Uranus Transit To Natal Jupiter: Unpredictable Future

Ben as been a close friend of mine for thirty years. He always said, I surprised him. “You’re full of surprises.”

Ten years ago, he told me he was surprised I could still surprise him. “Not many people can. In fact, I think you’re the only one who ever surprises me. I have everyone else figured out.”

I just hung up phone; I was talking to Ben. “Well, Elsa. I have to admit, I could have never envisioned you in these circumstances. I’d have never imagined something like this happening to you.”

It took me a minute to realize what he meant was, he was surprised.

I have Jupiter in aspect to Uranus, natally.  Uranus is transiting my natal Jupiter now. My future is completely, utterly unpredictable.

I have the best stories though.

Ben always tells me that he couldn’t go through what I go through. I always tell him, he’s not supposed to.  My story (Jupiter) is designed for me as a unique individual (Uranus).

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  1. Interesting you point that out, I have a Uranus square Jupiter (read BIG REBEL) natally.

    I absolutely cannot take restrictions of any kind well. Religiously oh boi so many arguments!!

    Currently Transiting Mars, Pluto and Jupiter are semisextile to my natal Uranus @ 19 Sagi (1st House), while same transiting planets are trine/sextile to my natal Jupiter @ 19 degree Pis (4th House). Interestingly, transiting Uranus is square my natal moon (28 degree capri moon) and conjunct EXACT to my true node (29 degree aries 5th house).

    You may probably say my love life must be but guess what IT SUCKS!
    Transiting Saturn is opposite to my natal venus @ 8 degree cancer.

  2. Uranus was in my 8th Aries house thise past years. On my Jupiet+Venus+node. Surprices? Nope… it was eventless. And I’m disappointe. I hoped for a relationship at last. Nope, still singel.

  3. I’m nearing my Uranus opposing my natal Uranus within three degrees. I’ve been feeling kind of “mid-life crisis-y” for a while now but nothing awful. Mainly just wanting to be more successful in my career, no doubt about the career I’ve chosen. I’ve accepted at this point I’m most likely not having children. I still hope to get married, though! My only planet in Taurus is my Venus. So, I’m hoping for a wild reversal of fortune in the romance area. It’s in my 6th house so I’m going to work on changing my health, eat better, exercise more, etc. I’m hoping to take the Uranus change and turn it to good stuff and improvement!
    Tried to look back at when Uranus likely crossed my natal Jupiter, I think that was when my whole team was let go from a job I’d only had a few months, that I thought would last at least three years. That was a surprise for sure.

  4. Transiting Uranus will conjunct my natal Jupiter – to the minute – during the upcoming full moon. This will happen in the 12th house. I relate to knowing that my future is completely unpredictable. I have a health condition that is nebulous in nature, so there is no way of projecting what is to come in the next year, 2 years, etc. I can’t even make plans for the next day. I’ve been trying to make peace with the unpredictability of it all, and maybe that’s my story to tell, a lesson in acceptance. It could be that this aspect during the full moon will bring spontaneous healing, or I could be liberated from my physical form, or perhaps my spirituality will become an even greater force in my life as I continue to accept the present moment for what it is.

  5. anonymoushermit

    I heard somewhere that if a friendship can last at least 7 years, there’s a chance it may last even longer.

    1. I’ve heard that one too! When I was younger I valued finding a husband so much more than friendship and lost a few along the way. Friendships are sooooo important. I wish I hadn’t had to learn the hard way.

  6. Last year and a half tr. Uranus was conjunct my natal jupiter in 6th house. Not much changes in daily routine. Same old. Now uranus is at the end of squaring my Saturn, and i hope for a lighter period. Jupiter still has pluto squaring it. I have tons of hard aspects transiting outer planets to natal outer planets.?

  7. How can this cause an unpredictable ‘future’ when this is an transitory aspect?

    Please explain.

      1. Maybe then you should have put a ‘?’ at the end. or had a title that was more refective of the subject matter; such as ‘Uranus Transit To Natal Jupiter: An Unpredictable Personal Vision of the Future’.

        BTW isnt everybodies future, as you put it, completely, utterly unpredictable ?

        1. “BTW isnt everybodies future, as you put it, completely, utterly unpredictable ?”

          On some level, sure. In the big picture, yes. Heaven? Hell? Purgatory? We don’t know. But a lot of things are predictable with a high degree of accuracy.

          Terminal disease for example. Miracle healings occur, I have experienced this myself. But dementia will progress. Stage four cancer is going to kill you.

          Alcoholics are fairly predicable as are abusers and such, though some recover.

          I guess you may want to argue with me but you don’t know me or my circumstance. If you did, I’m pretty sure you’d see what I mean by this.

          1. I’m in full remission from Stage 4 Head and Neck Cancer. I’m 3 1/2 years out from treatment. I have Natal Jupiter Opposition Natal Uranus.

  8. I really can relate to your Ben stories… we share the Scorpio Sun. And to your Uranus transiting natal Jupiter, which is happening to me too… I have a feeling the future will be totally unforeseen! 🙂 This is what I LOVE about Uranus – you are simply not supposed to have everything in the known zone and planed out. That isn’t life (the great journey) expansion (Jupiter). My Mom would say: “You just cannot run away from Life.” She’s an Aries warrior and the most courageous person in my life. She’s say that whenever I would crave safety.

  9. Prior to Uranus entering my sixth house, I had been dealing with undiagnosed medical conditions. Just as it entered a Naturopath finally discovered what was happening with my poor body. I left my job of 8 years to try and heal myself just as Uranus entered the sixth and the choice felt so freeing! I stayed home with my children and spent time, though I was suffering a lot, totally immersed in self healing. Now, years later, Uranus trine N Sun (tenth house ruler) has caused me to go through three jobs in a year and all of them have had such terrible managers – it’s been hell. Here I sit, miserable from a hostile working environment for the third time, with Uranus (which rules my fourth house) moving over my descendant (I have recently cut ties with family members due to emotional blackmail and abuse occurring since childhood and I refuse to take another moment of it) and moving into opposition to N Jupiter (which is conjunct my ascendant by 2 degrees). I’m so damn depressed and went from years of feeling free to now feeling stuck as we are relying on my income. There is very little information in forums about Uranus in opposition to Jupiter for me to understand what this may bring. What I do know is Uranus IS surprising.

    1. I’ve been looking for information on Uranus opposite Jupiter as well (with little luck) since this transit will be exact for me at the end of this month. I have a N Jupiter/Moon conjunction within 2 degrees of the IC. My husband and I have been hoping to move soon, depending on our finances.

      I am wondering if there will be an opportunity when T Jupiter conjuncts my Natal Uranus in the 4th house this November. In any case, I am curious to see what events may transpire with that transit. The last time Jupiter was conjunct my Uranus (exact) I was proposed to and it felt like a wish come true.

  10. Uranus in Taurus is transiting my Jupiter in Scorpio,, I also have neptune and venus in scorpio in the 8th house. I can say this year starting in spring has been a nightmare, a absolute hellish nightmare come thru especially finanically… in one week.. car broke (I’am still dealing with it 2 months later), washer, and central air unit. Sigh iam under some make pressure, its just been bad.

    1. Uranus in Taurus is transiting my Jupiter in Scorpio,, I also have neptune and venus in scorpio in the 8th house. I can say this year starting in spring has been a nightmare, a absolute hellish nightmare come thru especially finanically… in one week.. car broke (I’am still dealing with it 2 months later), washer, and central air unit. Sigh iam under so much pressure, its just been bad.

  11. Hmmm SURPRISES ❤️ I need one or a couple good ones at the moment. I do have an upcoming Uranus transit to my natal Jupiter one in December and the other in January so I’m hoping for something really good since the last couple of years I have literally faced every fear I could possibly imagine.

  12. Avatar

    Natal Uranus on my 12th, Taurus Sun (5th), Aries Moon (4th)…
    Just had Uranus exit my 4th house, 3 days after it started I voluntarily quit the last “stable” job I had for 2 years (felt like a lifetime already)
    Cut ties with entire family in a long over-prolonged disastrous and traumatic manner.
    The ending of the transit on the 4th coincided with my Saturn return (traumatic) and me raising enough money to move state and settle with a partner.
    Unreliable income for the whole period, income didn’t seem to corelate with the amount of effort I put in. Complete chaos. Moved apartment, then moved city, then moved state, even lived abroad for 6 months. Chaos. Out of control. Looking back on it, it felt like I was behaving like a full blown cocaine addict, jumping from one dopamine release to the next. Is this how “pure freedom” feels like? If so, I’m revaluing how much I like “freedom”.
    Also, unability to hold on to long term relationships, even if I wanted something would happen like the other person moving, etc, more than once. (again: I was resisting change)
    Transit on the 5th starts and the income part is still unstable, I managed to lose clients even over remote jobs, so it’s not a matter of “personality” since none of these people know how I look or how my voice sounds. I feel betrayed by the gods. The “freedom” that I felt over the last 7 years turned into “feeling stuck” now.
    As of late, I have been feeling this urge to “speak to the world” or some sort of “calling”, something out there is calling me. Which seems to corelate with what they say about the 5th house being about “self-expression” and “creativity”.
    Not sure yet of what to do with all this “energy” that I’ve been feeling inside of me. I was hoping the “chaos” would end after 4th house transit ended, but I’m feeling that this time I’m more prepared for chaos than I ever was before.
    5th house Uranus transit will also pass over my 5th Jupiter and Sun, so I can guess it will bring me “luck” to the endeavor that I’m planning for the near future? Or at least not become homeless during the winter, that would suffice in light of what happened for the last 7 years.
    Would appreciate if others could comment what happened during their transits in a personal level, instead of just saying “it’s in Trine to my Natal Chiron and semi-sextile to my MC”, that sounds like greek to me, sorry. Dumb Aries needs examples, not abstractions.

  13. Avatar

    …because, you know how it goes, apparently the whole world revolves around me.
    Poking fun at myself…
    This is incredible to me, as the years go by I’ve been unable to learn how to speak without starting on the 1st person. People may think I’m an egomaniac or something. It’s the only way I know how to speak. 😉

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