Astrology And Defense Systems: Escape Via Imagination

johnprine03small.jpgJohn Prine has a tight sextile between Saturn (defense) and Neptune (escape / imagination).

Look what he does when his wife bitches him out…

The Other Side Of Town
©John Prine 2001

Why do you always seem to criticize me
Seems like everything I do just turns out wrong
Why don’t you come on out and despise me
So I could pack my bag and baby I’d be gone

Remember when you used to call me honey
Well ‘d turn around and call you honey too
You might think it’s a joke, but it ain’t funny
To hurt someone who’s so in love with you

( chorus) A clown puts his makeup on upside down
So he wears a smile even when he wears a frown
You might think I’m here when you put me down
But actually I’m on the other side of town.

My body’s in this room with you just catching hell
While my soul is drinking beer down the road a spell
You might think I’m listening to your grocery list
But I’m leaning on the jukebox and I’m about half … way there

(repeat chorus)

I’m sittin’ on a chair just behind my ear
Playing dominoes and drinking some ice cold beer
When you get done talking I’ll come back downstairs
And assume the body of the person you presume who cares

I’m Across the river on the other side of town
In my mind I’m on the other side of town

Ha ha ha ha. This is a technique I use to deal with hate mail. The person who writes me nasty mail is invariably highly invested in every word they’ve penned. I see where the post is going within the first sentence or two, delete the post. If necessary I imagine myself in the gym, sideways on a crosstrainer with a shoulder back to arch my back and thinking about sex. Voila – You no longer exist.

Just because you’re bitching doesn’t mean a person is in their bodies, or even in the room for that matter.

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10 thoughts on “Astrology And Defense Systems: Escape Via Imagination”

  1. So true – makes me wonder where my boys were during all those long lectures . . . and my ex . . . Smile.

  2. LOL!!! Yup, that’s the ticket all right!! Have used the technique for years myself (tight Saturn/Neptune sextile) I read a LOT growing up to get away from the “nasties” and still do . . . escapist literature of course! 😀

  3. yup. started that w/ my mom. come to realize it’s a baaaad bad sign when i start doing that to anyone. but it works. suddenly they don’t exist to you.

  4. Here’s a trick I learned when I am either bored out of my mind with someone yacking at me, or just not wanting to get caught up or triggered the way they seem to be wanting me to. Unfortunately this does not work re: what people write to you, but it can work very well when someone is talking. It is this: I listen to and meditate on the silences between the words, letting the words fade in and out in the background, much like listening to the sounds of the birds. Just sounds and silences, interspersed. I have Saturn (defense/Scorpio/8th house) opposite Mercury&Sun (communication/ creativity.Taurus/2nd house). Merc. opp Saturn is one of my two tightests aspects in the chart. I don’t have Neptune aspects with saturn.
    Here is another trick to calm someone down in a flash…if you can’t walk away. Just start reflecting what they are saying back to them. “You are saying [whatever] sounds like you are angry about [whatever]. Notice that you are in no way agreeing with what they are saying, but they won’t realize they are being tricked. They might even start to think “Oh this person really gets me! Maybe it’s not so bad!” and then go away happy. There are worse things.

  5. Loonsounds that’s excellent! I can go into a meditative trance while looking into their eyes and just staying conscious enough to say ‘right…sure i can understand why you would feel like that…of course there are some who would disagree with you…’and think to myself ‘ but i am not going to tell you i am one of them…at least not today.’ Sometimes it freaks people out but usually they just calm down as you allow them to let it all out and then wind it right down again.

    the energy soup takes over and as the oscillation slows down i can see the whole room vibing….i glance slowly at something else in the room and then bring my attention back to their eyes and ask them…oh do you really think it’s that bad?… and than i reflect the other side of the coin back to them and ask them ‘are you sure that it is always heads?’

  6. I dearly love the sardonic sadness and humor of John Prine. He is an american original. I have seen him in concert 4 times and he shure satisfies the soul. Now I know why. Thanks, Elsa!

  7. I was looking for this post to try to deal with someone whose Uranus/Neptune is on my mars.. who hurts me and diffuses my will power..

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