Uranus Square Pluto – Intense Focus And Rapid Change

Uranus squareUranus and Pluto are transiting my husband’s natal T-square, tight. He’s continuing his training in Phoenix today and I can’t see the whirlwind he is in letting up anytime soon.

My son has Uranus and Pluto on his angles, aspecting his Moon, Mercury and Jupiter. He unrecognizable from a year ago.

I have the transits as well but I am too close to the situation to really have a handle on what is going on, other than everything around me is happening quickly and there is a finality to it.  For example, my son is hitting puberty and from here we go to the future, not the past.

The other thing I notice is this stuff is beyond a person’s control.  My husband’s job loss for one, my son’s hormones for another. You can see how irrelevant it is what a person thinks or feels about stuff like this.

There is a strong upside here, at least for me personally. I have Jupiter in aspect to Uranus and as stressful as rapid permanent change it, I do tend to come out okay. I feel bad for people with a differnt set-up. I know you’re out there.

Is Uranus and Pluto hitting your chart? What’s happening?

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  1. I’ve got a lot going on in my chart, but nothing is happening. I have to think there are things going on behind the scenes, because how could they not? With Uranus, I’m expecting to be totally surprised at how things work out. Right now, it is status quo for me, which means I’m cozy at home, but constantly trying to figure out how to support my family.

    Trans Uranus is conj Sun Aries 2nd, trine Mars Leo 6th, trine Mc Sagittarius 10th exact.

    Trans Pluto 11th is sextile Moon Pisces 1st, square Sun Aries 2nd, sextile Mc Sagittarius 10th, trine Pluto Uranus Virgo 7th.

    SOMETHING should be happening on the work and boyfriend fronts – but as of yet, nada.

    I’m just hanging with my peeps going through divorces of their own, sleeping cozy with my furbabies on my new gel/foam mattress, and wondering what the hell the rest of the year is going to bring me.

    I’m ready to pounce on any opportunity. I’m sending out resumes and have former coworkers keeping watch for job news, but those avenues are not going to work. Uranus in my second demands I do something new and unexpected for a living. Since I know the opportunities will be unexpected, I am trying to keep my eyes and ears open for anything.

  2. Pluto is parked nearly on my Natal Capricorn Moon in the 12th H (deep feelings); Pluto will aspect my Ascendent and oppose my Natal Pluto in the 7th H of relationships. Uranus is in my 3rd House of communications and time/thinking.

    The way I appear to the world and the way I feel about myself is changing. I know who I don’t want to be and so too does the universe. So, the change is happening. “The Shadow Knows” fits the scene here.

  3. I have uranus sq uranus(6th) opp neptune(9th) sq mars (7th) and don’t know how/what will play out. What is orb degree for official square transits?
    Any ideas on what to look for? Thanks

  4. I’m actually kind of getting used to the Uranus (on my Sun) Pluto (2nd house) square. With Saturn dragging it’s feet through my 12th house, there just doesn’t seem to be anything for me to ‘do’, other than remain flexible and unattached to whatever happens.

    I’m ready and open for whatever adventure this turns out to be. 😉

  5. The only place this hits me is Pluto trining my Jupiter. It’s bringing up a lot of old issues, but I have to say, between being sick for the last month, and the changes in diet that has brought about, I’m feeling that large swaths of my being are being cleansed.

  6. Yeah, it’s hitting our whole family. I have an Aries/Libra opposition with multiple planets– My stepson’s Sun/moon sits on one end and my husband’s Saturn sits on the other with his Mars in Capricorn t-squaring my opposition (all from 0-8 degrees). We’ve had some rough months (stepson in puberty and husband laid off and embarking on 2nd career, among other things) and now my husband and I are waiting for Saturn in Scorpio to hit his Sun and My Ascendant towards the end of the year.

    I have a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, so hopefully it will serve me well.

  7. Uranus and Pluto are in sync with my see-saw chart… right now Uranus and closely sextiling and trining many of my natal planets which I feel is helpful while Pluto loosely conjuncts my moon, and is giving me the ol run around..

    I have Jupiter/Uranus in 12th so perhaps all this up & down, running around will be a blessing in disguise 😉

  8. Tr.Pluto (Capricorn 9th House) is conjunct my MC and square the Tr.Uranus conjunction with AC(Aries 12th House). I’m so dissatisfied with everything in my life now….

  9. Ummm, me…Pluto is in my 5th house, and when it showed up there he brought me a complicated intense Scorpio. Neptune is in my 7th house, confusing everything with others, or brought me true love…..maybe…with the Scorp…shit, he’s got venus square Sat AND Uranus on the sun! lol Then Uranus is transiting my 8th. My pluto in the 2nd is squared and opposed by Pluto and Uranus in Libra. And Mars is transiting my 1st opposing Neptune in the 7th. So the houses involved are….1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th and 8th. and then the nn is just degrees from being exact to my nn.

    I wonder what it all means. I wish it was bringing me true love, but with Neptune oppossed 1st house, maybe horrible, lies and deception….

  10. Pluto Square on my Asc & Moon, but I think all up, I’m feeling Saturn Square Venus the most for now.

    As you said @Elsa, it’s hard to tell, when you’re stuck in it.

  11. Pluto T in 6th house square & Uranus T conjunct my 9th house Sun at 8 Aries 43 conjunct MC. All the aspects my natal Sun makes in radix are being activated.

    Natally Pluto sits in my Leo 1st house, Uranus in my Cancer 12th house with a semi-sextile between them.

    The transiting square is forcing my very private 4th house Scorpio Moon (bi-quintile Sun) out into the public eye. When until now I showed the world my sunny, generous and confident rising Leo now I’m showing my Scorpio Moon. This is quite a change and schocking even to myself, not to mention my friends. I am not a pleasant person at the moment.

    In the past 10 days my uncle passed away, a dear friend passed away and another dear friend was diagnosed with cancer. I felt like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

    It is like the pressure that has been gathering for quite a while is starting to come out.

  12. ((((Aphrodite)))

    “It is like the pressure that has been gathering for quite a while is starting to come out.”

    I feel like this too.

  13. Pluto is in my 11th and Uranus in my 2nd. My “community” is transforming and dying that is for sure. Thing is, I always thought community was the proximity of where you live. But, what I’m finding is that community is who you regularly interact with. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Although, it can be lonely at times. There are aspects of my “community” that need to be changed.
    My values are becoming prominent.
    But, the action for me won’t peak in intensity until Pluto gets to about 11 degrees. Then, it will ping off the rest of my Libra stellium (Mars/Uranus/Ceres/Sun). Right now he’s far enough out of range of my natal pluto and jupiter that most of the action is happening around me and not directly to me. There is nothing I can do about it, you are right. Then, of course, Uranus will be opposing.
    I’ve read all your posts in regard to Pluto tr. the 11th and they are all something I can definitely relate to.
    I’m not looking forward to the square from Pluto to my Mars.

  14. Pluto is having a party in my Capricorn stellium on the 1st, and Uranus is currently in the empty 3rd.

    My sister gave birth recently, and her daughter has Uranus in 8th sq Pluto in 5th natally. Being a worry wart, I can’t help but look to the future with her.

    There is also chill in my heart and a dread hovering over my head about my aging step-father. I know he’s going to pass within the decade, but I can’t help but feel ill prepared…

  15. Avatar
    Blessed Place

    There’s almost too much happening in my chart to list right now.

    Main player is a big Grand Cross formed by my usual set of t-squares (Sun/Venus/Vesta in Cap, Jupiter/Juno in Libra, Mars /Saturn Rx in Cancer) hooking up with T-Mercury in Aries: and t-Saturn is also exactly conjunct my Jupiter in that mix.

    I also have a big t-square going on with t-Uranus in Aries, my natal Neptune in Libra, and my natal Merc in Cap (with which t-Pluto is still in loose conjunction)

    In addition: t-Uranus is trining my natal Pluto in Leo; and I have a great set of trines from t-Jupiter and the Sun sitting either side of my natal Moon in Taurus, to my Sun/Venus.

    T-Mars is trining my Mercury, and t-Venus trining my natal Jupiter – although that has Saturn sitting atop.

    So there is good and difficult int here, and my life is certainly in overdrive right now! I feel there’s too much going on, to make much progress! One step at a time…

    Gerroff my Jupiter please, Saturn!

  16. Hi Elsa.. Transiting Uranus is opposing my natal Saturn and Jupiter in my first house, while Pluto in my fourth is squaring them too.. Change is happening so fast and at times it’s so hard to keep the pace without losing sight of the big picture… I’m on my Saturn return, so i’m a bit used to some of Saturn’s flavours at this point.. his rewards are the most gratifying in my opinion. And fairness leaves the best after taste regardless of the outcome! Saturn is now transiting the very same degree as my natal Pluto (Libra 24○), hoping it will teach me more about power struggles, which i’m wary of. I’ve also noted a bit of change in my physical appearance (for the better, Thank God!) and my spirituality is becoming the basis of my existence.

  17. What about transiting Pluto square natal Uranus?
    Is it the same with transiting Uranus square natal Pluto?

  18. serena, Uranus and Pluto are in a square aspect in the sky. But to answer your question, when these energies combine in whatever fashion, you are marrying unpredictability with explosive potential.

  19. Thanks, Elsa, and sorry I knew you were referring to the aspect of the planets in the sky. I think I got confused because I have this weird Ur-Pl synchronicity going on in my chart. T Uranus sq T Pluto and at the same time opposes my N Uranus, whereas T Pluto squares N Uranus! It’s a t-sq between my 2nd-8th and 11th houses. So far nothing wildly unpredictable or explosive happening here. I’m almost hoping something will finally happen that will lead things to a better place (it’s pretty much bottom now).

  20. carolina how are things panning out for you?
    I have identical setup in different house… jupiter/saturn in 7th squared by pluto from 10th house and t uranus in 1st house.. jupiter rules my Pisces Asc and MC…

    I also have Saturn/Venus MR with Venus at 13 degrees Capricorn and the final chart dispositor!

    I was seriously stuck up with old outworn habbits and structures with strong saturn.. hopefully this will free me up!

    Elsa any other thoughts?

  21. eris, electricmind, congrats on the babies!

    Solar return: Uranus in the 4th, and Pluto in Capricorn in the 1st. My dad…

    I will say this, I would rather he went suddenly than the slow and frightening decline of Alzheimers. I don’t want him to be scared like he was before :(((

    He said the other day he was a pain in the ass. I told him I’m learning how to be kind, how to be patient, how to compromise. He’s teaching me how to be around a man again.

  22. Saturn in the 10th….both the planet and the house represent the father…

    When Saturn hit my moon, I lost my mother.

  23. Pluto is conjunct my natal mercury (9CAP56) ruler of the 9th and 12th houses.Uranus is conjunct my natal jupiter (11ARI19). I started my Master degree, dream of my life

  24. Uranus transiting 8th, and Pluto 5th house. Uranus opposite and Pluto square my Saturn and Jupiter in Libra/2nd house. I’ll try to describe my experience… it also helps me see it more clearly.

    First, I have unusual urge to express myself creatively, leave my stamp, contribute to some greater good (Pluto in 5th). I’ve been more engaged in research, lost 2 family members, started serious spiritual practice and became a lot more at ease with the unknown (Uranus in 8th). I think the square between Pluto and Uranus manifests in a way that:
    1) I’m feeling blocked createvely and hampered by obstacles. I have to take care of the most basic things such as continuous hunt for jobs in order to sustain (Pluto square Saturn in 2nd). Some of the issues seem impossible to resolve, almost like catch 22 issues (Uranus opposition Saturn).
    2) I’m also starting to feel impatient, and feel that I should jump ahead somehow and start expanding rather that just surviving (Pluto and Uranus aspecting Jupiter)
    3) Right now, limitations are getting even more complicated (Pluto) and perhaps the nature of this transit is to provoke Uranus to act with courage and be as progressive as possible.

    Maybe the transformation in the area of creative expression (5th) comes through courage in exploration of unknown/hidden/”forbidden” (8th house). Uranus gets really mad with limitations…


  26. eeva & catalina.. Would really appreciate if you share more experiences.. eeva I too am facing blockages and limits due to the natal Saturn involved.. Perhaps we have to wait for Pluto to get out of natal Saturn’s orb to see changes coming in!
    Saturn getting trigerred perhaps evokes its qualities of contractions, blocks and hurdles… When the transits love with it is over and it aspects Jupiter then maybe expansion may happen!

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