Update On The Soldier’s Hijinks Since Pluto Went Direct On His Midheaven

This is for you, Busted…

“Yeah, they don’t know what they’re doing now. They can’t figure it out,” he said. “But they’re sure trying. They sent me a stat message. Do this! Do this right now! We need you do this immediately. You’re supposed to do this and you’re supposed to do this every day and we want you to do this immediately and we mean as in RIGHT NOW.”

“What’d you do?”

“I sent ’em a message back. Said I did that eleven hours earlier, right when I was supposed to.”

I roared. “What’d they say?”

“Well, nothing for awhile,” he said, obviously pleased with himself. “Then I got a message back that said, oh. Well then that explains it.”

I snorted. “I bet they’re having a meeting,” I said. “What is this guy doing?”

“Yeah, they’re scratchin’ their heads. He called me and said I know you’re up to something.”

“What did you say?”

“I said, well yeah. I’m up to doing this job, that’s what I’m up to.”

“Well you’re actually not doing anything wrong. ‘Cept for when you launched this. That was wrong but since then you are in total compliance.”

“Yes I am. They just can’t figure out their own rules. I’m sure he’s got help in there trying to figure this out. They’re having some kind of committee, P.”

“Well, yeah. Because what you’re doing is working. They’ve got all these people…. 3000 people and 1 of them has figured something out. And fast! You cracked this in like a day. You are an errant person running amok and it happens to be working. Poke for holes and there are none there. So of course they are going to have to try to figure this out. You know what I think?”

“What, P?”

“I think they are on the verge of finding out they’d be best off if they could clone you. As soon as they figure this out… well you will have emerged as the one to watch now and forever. They thought you were the lowest they had but whoops! Damn but that guy is tricky.”

“This is not that hard,” he said.

“Yeah, it never is once you crack something. But until you do, it’s impossible. To them right now, this is impossible but you’ve done it and they’re going to study you for sure. And for you? Well you can’t help but do this, I don’t think. Run criss cross and strange. This is your nature and others can wonder.”

I wrote this a few days ago. He has since been called to the “Principal’s Office”.

“He says he wants to meet me face to face.”

“Good, that’s good. He’s in for a nice surprise. He’s going to like you and you know he’s not expecting that.”

Are you the kind of person people wind up liking more than they ever expected to?

7 thoughts on “Update On The Soldier’s Hijinks Since Pluto Went Direct On His Midheaven”

  1. Yep. I blame saturn square my capricorn sun/mercury and neptune on my ascendant. It makes me seem formidible and distant. The pattern goes something like, people like me two steps removed, don’t really like me one step removed, but once we’re friends or otherwise close I hear a lot of ‘I didn’t think we’d get along this well’ and then they tend to stick.

  2. Yes and it’s not that I’m not liked initially. They just don’t expect alot out of me so I’m much more interesting and complex than they expect me to be. Scorpio ascendant keeps a close hand on the good stuff. 🙂

  3. I have no idea what people think of me and I can’t really tell if they don’t like me or if they do. Generally I am quite pleasantly surprised when it turns out that I like them.

    I have Sun trine Neptune and a Pisces Moon … I’m confused a lot of the time.

  4. yes, sometimes. foxxy – i get the same response. haha…people either like me at a distance or very close but nothing in between. i’m told i’m distant and intimidating before they know me and cheerful and happy after they get closer. but like Piya, i can’t ever tell which is which and i’m always confused! i’ve got neptune opp. ascendant, conj. cappy moon, and an aries/libra stellium.

  5. Yes. People often say “I didn’t really like you… at first.”. I’m not sure why. I have a 1st house Sag moon/ASC and a stellium in Cap trine Virgo Pluto/ sextile Scorp. Neptune.

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