Truck Stop Whores In Denver: One For The Current Venus Square Pluto

There are a lot of whores who work the truck stops around the country. Some truck stops run the whores off, others accommodate so if you drive a truck after awhile you get to know who is who and you can pick a whore truck stop or a non-whore truck stop in most cases.

The soldier avoids the whore truck stops because the girls walk around the parking lot at night banging on the trucks to drum up business. This is wholly annoying if you are not interested in a whore because you can be woken up 2 or 3 times in a night by different women and you have to remember to be nice to the whores unless you want your tire flattened or something.

It’s a whole world or culture out there and one of the main truck stops in Denver – the one the soldier generally winds up at is FULL of whores and as the soldier explains, Denver whores are hi-tech in comparison to the rest of the country.

That is, they walk the lot with hand held cbs wearing short skirts… swishing down the center of the parked trucks advertising their goods. These girls don’t sneak around and bang on trucks one at a time, they parade. They promenade and strut down the aisles with the men in the trucks interacting with them… asking questions and so forth and this goes on pretty much non-stop.

What this means is I never park my car and walk back to his truck as I will be sure to be mistaken as whore, Neptune in Scorpio on the midheaven and all but anyway yesterday I dropped the solider at his truck in the afternoon. He meant to fuel and then call me when he got on the road but instead he had to call me right away because turns out one of the guys in the trucks hired one of the gals except when she got in the truck he found out she was a cross-dresser.

Neptune touristsSo the guy got on the radio to talk all about it and the whole parking lot was chattering, calling the guy a backwards hillbilly and various other sundries. I listened in briefly until I heard what would have to be the best comment made in regards to the incident:

“Uh oh. Pop goes the weasel!”

I laughed so hard (no pun).

But anyway this is a very Venus Pluto thing for ya’ll. I hope you like my story. Better to hear about it then to experience it firsthand.

Witness anything “Venus Pluto” this weekend? Tell us.

12 thoughts on “Truck Stop Whores In Denver: One For The Current Venus Square Pluto”

  1. T. Pluto will square my N Venus (which is intercepted, [Aries], in N 1st when it gets to about 5.5 Cap. Pluto rules my 8th house, which holds Saturn in Scorpio. So, as I read this in the blog, it is with some amusement that I witness myself scrounging mentally aruond in the story to try to dig up some cool reframe for what is probably notioriously a yucky transit.

    Like… maybe that squrare to my Venus from T. Pluto ruling the 8th will stir up some money (yeah right, probably stir it up in the wrong direction ha ha). The interesting story makes me think of on an equation: “big business plus big money plus sex work = even bigger money for Somebody.”

    The ears in my opportunistic brain perk up…”O! There might be some Big money somewhere for Somebody in this kind of transit? Well then, shall we, lets try & find a way to secure lots of it for This-body.” Someone has to get it, after all.

    get real loonsounds, right?

    Firstly, when I think of T. Pluto comning up to square N Venus in my chart I think: “why worry about anything that far away in time, you know you won’t survive this T. Pluto back and forth over 4 four angles 2nodes, 1 vertex 1 point of fortune all at at 27/28 mutable.

    But there is always that big “what if…”

    Then I find myself thinking, “You know, damn it, I have no real freakin’ idea what some of the other manifestations of T. Pluto square N Venus might be.” (and that makes me mad! That is basic piece of information that should be IN my brain already by now, not in some book over there on that shelf!)

    Days like this I still feel like such a clueless newbie after studing astrology intensively for eight years and (less intensively) for many more years than that. I should no longer need books to look up every little thing, you know? When does all more stuff get memorized? Ever? Thank you astrology, my great love, I feel stupid again, as usual. OK, but I digress…

    I guess it (T Pluto) will stir up (probably in a way I don’t like, since it is a square) some venus (namely my favorite thing, money, or hopefully it will only be love) and then destroy it devour it, and spit out some new seed for for the future in the unlikely even that I am still around to see it.

    What, me worry?

  2. maybe. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ‘course, i’m a walking venus/pluto thing, so when my venus gets triggered, so does the whole dang complex, usually. i think i’m better at it nowadays but it can take awhile to grow into….

  3. Hah, what a great post! I didn’t understand at the time why my stepdad wouldn’t let me walk around the trucks. Duhhhhh.

    Venus/Pluto didn’t really hit me until today. I did a 7-day free trial on an online dating site, and I’ve been talking with a nice Scorpio guy on the phone a few times. Great conversations. Well, this week, I’m really busy and not as available to chat at whim. So tonight I get this e-mail from him saying that he’s sure I’ve met someone and it’s obvious to him that the spark isn’t there anymore, why haven’t I called, blahblahblah. And he wants to cancel the meeting we’ve set up over this! And I’m like, I haven’t even met you and you’re already getting clingy and controlling and jealous??? If you want to cancel, I’d say you’ve made the right decision for both of us. Dodged a bullet there…

  4. Maybe, ah ha ha, wyrling, can you tell me a tiny bit more of what that looks like, the, um, whole dang complex thing? I am thinking about this transit. some people would say it is even in orb (although not currently applying).

    something I was just reading in the mountain astrologer, and for april 4th it said “The willful expression of the Venus-Pluto square is sure to see somebody getting their way by late evening!”

    I really, really hope it does not finding me liking someone and they don’t like me. That has happened only twice in recent history, but both times I acted really weird, for me. Normally I am a pretty cool character in the love department when it comes to letting something go.

    Any, no presumed innocents on the immediate horizon, and maybe I will best just avert my gaze.

  5. Oh, I certainly got my way on April 4. The ex, from here on out referred to as “Bootysattva,” made a house call.

    I’ve got to stop this.

  6. whoa, I just had something very similar happen. some guy I have never met in my life went like whacko mad dog on me. I was just flirting lightly and joking around. Everything very light for a few months. I found out he’s married (I threw the tarot cards and told him I saw it, which I did, Queen of Hearts)

    So he admitted it but I really don’t care what he says about the so called marriage that is over and all of that (the usual song and dance, she’s an alkie, the kids need him there to save them, the marriage is dead for ages, and the wife is terminally ill…the children do not know the extent…he covered his bases)

    I don’t carewhether those other parts are true or not, I don’t intend to meet him. Even if it is true, I can’t imagine why I’d want to step into something like that. But I was talking to him a little – we went to the same highschool 2 years apart, mutual friends, same musical era, etc.

    So on April 4th I sent something playful, the usual, but somehow he misconstrued something I said to suggest that i was upset. He actually said to me: “Calm down.” LOL!

    I was laughing and I responded “dude chillax” (but I did not say it’s all good and I never will say that again, LOL Elsa, god forbid I sound like Martha Stewart) I added something like to the effect it would not be possible for him to upset me, that is not the nature of the situation, it is light.

    I am just talking to him lightly (as I have reinterated to him a few times), and I am not in the market of incurring fresh new karmic debt just so that I can have the privalege of jumping into the middle of some ickiness with some dude, any dude, no dude is THAT special, no offense, dudes of the world).

    So, I basically said, “No I was not upset, I mean, honestly, you could not upset me.” But I did not use those words. So he writes back all freaked out that I am not upset!

    He goes,”are you saying that I could not upset you? Is that all we are to each other? Well fine.”

    I could Not believe my eyes when I saw those words. So I write back, “You actually WANT me to be all icky?”

    He eventually writes back,all huffy “Be however you want to be, Doc.” so by then I’m like, life is just too short to fight with someone I have never met and never intend to meet, and especially not now because he sounds like a … what’s the word Elsa? Troll? Hehe

    So the 5th was his birthday and I waited till 11:30 pm and then I sent him a couple little silly funny things so that I would not be the greatest most evil one to not even say happy birthday, I sent, like this hilarious utube of a latino dude doing a strip dance to genie music, you guys, it’s hilarious, it’s under happy birthday on utube, yall should check it out, and a tube of a dog “singing” and the beatles Happy Birthday and then I sent ‘it ain’t me babe’ LOL. Love u tube!

    Elsa, how would you rate the departure on that one? (rhetorical question) Don’t you advise us againt abrupt endings, or splitting without saying bye, and try to do something other than just drift away or go whooosh?!

    Does that count for the crazy people too and/or for the Internet “relationships” even if you didn’t realize you were in one ;-).

    Avery, that guy sounds really edgy; dodged a bullet sure sounds like it!.

  7. eh, the only odd thing was going away for the weekend…that gal I was with and I played scrabble and drank 3,000L of wine and she still went to church in the a.m. (!)

  8. Loonsounds (great name!), it sounds as though you handled your ending with humor… nothing wrong with that.

    As far as internet people are concerned, I am keenly aware that they can turn out nuts, so when I have to end it, I try to do it with tact and sensitivity. I could have laid into that guy, but instead I chose to contrast his lifestyle (self-employed, no kids, free time galore) with mine (8-5, joint custody, single mom with little discretionary time) and highlight the fact that our conversational needs may differ. It was a quick-and-dirty, but a respectful quick-and-dirty.

    We’ll see how he takes it. If he ups the ante and wants to argue his way back to me, I’ll sharpen the guillotine. While I don’t want to stir up shit, I subscribe to the Malcolm X method of taking care of business: By any means necessary. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good luck getting rid of your Klingon!

  9. oh, digging into my head and being forced to look at some of my own insecurities. “the whole dang complex” is just the mess of things aspected to my venus, which includes pluto. it’s like juggling on a tightrope sometimes. probably why i try to be so damn careful before sending those knives into the air ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. “Witness anything “Venus Pluto” this weekend?”

    Myself, in action. Per the usual. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    P.S. I almost wrote “Myself, in animal” heh

    Venus/Pluto right there.

  11. I’d always thought being a hooker would be kinda fun — then I realized I’d actually have to touch people that I’m not attracted to! Blech!
    So then I re-thought and decided being a dominatrix would be cool. *lol*

    Venus-Mars-Pluto conjunct right there.

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