I’m 40 Years Old And I’ve Never Bothered To Decorate My House

Jupiter GodDear Elsa,

I grew up in a family of 6 kids, big house, great holidays, etc. My situation is this: as an adult, I have never had a pulled-together house. I am in my 40’s and this has held true through 2 marriages and my current stint as a single parent. It isn’t simply varying periods of disorganization or disinterest in decorating, but having the bare minimum of both furniture (some castoffs) and functional objects. Money is not the problem.

Every house I’ve lived in looks like I just moved in. I can truly say that I don’t know anyone who is like this; some newlyweds and college kids are better off! I’m almost afraid of having a house that is too “established” and settled. None of the places I’ve lived since leaving home felt like a place I wanted to put down roots, although I’ve lived in the same city for the past 18 years!

Am I very kooky? How can I pull my house together so I can have people over and dinner parties and all the rest? What is going on with this?

United States

Dear Homeless,

You are asking the wrong person because I live just like you. And I just knew when I was plugging in your data I was going to see a Jupiter Moon contact and sure enough, there it is! I’ve got the same and I can tell you exactly what is going on. We only feel at home when we are moving! “Papa was a rolling stone… wherever he laid his hat was his home…”

I can tell you unequivocally I feel more at home at the gym then I do my own house. I feel more at home in a hotel room I plan to stay in for one night, etc. I feel more at home in the car and consequently, I don’t invest in making a home “homey” though I feel similar to you and think I should.

As to how to address this, I have had little luck. I traded astrology with an interior decorator once and while she did wonders with my house, it did not take me long to revert back to form. I have tried and tried and hope to try some more in the (Jupiter-ruled) future while I have simultaneously come to the conclusion, this is just how I am.

As for children growing up this way… well they probably do suffer but they are also paid. At least they get to walk on the carpet, yes? At least their friends can come over and let their hair down. At least they have a lot of fun with a Jupiter Moon mom so…

Other people may have ideas. I hope they do but as far as I am concerned this song below is the Jupiter Moon (Sagittarius Moon) anthem…


39 thoughts on “I’m 40 Years Old And I’ve Never Bothered To Decorate My House”

  1. I have Jupiter conjunct sun and Mercury in the 7th house no less. My house is a hodge podge. My boyfriend told me when we moved into our current house “You aren’t a gypsy anymore, love.” But what does he know? He has Jupiter/sun in the first. I think one of us might be projecting. 🙂

    And my kids walk on the carpet here. We’re the house all the neighborhood kids hang out at sometimes even when our kids are away.

  2. I have moon sextile jupiter and even a sextile doesn’t help… I hired a professional organizer because my issue was clutter,. Getting that help was the best money I ever spent because I was going crazy from the disorder but KNEW (from prior countless hours) that therapy would not help. I knew I needed professional help but that it was not a therapy issue, rather a skill I never learned and now I have some much needed order and after that the decorating sort of fell into place. There is an article on the internet called 7 essential stations every house should have and it’s a good one. I’ll try to find the link or just try googling it.

  3. I have a Sadge moon, which I think is the same as a Jupiter aspect, and I have always, always loved to move. For the first 10 years of my adult life, I switched apartments every two years. That is, until I bought an apartment, and while I love that apartment, I miss moving terribly and have resorted to living away for stretches of time (I am freelance right now and am able to do that; incidentally, that switch came about right when I bought my apt…)
    At the same time, I am a Taurus, so my house is not at all empty but chock full, eclectic and cozy. And yet the wandering minstrel in me is never happier than when on the road, in hotels, traveling the earth..

  4. I have moon in gemini opposite jupiter in sag and same problem. I never have a ‘home’ (but I have two now)…it’s odd to me to invest in anything more than what I consider ‘simple’. I would prefer to acquire household items through travel or exhibit gifts from friends/family than to go to a store and purchase things with no meaning to me. I can’t stand clutter or dust collectors and therefore lean towards a minimalist design bent. I’m the neutral queen (but cannot stand beige).

    Oh, but when I am home I do need it to be relaxing, calming and tranquil.

    Gem 4H cusp (with venus there)

    1. Moon square Jupiter and I LOVE DECORATING and I am AWESOME at it. So I’m thinking being a decorator or not has nothing to do with these two objects in the sky aspecting one another.

  5. I love to decorate. But we keep our apartment in mostly neutral colors. That way I can change my mind and change it up without getting a new couch. Colors are really important to me.

  6. De-lurking here and off topic.

    Thanks Elsa for the video. Love the Temps. Such bad hair, bad clothes and bad dancing during those days. But some very good music. You left me groovin’ 🙂

  7. I love to decorate too. Colors, wood furniture, soft fabrics, plants, all the possibilities! But I also love to move, change surroundings every once in a while. Every few years I pick up my roots and move to a new spot and call it home. But it is tedious, each time I move I have to pack up even more stuff than the last time. But then as soon as I get to the new spot I look forward to making it warm and cozy again 😉

    I have moon/jupiter and moon/venus in constant competition.

  8. I’ve got this moon jupiter thing too, but for me it translates to the city that I live in. I keep searching for the place that feels like home. Maybe I should look into astrocartography. Or maybe I will always look for that space.

    I definitely feel at home when I am traveling.

  9. I don’t know where my moon is, but it must be near Jupiter because I’ve been living out of a suitcase for . . . oh, seven years. Yikes! I’ve moved around so much . . . and all to places that were just a “short stay” –

    But I’m gearing up to ground soon. I picked the spot (the State and Country! :)) now I just need to pick a home and someone to share it with 🙂

    And maybe I’ll plant some flowers.

  10. I feel almost “relieved” when I am in hotel rooms, like I have all the stuff I need contained in my bag, I can make do with what I have, that there is so little to bother yet my needs are taken care of (clean soft bed, clean bathroom with lots of towels and cute samples of stuff). I am also the master of the bare minimum purse with single/travel size emergency items (like individually wrapped dental floss that weighs nothing but makes me feel prepared!). I despise heavy luggage. Maybe having a very bare decorating style would help this person and you too Elsa–like simple furniture and maybe good stuff on the walls or artwork for visual interest.

  11. Did anyone else notice the couple in front of the stage to the right vogueing? Trés cool!

    I have unaspected Jupiter rising in Cancer, but Venus-Mars-Pluto in Libra in the 4th.
    I like my home to be simple and elegant with no gewgaws and tchotchkes (dust-catchers, as Gem said). Big, solid furniture pieces (antique if I can swing it) in neutral colors, with vibrantly painted walls filled with art that speaks to me is my ideal! Unfortunately, in practice there’s always one room that seems to collect clutter and I’ve never managed to fully unpack in either of my own homes; I think that’s Pluto talking, all the things “hiding” in boxes and tupperware.

  12. Another Taurus with Sag moon… I got sick of moving locations (for a few years I was doing it twice a year), so I refuse to move out of my current apartment even though I really should by now. But I had a flood years ago that destroyed many things, including my wall decor. After moving in, I still haven’t redecorated yet. I have random stuff all over the place. I do NOT make a house a home…however that’s done. I have no clue and no interest in doing it.

  13. My bf is a Cancer with Moon trine Jupiter. He likes things austere and is really funny about drawers and shelves. His philosophy is more shelves=more stuff. More stuff=bad. No matter that we cook a lot and have more kitchen appliances than we have places to store them. He doesn’t get that. I have to be very careful about bringing up shelving. It’s a delicate subject!! I am very much the nester and shelf hanger and decorator in our house.

  14. I relate! I Sooooooo relate! Never feel at home. Never feel happier than packing my stuff and removing pictures from the wall to hear that echoing sound of an empty house. Never happier when driving to another state or flying to another country or the first night in a new motel room.

    Heres my data, Jupiter in Cancer (conjunct Uranus in Cancer within 1 degree). But I think there is something else that contributes. I have Sagit, on the 10th house cusp (MC) AND the 9 house cusp, which means traveling around (but not locally) and getting out in the world for career stuff, travelling, or whatever. I have the SN on the IC in Gemini and it Gemini is also rules the third house with mars. I kinda hate driving around locally (doing errands and all that crap). I find myself thinking, I just want to keep driving. But (here’s the Gemini) I often do live in two places at once.

    the most times I’ve moved in one year? Something like 47, but it was a very weird year. 🙂

  15. Hmm… I’ve chalked this up to N Node in the 4th (husband has it too) & never considered moon jupiter thanks.

    …my sister decorated my living room for me. We’d been here 10 years. 😳

    And I’ve been working on the bedroom the past year. (Since I’m here all the time now.)

  16. I relate to this post. My childhood home was so wild and bizarre that my concept of ‘home-making’ is confused to say the least. The house was built like a maze. My dad had strange rationales for giving it puzzling features. Some rooms had three doors. There was a secret bedroom. The windows were made of Plexiglass…

    I’ve decided I need a home that transports me to another place. I once had an apartment where I painted my bedroom walls pink and orange with palm tree silhouettes, so it felt like a tropical sunset.

    I don’t want a home to look nice for dinner parties. I want people to come into my home and feel like they entered some strange amusement park ride. Or the Twilight Zone. I want them to be enertained, but not in a conventional way. I also want it to be eccentric enough to discourage annoying visitors 🙂

  17. I’m in reverse. My moon has no aspects to Jupiter, and is not in Sag. I have a moon in Cancer in the 12th house….and I cannot stand clutter in my home. It makes me feel all chaotic inside. My home is my sanctuary, and I can’t remember the last time I had someone over. The only reason its not as nice as I’d like is financial.

  18. I’ve been here nine years now, and haven’t even finished the wall painting project. I have some pictures up, but only because a friend took them on his trip here, printed them pretty, and framed them for me. *chuckle*

  19. Sag moon here. I used to move so much that I acquired the nickname “Gypsy”. I think one year I moved 4 times in one year.

    When I had a long commute in the 90s I stayed over a few times a week on friends’ couches. I loved it.

    My husband I just remodeled our bathroom. He said, “We should think about pics we want to put on the walls”. This house and area we live have never felt like “home” so I have no desire to decorate. I put in effort to increase resale value.

  20. Omg as a cancer sun in 4th, with venus there too, and a Taurus moon and asc, I read what you said with horror…I even make a hotel room home. I find the concept of not having a place made my own horrible, I am climbing up the walls at the moment because I wanted to save money so I am sharing with someone….I am itchy to cover these white walls with soul…lol

  21. Me too!
    To start I have an aqua ruled 4th with uranus on the ascendent and squaring my saturn in cancer. My saturn trines my mercury and my moon is in gemini and in the 9th. I expect that as soon as I settle something will happen and I’ll move! So I travel light. Since I still have saturn in cancer I’m learning to keep some solid pieces.
    Right now I’m Feng Shuiing the space and it’s really helping! Although I’m on a mission to feng shui for next to nothing as it’s the intention not the stuff that matters. Already I found $100 to help me buy one solid piece.. solid because it needs to be made of stone lol.. not because I need solid furniture. Very aqua focused. I feel the Feng Shui will help me settle down somewhat.. by keeping the energy flowing.

  22. What bugs me is family gives me framed photos lol. They just sit in a box. Why would I want their faces on my walls lol? Only now I know which wall is the friendship wall so they will go there.. although not in the frames.. I plan on buying some Ikea metal boards and gluing the pictures to magnets to put up. I once glued some pics to thin magnets and people loved them because they could put them on their fridge etc.

  23. I loved this one. I’ve been like this all my life. Just can’t make a house a home. I do more outside, placements of Feng Shui etc. I have Saturn in 9th, no moon/jupiter stuff, love moving though and would do more if I could. I prefer driving somewhere, just can’t do one day without my car. People who come to our house usually say something like: how long have you been here? Looks like you have just moved in like a teenager’s house. . . . or just moving OUT!

    I put stuff up on the walls then take it down just weeks later. I love the bare, stripped look, I like empty. I love packing stuff into boxes, love to move, would become a move-a-holic if I COULD HA HA.

    I think a heavily furnished house makes me feel claustrophobic. Luckily Saggi hubbie is exactly the same. Phew.

  24. Fun post! I don’t remember this one… I have a Sag moon aspecting Jupiter – I haven’t had a stable address ever since I moved out. I don’t ever want to get to the point where I own so much stuff I can’t fit it all in a hatchback.

    Like an earlier poster, I always travel light; I haven’t checked in luggage for years.

  25. Taurus Moon and planets in Cancer – I make a home asap, and do it even in a hotel room, or when I’m staying with friends or family. At one point in my 50s for a few years I had my own flat here in the country, and my own room in both London and in Berkshire in family houses – both rooms were ‘home’ with some of my own stuff in them, as well as my proper home (which I didn’t much like at the time, hence spending so much time away)

    I have a H9 Moon and do love to travel, but I feel quite frantic and chaotic if I don’t have a proper home to come back to. Typically I move in and have an orgy of decorating, arranging, curtain-making and hanging etc etc: I don’t feel settled til my imprint is in every room, starting with the kitchen. Then when I’m satisfied everything stays fairly ‘put’ until I move again!

    I’ve quite often helped friends to make a home, inc decorating for them – I’m very good at it (no point spills lol). I’d have loved to buy and renovate properties, if I’d had the capital, inc for renting out – we did it a bit when married

  26. PS I live alone in a two bedroom house, fairly spacious, but I have a HUGE amount of stuff – every she;f, cupboard and drawer is groaning… I love it all 😉

  27. ”We only feel at home when we are moving!” YES!

    I have moon sextile jupiter and opposite uranus in sag + 4th house ruled by aquarius… I can’t stand clutter and I’m not big on owning too much stuff.

    I like leaving things just so that if I ever had to (or wanted to) take up and move, it wouldn’t be too big of a hassle. Not being too tied down to things, not have to sort through too much stuff, and having just what I need and not much excess is a big comfort to me. Something about it makes me feel free, and I absolutely relish that feeling…

  28. oh my…I’m the total opposite of this sentiment. I HATE moving. We’ve moved twice in the past year and a half…horrible feeling. I’m like “Blessed Place” posts. Need a home in order not to feel frantic & chaotic. Maybe it’s all the fixed signs I have in my chart?

  29. I have Aries Jupiter conjunct my IC (but in my third house) squaring my Capricorn moon in my first house.

    I used to oscillate between getting revved up when I first moved into a place, imagining all the things I would like to do to make it liveable, cozy etc, and within months not paying attention at all to those things, letting things get disorgaznied and fall to the wayside, but what didn’t fall away was the longing to have ‘a home’ or the guilt that I wasn’t able to focus or settle into making that happen.

    Presently I’ve made this a practice as ultimately I’m needed to feel at home in myself, but my surroudings need to reflect this and my surroundings reflect how I’m feeling at home with myself.
    So while now I do decorate and give time and effort to this, it’s also extremely minimalist, simple, practical. Half (or even 3/4) the battle was clearing out a lot of stuff I didn’t need/use. Not to a hoarder degree, but releasing things that did not meet or hit an internal marker I’d made of ‘if this doesn’t make me feel good, then it’s got to go’.
    This is proving incredibly empowering and satisfying.

    I also lived with a Sag moon (gemini rising, pisces sun) who couldn’t give a flying poof what the place was decorated as, but when they did take a stab at it, it was (to me) horrendous and cheap and tacky. It simply delighted them in a small way whereas to me i was hurt and infuriated because there was no value to it.
    oi vey.

  30. I sooooo relate to this.Ok so its the SAG moon I have. Wow. I have lived in this last place 4 years and I feel so stagnant.It took me 3 years to put anything on the walls.I am constantly replacing furniture that is why I buy used.

  31. I have Taurus moon trine Jupiter and Neptune (both in Cap), and I am a person who cannot claim a place as my home, like when people say “I’m from _____” I was a bit jealous but around my early teens I saw the advantage: I belong to the planet.

  32. Moon in late Aries in 8th in an out-of-sign square to Jupiter in very early Aquarius on 4th/5th cusp. I have Sun in Gemini trine Jupiter and also Venus and Mercury in Gem, all in the 9th. Uranus is in Gemini conj the MC in 10th. The same, can’t decorate, or rather just don’t know how to make it my own and somewhere I’m happy to invite people to. It’s bothering me. I have Pluto and Saturn transiting my 4th currently, and transiting Jupiter will be there in about 2 years followed shortly after by my Progressed Moon.

    As it happens I want to downsize in around 2 years time (I’m 69) and move to a smaller flat. I really don’t want to move again after this so finally maybe for the first time in my life I will find somewhere that feels like home and, without becoming too caught up in it, I can decorate to my own taste and actually enjoy doing so!

  33. I have a loose conjunction (10″) of a Sag moon with Jupiter at the end of Scorpio both in the 9th. I identify with this topic and need to move house for the change rather than necessity. I never unpack all my possessions but go through purges followed by recollecting stuff through my travels.

  34. This topic caught my eye this morning as I am in a brand new apartment. In 2012 my son and I moved into a brand new condo where he is still living. The Jupiter connection for me: natally mine is in Aries – brand new. Jupiter is opposite my Libra 4th house sun. I have a Virgo moon! I do love the minimalism. I’ve ended up in this new place at 57 years of age. My bf teased – how old are you? when it was found I have no large utensils, lost in the move. I don’t hang onto things. Even the useful. Is that also Jupiter – keeps me at the beginning of things, to acquire again and again.
    I would think Libra 4th house Sun would like to decorate. No. I have a sensibility about things, ie do not want to muck everything up with stuff. Virgo Moon is great at analysis and critique, that is evident, however does not seem to bestow much order keeping skill. Keeping myself in the practical and social mode of life – is difficult. Social mode would be caring to host others, and I don’t have the yen. Only one on one friends. I suppose that sun in 4th points to introversion which may not care about decorating if it is with the end result of socializing.

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