difficult to find a partner that will stick. With that, it brings more feelings of discouragement all around.

    Reasons I have had difficulties partnering is mainly bc so much gaslighting from men these past couple of years, which has in turn, had me put up a huge guard when getting to know someone on an intimate level. It’s also given me the sensation that I may now be too selective to a fault, not giving a man enough opportunity to gain entry to my heart.

    My bad experiences with men started at the age of 6 years old…. I’ve been taken advantage of them my whole life which is why my practicing boundaries has become so important to me.

    I fear that I will exhaust my deep source of love and affection on someone “not worthy”. I recognize this may not be the right state of mind, bc the only way to find out is to “f*ck” around (not literally lol). It’s just, my boundaries turned into road blocks…

    Thankfully, I have recently had the opportunity to rent a tiny space behind my parents that’s affordable.. I just don’t desire to be here long-term. In the meantime, I will save save save my money in hopes it can bring me closer to buying a home one day (that I can’t afford on my own lol)

    I crave and long for a genuine love connection, but have to figure out how to ease my guard so that I can allow what I feel ready for into my life. I’ve never been one to couple-up for money, that just ain’t my shtick. But I’m always left to wonder…. just where are the real fellas at?? Seems to be a fleeting thing in my generation…

  3. Yes…I have always told my wife that if I die, find someone you can be happy with..I want her to be happy, not lonely, in this life..Fortunately, she has many friends in the area, and can keep busy with her volunteering, but that’s not quite enough…For families, yes, there is strength in numbers if they are people you can trust…

  4. I know a young family off the grid, I am so impressed. I want to learn how to do that to my home ,they’re so relaxed ,this off grid family of5 ,3 teens,if that’s a byproduct I’m in. I live alone I am single, gotta say ,not lonely, so busy , single let’s me take more shifts, I actually am around more men at work ,than my interactions than when married, I fantasize about the perfect buddy or marriage, but too,I have 6 sister 2 brothers , older and 5 have lost partners
    Because finances ok , think my sibs are keeping a good single view too, not saying a good night bowling ,fishing or cooking or whatever doesn’t sweeten the smile, just saying single does have perks, but getting along I hear ya”Required for peace”

  5. it’s so true about relationships and people needing others, i was just talking to my elderly mother who has dementia and still able to remember who died and passed and she mentioned about a cousin of mine who died a decade ago and he would be in his mid forties if he lived. He died of heart attack and just didnt eat well, was overweight. And he was single and his mother (my aunt) died 25 years before when he was still quite young and she had asked my mother before she passed to make sure her husband would be partnered with a loving woman. My mother set out to be a matchmaker and she did find a lady to pair up with him after her death. So as to her wish, her husband would be taken care of and not be alone. But then no one realized or foresaw one of her sons died alone and never partnered and no mother or grandmother and his father moved across states to live with the new woman. He did so after his children were over 18 and in college. But they were left alone. One of the sons married easily but the other was alone and no one to care for him. I dont think he knew how to take care of himself sadly. He needed his mother, and it would have nice if he had found a good woman to marry who can take care of him too.

    It just reminds me of the times my mom when she was younger tell me many times she wished she was able to care for her father before he died because he didnt eat right and also had heart attack. He ate bad food and oily greasy easy food. He was constantly working 10 to 12 hours days and so tired he just wanted a quick easy greasy meal. No one was there to care for him. My grandparents lived apart due to grown children in practially every country. It’s as if now, my life is to live apart from my husband four months out of a year. Both my grandparents had to do that too, live apart but for them it was years apart. But they remained married. I thought to myself, how can they do that? Now i see, circumstances and family obligations can do that. sometimes in their case, it was not months but years. Anyway, another thing i was saddened is that many veterans are homeless and alone too. I see this thing of aloneness and they dont have family or friends to care for them. It’s really sad. Longevity does depend on those around you to care for you and also vice versa. Love and care and togetherness.

    even in the situation with “golden girls” and ladies over 65 living together taking care of eachother, it is togetherness and companionship and laughter and sharing heartaches and smiles, i can see the longevity in this too, and there’s a sense of happiness at least before leaving this world.

  6. It’s pretty darn hard to not be in a relationship if you have so many Scorpio and Libra placements as I do LOL!
    I can’t seem to be single for more than 1 year or two at a time. my natural instinct (Libra Moon) goes towards relationships and duos. I have learned a lot about this in the past 20 years, and I am even a nerd, and guess who makes money these days…
    That would be the nerd.
    Or the handyman 😛

    Anyhow, NN is transitting Aries. People who want to fight will be able to see the outcome of this need in their relationships (Libra SN) the next 1-2 years.

    There ARE ways to have both parts, and compromise is not it. I think you touched on this too yourself, Elsa, or was it perhaps Satori? An example with an orange and two people sharing it.

    I think theae lessons/this way of working the nodes, are paramount to what you describe in the above text 🙂

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