The Hair Stylist and the Battered Woman

The planetary train wreck in the sky, boldly wrought in real life.:

I just heard from my friend, satori who is a stylist. She is on her way to “change the appearance” of a battered woman as recommended by the police. We both feel if a woman in is that much danger she would be better off to leave town. Hair color and cut is just not going to do it in a small(ish) town.

We are pretty sure the police told her same, if they tell you one, they tell you the other but there is another man in the picture. The gal is coming to the appointment with her boyfriend and you can just think about that.

Venus opposite Neptune… the gal obscures her appearance but she is kidding herself.

Mars opposite Pluto – well let’s just say I think this gal ought to get out of town, tonight. I’d leave the new boyfriend while I was at it. As satori pointed out, “Odd are he’s a batterer too. And if the ex is looking for her won’t he be looking for him? Then why is he leaving his appearance the same? He’ll get to her through him.”

It’s a gross story. I am giving it air to give it energy because these things fester undercover. satori knows a lot about this kind of thing (and has a Scorpio Mars). She’s going to do what she can.


8 thoughts on “The Hair Stylist and the Battered Woman”

  1. In complete agreement here. Mars in Scorpio too. Sending satori blessings & well wishing in this project. Wrap a Neptune illusion around this sad woman and vanish her from view.

  2. I hate this feeling. I wish I hadn’t read this painful story. I can see what will happen before it happens – only pain results. Yuck yuck yuck. I hate that we can see these things in our society will happen yet nothing changes. No one is solving the problem. Yuck.

    I am listening to a cd by pema chodron on anger today. She talks about how if we only have compassion for the victim we can never approach the situation clearly or calmly enough to offer solutions. She does make clear that defining compassion doesn’t mean anything other than wishing that all beings need not suffer. Realizing that the perp is suffering too helps us move towards healing.

    I would try to implement her thinking in this situation and yet, I struggle. I find that all I see is that society as a whole is worse off because situations like this are accepted and acceptable and continue.

    Wishing Satori hands of magic to change both the woman and her boyfriend’s appearance, even if it’s just the way they walk.

  3. I don’t know why – I just feel woman who let themselves be beaten up by men are… idiots.

    I know I shouldn’t judge but I can’t help myself :/

  4. It typically involves rock bottom self esteem, coming from a background of abuse and, the weirdest part, it’s what is familiar. For humans to move outside their familiar areas can take a considerable amount of pain. The ones that don’t often end up dead. As far as i can tell, it’s been part of the human condition since forever. When I think about it I feel an intense sorrow . . . Moon conjunct Neptune in the 11th

  5. D, it’s a hell of a lot more complicated than that, and that kind of attitude does NOTHING to help. Women who let themselves be abused like that already think they’re shit and don’t need strangers confirming it for them.

    I agree with you guys, Elsa… Time for her to split. I hope she gets through this ok. If you want to recommend a book to her through satori, try ‘Why Does He Do That?’ Can’t remember the author’s name, but that title will pop up on Amazon with no problem. Great book. Really opened my eyes.

  6. Violence against women takes many forms. I caught this on PBS last night. Point of View illuminates the story of African woman in the Congo region who are violently raped by marauding soldiers. Like Lumo, a 22 year old girl, many victims are left incontinent and unable to bear children. Sadly, families shun these woman and villagers marginalize them. HEAL Africa helps these woman.

    To read Lumo’s story sad and poignant story…


  7. Neith, you’re a godsend sometimes! “…coming from a background of abuse … the weirdest part, it’s what is familiar.” I hear that loud and clear.
    My sister and I used to pretend-play with our dolls that one was angry at the other because the focus of abuse had shifted, therefore depriving the angry doll of “love.” How fucked is that? Sad, sad, sad. . . I hope this story turns out alright.

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