Uranus – Shocking Freedom From Drudgery

I had a client this morning, she’s stuck in the drudgery of being herself. I don’t mean that in a bad way. We’re all stuck in our patterns, right up until the minute we’re not.

This gal happens to have Uranus conjunct her ascendant in her Solar Return. Her life will change this year; there is no doubt about it.  She’s feeling like crap at the moment, but…

I wrote:

“What if what you are feeling now, so intensely, turns out to be something you never feel again?”

I explained that I used to be a three-pack-a-day smoker. No one thought I would ever quit, including me! I was tied to those cigarettes like you couldn’t believe. I got up in the middle of the night, usually twice a night, to indulge and maintain my addiction.

But I did quit!  One day after that intense smoking, I quit and I never smoked again. This was after trying to quit for ten years!

These things are possible, see?  No one looking at me today would ever dream I lit a cigarette. You can shock the dog snot of of people, as my husband would say.  Just up and quit, you know.  Quit the thing that is bothering you so much. Who’s with me on this?
Come on people, pony up.

What do you really need to stop doing, right now, today? Or start doing? Name something that you know is ruining your life and tell us how you’re going to shock yourself by changing it.



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    Marian Grimsdell

    Hi Elsa I am stuck in a rut with my partner of 42 years, and I have finally picked up the courage to try to understand why!!! I am what I call a bit of an intuitive astrologer, I get a feel for certain things but am hopeless at the more mathematical side of it, have no clue if uranus is square midhaven etc but know my fourth house has uranus in it. The comment you made about Scorpio having that dual aspect to it I found facinating as that is how we are with each other, its a strange relationship, we both care very intensely about each other yet we disagree on so many things? I am about to send you my birth date to get a basic birth report to try to make sence of this weird relationship. I am so nervous but hope you can help me

  2. I need to start eating healthy and loose (a lot of) weight.

    Transform where I get pleasure from.

    I need to eat right and embrace nature.

    Uranus will be transiting my 8th house soon.

  3. And with Chiron entering Aries this maybe further confirmation of this liberation from drudgery that numb she spirit. Maybe the hero will return.

  4. I love reflecting on those moments. I wonder: why not the moment before, or the moment after, etc? I know there is astrological timing to consider, but still. Why that choice, that time over another time, in regards to that energy, and so on. I don’t know if that makes sense.

    People who meet me now would be surprised at what I looked like three years ago. I was very lucky to meet people who inspired me to think differently about my relationship with my body, food, and nature. I am better for it.

    The next step has been figuring out how what I eat affects me, holistically. I’ve been at it since the beginning of April and it’s going well. With my Saturn Return squaring my natal moon in the sixth (from the third?), I’m being asked to get to the bottom of the mind/body imbalance that has caused me problems in the past.

    I lightly planned for a few days before I started (which I rarely do), but that was it, I was outta the gates.

  5. How wonderful Elsa – 3 packs a day just like my husband – before his Dr. told him
    “stage 4” and you did it cold turkey? Where was Uranus in your chart that time???
    Aries Rising

  6. I’d like to be able to decide one way or the other if I am going to hide forever–and be 100% fine with that–or go be seen and then get attacked for the rest of my life, and be 100% fine with that. Instead of wishing and washing in the middle of that.

  7. Lots of drudgery I’d love to leave behind.
    I will say stuff with my ex is in the rear view mirror more and more, would love to be completely unburdened of him and that part of my life.

  8. Fat belly has got to go, thanks menopause. It really bothers me on so many levels. A few more weeks and I can have hormones.

  9. Uranus conjunct my Taurus Ascendant.
    Nothing ruining my life, but looking forward to a city shift end of the year (or maybe sooner given that Uranus moves into Taurus next month).

  10. Hey I’m a Cap Sun square Uranus in Libra which is the “she’s such a weirdy” aspect & I had a blast when Uranus conjunct my natal Merc/Sun in the early ’90s. Like the time of your life, can’t make this shit up type of adventures. And I lived to tell the tale! Now with the same departing square to my natal planets it’s like, “Who me weird? No you’re the weirdy man.” Or whatever. You kids carry on.

  11. Starting to get back to my spartan routine of exercise and keto/intermittant fasting. Im also getting my 2 businesses off the ground. These last 6 months have been beyond horrible. Now tha tattoo on my arm will read “Im the girl who went for it”

  12. My best example, is I packed the monster’s shit up drove it to his fathers house at 5 am one morning
    On his routine sleep out on a weekend and Bam!! Monster
    Out of my life ,drove down to courthouse sat till court opened and all alone walked in shaking
    Wrote a request to judge waited
    Till my turn and done! There was a fight for my home but within a month
    Had trained for new job took a bit
    Of court and mr. MasterCard but
    Just one early morning
    I jumped up and now done over
    Check the great unknown is both
    Frightening and damn beautifully
    Unknown, onward!

  13. Uranus in transit will conjunct my ascendant very soon in my progressed chart. Some influence this will be, as Uranus in transit has been offering shocking insights into my progressed 12th house Aries.

    I know it’s not the same as in the natal chart, but I think I can safely say, that Uranus shakes things up quite a bit. In my natal I have Pluto transitting the 12th – these two big guys have brought change and transformation and wreaked havoc on my life the since 2012. Maybe Uranus here will be an influencing energy for me to shed something from my natal 4th house which is Taurus in my natal horoscope. I will not even begin to guess or gush about it. Uranus is one helluva motherf…

    But, he will also oppose my progressed descendant, so there’s that. Shocking new partnerships perhaps, transformative ones hopefully, as my progr. DC is Scorpio 😉

  14. Avoiding challenges. Avoiding experiences that could make me more capable. Avoiding planning and long range thinking. Being physically weak and flabby. Not leading anyone.

    I have a Mars Pluto transit.

  15. So much… I’m counting on Pluto & Saturn’s (1st house transit) support to help me reshape how I communicate with, present myself to and deal with the world. A rebirth, showing who I feel I’ve been but that may not have been apparent before.

    I have no doubt I’ll succeed I’m just also (annoyingly) learning patience. And I’m not.

  16. I don’t know if I’m gonna fucking make it. I only keep procrastinating and feeling randy :/

    I’m 31 ffs I mean get a grip .. like a giant child

  17. Oh my good thats so awesome Elsa! Omg waking up at the night to smooke?! That I never heard of before haha!

    How interesting you just decided just like that.

    Yes cold turkey quitting has been proven to be the best and most effective way to quit smooking and bad habits actually!

    I’m a cold turkey quitter aswell, when I decide to quit some bad habit, junk food etc, or when I decided to take up running.
    As Nike slogan says ” Just Do It!”

  18. I don’t know my fathers birth date (only month) but he has tried to quit smooking so many times now. The longest he succeded for was 9-10 month. Everytime he quits, he starts again, when something upsets him emotionally.

    He stopped last summer for several months. And then last November, one of his friends (my brothers father in law) got murdered, not someone he loved that much either but anyways, it was a horrible story and, he got so upset and started to smooke again as soon as he heard of the murder.

    I’m so heart broken about this. He is destroying his health and shortening his life

  19. I gotta say Uranus left me pretty disappointed when it conjuncted my Venus. Nothing too exciting happened. I had been anticipating that transit for years. Nothing new or revolutionary happened in my life whatsoever.

    But when t uranus squared my natal uranus and conjuncted my mercury, I saw a lot of change.

    You never know with Uranus.

    1. Yes I had Uranus on my venus (+jupiter+n.node) aswell in Aries. And I was anticipating something in the romance area. Nothing!

  20. Uranus moving into Taurus is going to sextile my Sun and then square my Jupiter and Ascendant. It’s on my midheaven right now (for its third and final pass!) and it’s been a wild ride since since the first conjunction last May. A whole litany of family members dying, suddenly becoming estranged from me for unknown reasons, becoming homeless or missing… I lost over half my family of origin in under a year! ? I hope those other transits bring nicer things than this. ?

  21. I went cold turkey and stopped smoking years ago but need to cold turkey the evening glass of wine and snacks. Menopause has not been friendly in regards to my weight. Giddy up!

  22. I know I’m late to the game here, but I have a lot of Uranus activity happening, so I’ve been reading up on it. Currently, Uranus is conjunct my Ascendant in my Solar Return. Transiting Uranus is also conjunct my Midheaven and opposing my Jupiter/Moon conjunction on the IC. If that’s not enough, transiting Jupiter will conjunct my natal Uranus (4th House Sag) this November.

    I’ve been wanting to move to a better location/better home with my family so bad, but finances haven’t allowed yet. Maybe I’ll get a big break? The last time Jupiter was conjunct my natal Uranus was life-changing in a good way, so one can dream!

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