Pluto In Capricorn: The Real & The Raw

songs of love and hateI continue in a particularly productive, Neptune daze.  We’ve been watching a series on Netflix, “Velvet”.  It’s in Spanish but I don’t care. I’m totally in to it and my husband is as well, to his particular extent.  What’s happening is time is circling round. As this happens, I pick things up and it’s pretty cool.

I’m talking about recreating past, happy times.  See, this show is a soap opera, for sure. It’s implausible but you get into it and you don’t care.  My husband and I did this when we were teenagers.  We followed, Luke and Laura, but what kills me is how this set up the same way now as it did then.

See, my husband used to work in a missile back then.  It was 36 hour shift.  There were no VCRs or streaming or anything, so I had to watch the program and then fill him in on what he missed.  We’re doing this same thing now. Plus there is a Luke and Laura couple in it.  We are a Luke and Laura couple ourselves so this situation just hums along.  It’s happy.

I am also continuing to revisit, Leonard Cohen’s much, though it’s going slow because I wait until I’m driving.   I am referring to this:

Venus Neptune: Music Sensitivity

I still on “Songs Of  Love And Hate” and aware that most of it goes over my head today, they same way it did then.  This is gratifying in a way, because I tried really hard back then.  I’m decades older and yeah. There was nothing stupidly obvious I missed, but I realized, when I arrowed back to restart a song… I was repeating history.

I’m talking about lying in bed, with the record spinning, in the dark, usually. I’d want to hear something again so I get up and move the needle. I was stuck on the same song now as I was then.  But now is now, so I could think about what struck me then.

I figured this out on the way home from Kroger (laughs), but not before it occurred to me, listening to Leonard Cohen, may have very well spared me, whatever this old man had in mind when he moved two teenage girls into his house.  Thing about it. I may have been pretty scary!  Like some exorcist chick or something but that was not the feeling at all.

There was no “goth” back then, that’s for sure. I just liked this music for the deeply, challenging thrill!

The peak or rather the valley or maybe both of these at once, can be found in this offering. I only love the beginning, the middle and the end. So I might have listened to this song, thirty times in a row. Be afraid, old man who pays teenagers for sex. Be very afraid!

“Sing another song, boys,
This one has grown old and bitter…”

Now look at this:

Can You Avoid Becoming Old And Bitter?

I realized this post (there’s more than one), is tied to this song. Recently, I wrote about astrology and elders. I realized I could address this topic. I’ve known what can happen for some time!

I realized today, the same thing I realized them. I relate to every word in the sone, and to everything written between the lines.  Hope and sparring, stabbing, seeing through things, mocking, the whimsical horror of it all…

I know this stuff may not be you but it is me and I was very happy to meet it in the wild.  Oh! I do have tribe! I can be understood.  And I was in a holding pattern at this time. I’d escaped my home but not found myself yet.  This existence of music like this, informed me, a person like me could find my way.

If you happened to read my story, “California”, my sister astutely identifies the moment I met a “mothery” type woman, a role model for person like me.  This is like that.  It’s the other side of me that’s more like Zorro and his girl or something.  I deal in the real and the raw.

This also made me think of the gal I lived in this at this time. Libra with a Scorpio moon.  The other gal who was very influential at this time was Scott’s sister, also a Libra with a Scorpio moon. How I never realized this before is beyond me, but they both died in their 20’s and they’ve never been replaced.

A lot of really important things and people are encountered when you’re this age.. late teens to early 20’s. People ought to tell you, so let that be this – I’m telling you.

One more remark – my friend, Ben, was bitching once, about how people were always trying to change him and make him do things.  We were in our twenties.  “I told them, this is a big world!  There’s plenty of room in it for someone like me, so leave me alone!

12 thoughts on “Pluto In Capricorn: The Real & The Raw”

  1. This is a big ole world for sure plenty of room, just like memories with music plenty of sound to make you feel all the Wow you ever learned!!Such perfect timing
    “May your Music within be loud strong and hugely impressive!” Feel good! I’m gonna hum the whole way to work, I was over sleeping my cat just woke me up he would not let me be late. I love this cat just like I love music and I love you baby. I love the feelings that are coming today. Thank you.

  2. What I think is interesting as well is that the music seems to give additional context than the words themselves. For instance, in the words to ‘My Immortal’ that is a song about grief it says “When you cried I’d wipe away all of your tears, when you’d scream I’d fight away all of your fears”. Even if that didn’t happen. Even if you looked after someone who essentially wouldn’t confide in you, so you couldn’t fight for them. It still FEELS like that.

    Another song a bit like that is ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word’. There might be nothing to apologise for, but if someone is one of the types to feel sorry for themselves it still feels like that.

    Another value to music as well, for me, is the ‘mythology’ of revenge. I have not found it possible to let go of things. The body, the vehicle designed for survival, does not forget a slight until there is some indication it is not coming again (and people going around behaving like crap are not also apologising). There is an emotional side to revenge as well, a long term strategic thought process. There are a few songs I have that talk to that desire. The Evil Morty theme song, For the Damaged Coda; Take me to Church, Hozier; Nothing else matters – Created by Metallica but I prefer covers.

    1. I don’t think we enjoy music in the same way, necessarily. When I was listening to, Leonard Cohen, when I was a kid, it was about his craft to a large degree. Here was this guy with original thoughts. People hated his voice (back then), but he sang anyway. He clearly took time to think and analyze and tease out understanding that suited him.

      I never spent any time trying to figure out what he meant, because I’m just not geared that way. I listen and thing, wow! What a great way to say that. Or, holy shit! The la la la la’s at the end of this song were so unexpected. What kind of genius is this?

      Any if he could do it… well I felt this whole period a time to absorb this, in an 8th house manner, to be transformed. Leonard Cohen is a source, period, from my perspective. Very, very valuable.

      1. That’s a very Neptunian understanding perhaps. Or Plutonian.

        I have an exact Uranus – Moon conjunction to less than one degree. I was also trained at music from a young age. “Everything has to be deconstructed.”

        I got a strong push to music with the recent Venus – Uranus opposition.

        This is one of those times for me when I casually assumed people saw something the same way as me but no, that is not true. It also might be something to bear in mind if I ever produce music. Playing and creating music is my pinnacle. It is the thing I do when I am in my best place and other things such as study of archetypes/ astrology, feels like it is attempting to provide tools to better do music for me. Grounding me and defending against jealousy and whatnot.

        I brought a Jerry Jeff album after a post of yours and I liked very much how his song ‘Jaded Lover’ seems to very well walk a fine line that a guy has to sometimes walk with women. Laying out the situation but not in a way that might intimidate.

        1. I love Jerry Jeff Walker. Jaded Lover, L.A. Freeway and Sangria Wine. Also, Getting By and Heart Of Saturday Night.

          Trivia, He’s a big drunk or he was, Played in Tucson, for about five minutes, before he fell off the stage, drunk. I wasn’t there but friends were, They didn’t care, Tickets were like six bucks back then. He was always fun. It’s music to have fun too, but it has a lot of heart, too.

          This is why video… well I hate it. It programs you, limits you and destroys you imagination, not that anyone realizes,

          1. I agree with that on video. That is another subject maybe Pluto in Aquarius will have something to say on. Due to medical technology, I am becoming more healthy and aware whereas before I was stuck in a kind of anxious overly cerebral space. So I am looking at the world with fresh eyes. I just can’t stand to watch movies at the moment, because it feels like “fake life”, and it seems so weird how so much human connection has been stolen by technology.

            But it’s not the only manipulation in the world at the moment so things are as they are.

        2. ps, Leonard Cohen is like AI. I’ve been thinking about about writing about this but I’m not sure it’s relatable. I’m just too weird, I guess.

  3. A Montreal’er here from the 70’s.

    Leonard Cohen was my mother and fathers favorite artist and I listened to him in my teens while others listened to Nirvana and whatever else or maybe i am mixing times up.

    Sorry to lift the vial on him but he was unfortunately a McGill University lab rat sorta speak in the 50’s. Anne Diamond can attest and some other older generational women with first hand experience from Montreal one of which I knew personally.

    A wonderful poet, artist nonetheless but …but…but…

    1. I am not familiar with McGill U, but I can guess what youre alluding too. I don’t have him romantized and never did.

      I have listened to his music since all this shadow stuff has come to light and… obvious.

      My current curiosity… well I read clever people who I am sure are AI or enhanced in some way. This is what I was alluding to, above.

      I see a similarities between his lyrics and what I read today so I’ve been thinking about this. It’s been productive!

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