How To Solve All Problems… Part 2

My attempt to answer questions about how the order of the zodiac applies to… everything. I meant 52 years old in this… whoops!

How To Solve All Problems (And How To Never Solve Them) Part 1

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30 thoughts on “How To Solve All Problems… Part 2”

  1. hmmmm…thinking about what you wrote, yes, it makes sense to me. Me being Piscean, I realize that in relationship I tolerate sooooooooo much and when I finally let go, my decision involves the greater good. The issues don’t matter in the end…everything is relative. Am I making sense?

  2. in a way it seems like you’re talking about a shift in perspective. moving from the 11th to the 12th as the difference between disengaging and realizing that events are not who you _are_ so to speak…. that identity is something greater and deeper and wider than the stories of our lives.
    eh. not sure if i’m making any sense with this. i’m bringing identity in and that’s dragging us back into the first 😉

  3. Very Good! Though I think you could just keep doing this from the perspective of each sign, i.e., Leo as the 1st with Cancer on the 12th. See, 12 videos!! 😀

  4. This is a fascinating and practical way of solving a problem. Can you write it in more detail in a future post? Can you be more specific in the process of each one of the signs?
    Thanks a lot Elsa!

  5. So what happens when you’ve the same sign on the 12th house as the 1st? Does this mean you start and end things the same way? Like the earlier decante for the 12th and the later decante for the 1st?

  6. You guys are freaking me out. The sign on the 12th house is irrelevant to what I am saying. This is a concept. It is frame and one size fits all. It is simple not complicated.

  7. Really fascinating concept. It seems that you are describing the zodiac as the way to wholeness. We get stuck at various evolutionary points until we can travel through the circle to a point of integration and peace. When I look back on realllly bad relationships that I’m truly at peace with, they simply don’t matter to me now. I’m grateful for the experience and what I learned, but I’ve detached so much and am at peace, so it means nothing — no emotional upheavals, ties, etc… thank god. Thanks so much for your insights! (Even if I’m off here.) You’re just terrific.

  8. I just watched this to see how clear it seemed in hindsight and I see I look drunk. Well ha ha ha because I haven’t had a drink in I don’t remember… 3 weeks or so but there’s Neptune on the midheaven for ya!

  9. i thought of it as a natural cycle… the whole seasonal cycle writ large. sort of a model for any cyclical process and thus the various sorts of processes one can apply it to run on different time scales, from the skittering runabout of the moon to the slow churning of pluto….

  10. Pluto’s been transiting my 12th House for 12 years or so. Clear the decks, man. That’s how you solve problems. Get out your broom and sweep your 12th House, LOL!

  11. Elsa, you don’t look drunk! I get it, I get it…it’s a process, it applies to everything we want and it’s the natural order of things.
    It’s as simple as that 🙂
    It really freaks me out when I’m not understood too.

  12. This was wonderful and so true and so clear! In finally getting to the 12th house point with the ex I’m able to finish healing all of the stuck places dealing with relationships I never dealt with, and it’s leading to a profound self-acceptance, although is also a lot of hard work. Saturn is in my 11th right now, that must have something to do with it as well. Saturn in virgo is helping me deal with something that happened when saturn was in taurus that I ran from instead of integrating.

  13. “You guys are freaking me out. The sign on the 12th house is irrelevant to what I am saying. This is a concept. It is frame and one size fits all. It is simple not complicated.”

    So it doesn’t matter what “color” the 12th house is, because the void/flow/universe doesn’t have any color?

    (I mean in the big-picture concept of your video.)

  14. ok if it does not have color, it would have triggers right. so are we more likely to resolve current/old problems during transits to the 12th: fast moving bodies are little opportunities to do so and slower bodies massive ones?
    so we’re ‘forced’ or ‘helped’ to find resolutions during transits there, whereas we can simply do it consciously when there’s none?

  15. I get it! 😀 And that’s awesome info!

    Now, is there something in a person’s chart that might indicate how long it takes them (naturally) to get to that 12th house transcendence? Because it seems to take me for-freaking-EVER. Like, YEARS! Even when making a conscious effort to let go, I keep getting stuck in fighting and thinking phases.

  16. Reminds of the song “Not Ready to Make Nice” by the Dixie Chicks. “I’m mad as hell but I don’t have time to go round and round and round.” Certainly sounds like an Aries place to me!

  17. I didn’t even know that the signs corresponded to the houses. 🙂 Is this what’s got everybody so confused?

  18. ahhhh elsa! I’m guessing it’s hard when there are so many different levels of understanding of readers…

    anyway, this was very…soothing. Like a confidence boost to hear someone say, “look, it’s affecting you, it doesn’t matter anymore, stop trying to control/fight/think about it and let go”

    what i’m saying is that I thought it was clear, to me. Thanks!

  19. Avatar

    Elsa, you mentioned that the original idea is not yours and that there are books about it…can you point us in that direction if we’d like to read more?

  20. Dreams, no but I bet someone else can. I read about this stuff more than 30 years ago and can’t remember where. One person wrote about it for sure, maybe more.

    racking my brain, I think they characterized this as “stages” but really I think there is more than one person who wrote about this – hopefully someone can name them.

    This was strictly stages of life – growing up.. 12th house / merge with the source. Applying the natural zodiac to EVERYTHING is my original idea.

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    Well Elsa it’s an amazing concept that strips things to their basic roots, which you know Scorps are going to like. I don’t think I’m ever going to look at the Zodiac the same way again. Thank you for bringing this to the forefront.

  22. It’s a great model, and one that can be expanded upon. For instance, the opposite sign can also be incorporated (polarity). For example, in the Aries “me, me me” stage of ego development (‘separation’ from mother), how fair is that self- preoccupation socially and on people around you (polarity with the opposite sign of Libra). Plus, the child behaves like this in relationship with the parents, and there are many different opinions on how to parent in a fair, balanced and harmonious way (Libra again).

    Or say at the Leo stage of life, the opposite sign of Aquarius is obvious. What does my individuality consist of? How am I unique and different from others (Aquarius). What do I have to be proud of? (Leo). And do I have any friends, and what sort of group of people do I run around with (Aquarius). What is my social popularity like, and am I popular? (Aquarius and Leo).

    Or the Scorpio stage of life for instance – how much of my money and how many of my resources do I share (Scorpio) with my partner or offspring (regeneration) and how much is “MINE” (Taurus), (like the child who says, in the Taurean stage of life, “this is MY toy, not yours”).

    Or, at the Capricorn stage, becoming a grandparent (Capricorn – old father time and cycles of time) and looking after, say, your daughter’s child or children, and re-applying your nurturing skills (polarity with Cancer) and so on and so on.

  23. I get it too, maybe because that’s where I’m at on all my broken relationships now. It’s also the reason why I, a Libra, am finally able to live alone, in my own skin, without feeling like a scared rabbit of a failure. The process you describe, Elsa, reminds me of the 5 stages of grief that everyone goes through, and that some are never able to get all the way through, getting stuck somewhere in the middle stage. Those stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Acceptance signifies what you are saying about the 11th & 12th houses. ALL steps have to be taken to get there.

  24. This is a formible post and short of genius.
    I get it, I like it, I’m gonna have it!
    Thank you Elsa – you cut right thru the details to a clear conceptual approach. This is practical insight, I’m on it. It’s probably conceptual holism.

  25. I am soooo glad that you said that (about kids and the cycles they live from birth/as they develop). I’ve thought so much about this and just know there has to be a correlation, but have never heard it from the astrology sign standpoint, VERY fascinating.

    To have the same astrology model used in relationships is just that much more fascinating. I think this holds much merit and it leads me to a question (not that you didn’t do a wonderful job explaining it, 🙂 you did). What happens if you fail to complete one of the signs? What happens if you thought you dealt with it all, yet the relationships over and you realize that there maybe some part/sign that you didn’t deal with, enough? Can you still deal with it now, even though it’s not gonna change the outcome of the relationship (obviously) or will that area/sign be a detriment in future relationships? I hope that made sense, but this is just so well put and really has got me thinking today, thank you 🙂

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    That was incredible! I see how it can be applied in just a small part of my life like just the last 4 years. When Pluto hit Jupiter in my eighth I demanded a divorce and deep transformation began. At the same time transiting Jupiter was in the 8th. Natally I have Jupiter trine Venus I’ve read it’s a aspect if luck but I never had like lotto luck or a huge windfall. But I’ve had just enough ease when I feel devastated to climb out of the Pluto/8th pit.

    Anyway as Pluto stayed on my Jupiter but transiting Jupiter moved I’ve seen the phenomena you discribed here. As it hit my 9th my beliefs around marriage and everything where changing in a huge way. And I felt a need to justify my choices. When trans Jupiter went through my 10th I tried to control the uncontrollable (you can’t control others responses by the way) through my 11th my hopes and dreams took precedence but I still felt like I dont have what I want and dont see a clear picture how to get it. How to get there etc

    Well Jupiter is in my 12th now and last week a man was at my office that served as a sign that it’s coming and that for the moment it doesn’t matter that I can’t see from where or how or when etc. The point is it’s coming I just need to remember to watch for it because Jupiter will cross into my 1st house soon then it will be on me and about me…

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