Mercury in Pisces: Musical Thinking

Alcoba AzulSaturday night I watched Frida, Salma Hayek’s movie about the life of Frida Kahlo. Ever since I’ve had a song from the movie, Alcoba Azul, playing in the background of my mind. Today it’s interspersed with Cat Stevens’ song Tuesday’s Dead. With Pisces Mercury this is a normal occurrence for me and I don’t usually find it bothersome. Music (Neptune) flavors my thinking (Mercury). My Mercury is in the 7th house so I like to communicate this to the other. I’ll post a video to a friend’s facebook page or sing to my partner.

Where is your Mercury? Can you relate this to the flavor of your thinking?

15 thoughts on “Mercury in Pisces: Musical Thinking”

  1. Me 2, Satori! Music (all types!) speaks to me and really captures my mood, sometimes better than words. Merc conjuct Sun, opp Neptune & Moon in the 3rd.

    There was a LONG period of time where I didn’t have the space to keep a piano, which was a real bummer! It was so bad that I would recurrently dream of playing the piano, often far beyond my actual level of ability. I would wake up with the songs in my head many times, songs that I didn’t even know how to play in real life. Talk about my subconscious screaming at me to get a piano and start playing again, LOL! I fixed the problem by buying a large and really nice keyboard, and since then I have stopped having dreams like that.

  2. Just had to add, Elsa’s pictures of herself in her bar-working days always remind me of Ashley Judd. Beautiful!

    And look at her back! I have a fixation with beautiful backs.

  3. My Mercury is in Pisces, in my first house. I like how you said that music flavors your thinking. I can look at something, and a song will come into my thoughts, or a melody. I love poetry.

  4. Yeah – pisces 3rd house and also merc/neptune conj. I can’t imagine anything else.

    I love that movie.

    Shell someone on my FB posted a Frida back pic – I’ll see if I can find it.

  5. thanks for reminding me of this movie. i’d meant to watch it ages ago after reading the book. frida kahlo is such an interesting character. gotta add it to my netflix now.

  6. My Mercury and Sun are in Leo in the 11th house. I have so many friends and they all want my attention. All of them. I’ve canceled some friendships, the annoying ones, because I always have too many to consult.

  7. satori I have Venus in Pisces in the 7th too and do this ALL the time. I’m constantly communicating through music, the Internet is just great with that. The first thing I notice when I go somewhere is the music.

  8. My Mercury is in Taurus (11th), along with South Node in Taurus. Mercury is also opposition Moon in Scorpio (5th) and both on a T-square with Pluto in Leo (3rd). I can relate to teehache — except I have not had many friends, but once had many acquaintances, who were in and out of my life. It was like a swinging “saloon” door, and they all wanted my attention, and I scattered my energy, uselessly with consults, and frivolous conversations. I am older now, and have no patience or time for a lot of “annoyances,” and “foolishness,” and through learning the hard way, and intensified growth, it has served me well. I am loving the process of setting BOUNDARIES, and saying, NO, even if it means unplugging the phone. Eventually, the blood suckers will find another fool.

  9. I have Capricorn Mercury conjunct Neptune in 3rd house. I always have background music playing in my head 😀 I strongly associate memories with music, and my dreams often have background music (if I’m not dreaming about singing and playing). When I listen to music, I automatically think of which key it is and which tones are played, I have perfect pitch and can’t help myself. I also experience synesthesia when hearing music, this is most likely Neptune-related.

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