Pluto In Transit And The Shadow

baby aspirinI just read that Joseph Campbell quote and instead of seeing “devil” I saw “Pluto.” Transiting Pluto energy is complicated (deep) but one feature is its function of bringing what is in shadow to the surface. It digs up the dirt. It’s like an emetic that brings up whatever is deep in the belly and needs to be expelled (addressed). If you’ve ever had syrup of ipecac you know this isn’t a pleasant process. You throw up. However, it’s way better than dying of a poison. I once fed my sister a bunch of baby aspirin (they used to be delicious, like candy!) and they made me take the ipecac too… and sit in the tub with her. It certainly brought up my shadow. I learned that lesson, deeply and it changed me forever, for better. Don’t poison your sister! It’s bad!

Have Pluto transits “brought up” your shadow? How did you deal?

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  1. Pluto isn’t transiting anything in an important way for me at the moment, but reading your post I wondered … can you be someone elses Pluto transit?

    Add: Above is related to the Natal … I just saw it’s actually been squaring my progressed Sun whilst in the early degrees of Capricorn.

  2. oh sure! for example, my sister’s Pluto aspects my Saturn and Mars. My Pluto aspects her Mars. 😉 we experience each other’s energy like a Pluto transit! that we both made it to adulthood is fab.

  3. I’m in the middle of Pluto transiting my Sun. I have pluto square my Sun natally. The jury is still out on what is bubbling up because it’s still early in the game. I know one thing though….this energy is very familiar to me and I know I will survive. It’s very scary when you literally feel as if you are going to die. I haven’t hit that point(yet). I’ve dealt with extreme loss my whole life so I don’t expect to hit that point. But with Pluto…you never know.

  4. I´m having pluto over my cap mars for a while.The other day on the beach I and my two mongrels were mobbed by a pack of 5 dogs…I kicked and yelled (the stupid owner wouldn´t do a thing, i almost ended up kicking him too!) I can feel my vibes come out too strong/overpowering for some peaple, and they reject, otrers feel attracted, and it´s me who rejects…And then my particular devil is a relationship whose compo sun is cj my natal mars and trans pluto:the idea is: either I acknowledge the artist in me and DO something about it, or the shadow of this rship (a farawey artist) may suck me in and freeze me. No way.That´s what I say as for today and that´s how I cope, with the help of good old saturn anchors, the people who do love me, are real,capricornian sea people and regaining my roots and family. Grounding, grounding and doing,doing.

  5. Biggest thing with Pluto/Moon transit so far is dealing with the shadow side of my family and how I operate within the family unit. It’s been so difficult I can’t even say how much. I’m in therapy, which helps. I’m a healthy person because of it.

  6. Yep. Pluto transit moon and neptune= suddenly aware of how delusional and sentimental I am. I still haven’t cured myself of that and I don’t know if I can.

  7. Transit Pluto has been squaring my natal Sun for periods of time since March. It is HELL ON EARTH, I got physically attacked more than once, ended up having my head stitched, the cause was always standing up to aggressive, bully type men who are very brave when harrassing women (never other men), the attacks on me continued in varous forms & Im terrified when the square returns in early 2012 & keeps returning till early 2013. Am I going to be more prepared at least?? I’ve been advised to literally lay low on peak days of the transit, how many days is it each time??

  8. these days, it’s usually healing. but part of that i think has to do with learning to not be afraid to look it in the eye and ask it what it needs.

  9. DoraL – OMG! I have Pluto Squaring my Sun (Aries) also. I know of what you speak – they are very brave when abusing women and children.

    I’ve been dealing with it in a very passive-aggressive way, with my divorce lawyer. Now that the divorce is final, I keep my self as scarce as possible.

    I have Pluto trans my 11th now, and I’m excited. It trines my Pluto Virgo 7th. I am hoping that when Pluto gets ready to leave the 11th, it will have brought me a new relationship, perhaps through friends, or someone who starts out as a friend.

    Completely new friends, groups to belong to, and brand-new wishes to obtain. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what all the change will bring me, because I know it is going to make me happy.

  10. For me, it coincided with Saturn going over the Ascendant, lost or shed at least 80% of people/leeches from my life. It’s weird not having my phone ring a million times a day but it did bring a lot of peace. It does seem that Pluto transits bring complete ending of certain things/relationships, Im just wondering when the square returns throughout 2012, what the next stage of the process will be. Im really hoping the scary, major violence part is over, I know who the enemies are, the problem is, my natal Pluto in 1st house Libra LOVES justice & payback & its hard to move on. A woman going through a nasty Pluto opposing her Sun transit told me she was being threatened & mentally abused by a man & his ‘pals’ & made feel guilty about it too, just like the moron who attacked me claims I cracked my own head. We’re a small, VERY corrupt country & his trial seems fake, but with Saturn in Libra, he HAS to pay one way or the other, doesnt he??

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