Venus Retrograde In Gemini: Warning – Love & Money Deception

Venus square neptune deceptionVenus will turn retrograde in Gemini at 21 degrees on May 13th, 2020.  This looks problematic to me, in places, because the planet is squaring Neptune in Pisces, which is stationing at 20 degrees.

I want to call your attention to this because I have spoke to several clients who have been swindled, recently. These are horrible situations.

I have Venus square Neptune, natally, so I know a lot about it. You want to believe that people are good. In fact, most people are. But this is not the time to place your blind faith in “the other”, especially a slick talker (Gemini).

Your risk of being tricked is high, beginning now through the end of the May.  This period peaks with Venus will at 20 degrees between May 19th-21st.

Venus will turn direct on June 25th. Yes, you may be in touch with old lovers; all the standard Venus retrograde stuff but this love and money deception is a real concern, in part because of all the other stuff going on at this time.  Specifically,

Venus turns direct at five degrees. Neptune will still be sitting at twenty degrees.  The second period of higher risk will begin mid-July and last through the first week of August.

I know this isn’t your usual Venus retrograde post but people will be tricky. Mars will be in Pisces for part of this period.  Take care because I am aware of people who have suffered staggering losses.

It’s not just you love or your money, but your faith in people that is harmed if not at least temporarily destroyed. I’m sorry for the tone of this but this is just a blog out here on the internet. I’ve been swindled and if this spares someone, it’s well worth it.

Just be sure to watch yourself and scrutinize Mercury-ruled stuff; communications and contracts. Also, don’t space out filing important papers. I know someone who did this and she is currently out 100k.  How that for disappearing (Neptune) money (Venus)?

16 thoughts on “Venus Retrograde In Gemini: Warning – Love & Money Deception”

    1. You’re welcome.
      Someone sold me a car that needed a ring job ($2200 repair). He was a deacon. I trusted him – period.

  1. Yeah it’s gonna be interesting to see how this one plays out, especially with the neptune square in the mix! Would appreciate If you did one of those house-placement examples in how this might show up in the natal chart 🙂

  2. This bums me out since my Identity was stolen at the end of March.
    I’ve locked my credit, made a police report,called the FTC, signed up for Idenity Guard to protect my credit which is excellent.
    The creeps still managed to open credit cards in my name. Sigh ..
    Sounds like I may have to be very alert this month!

    1. Make sure your credit is frozen – sounds like it is. I run my credit report every year and look at it closely. I had a similar years back.

  3. i have had multiple like over 15 cases of identity since sept 2017, right now i am in the process of verifying my identity with unemployment, had to send documents with all my info in the mail, made me nervous plus have to trust that the staff person will believe me and honor my claim. does this affect that as well.

  4. ugh this makes me nervous as I mid application for grad school. I already submitted my financial aid stuff, but haven’t gotten accepted yet for school. So, will receive answers for everything during all these rxs… yuck.

  5. Thanx I feel better already just blocked friend ,had some big flags pop up and instead of being that nice girl,?? flags ,multiple? ,fast!!(first cup of coffee!! got me to say naw ,just gonna skip this sh**!!BLOCKED:)
    Think it’s ok to be a little lonely:(
    Instead of waste time and heart with#yuck

  6. This has got me thinking.

    Never had much friendships and met a girl a year ago. Everything was fine till she was mimicking every single post I made or if I told her about my day – she would one up you like crazy. Point I’m making is she has creeped me out to the point of blocking her social media. Today she messaged me a novel asking me what she’s done wrong and she’s one to send screenshots and I don’t need my business out there. Sorry for the long post but it just got me thinking since I wasn’t for sure to message her back and be the nice guy.
    Stay safe!

  7. My Venus is in Gemini, so I’m going through the square transit from Neptune. I’m hyper aware of being tricked these days – I can’t count the number of times at this point. I don’t believe anything anymore. (I’d like to overcome this) I also have Venus/Neptune opposing in my chart.

    Maybe I should take this into my own hands and do some tricky stuff myself ?

  8. My Moon is tangled up in this. Moon in Gemini, and Mercury in Gemini. People accuse me of being suspicious and I am suspicious. Mercury Square Pluto.

    I count on these heads up from you. I really do. So I want to be one to thank you for the warning. Better to be warned and on the look out, than to run into brick walls. I will be careful as best as possible, but may need to talk about it some.

    Venus on my moon square neptune with the full moon in Scorpio this past week. I really put my back out. This has happened before, but not like this. Got back with my yoga practice and I can walk again now, but geez. I though a lot about your post on your back while going through this.

    My back went crazy when I received the news that two close friends (they are brothers) lost their mom to COVID this week. Within an hour my back was out. I know it is related to stress and the changes I need to make. I will be calling both brothers tomorrow.

    So, back to the original – I count on these heads ups. Thank you for doing this.

  9. I may have unnecessarily spent almost $4,000 on auto repairs. Not a total waste (my car is certainly improved for it), but probably a decision I shouldn’t have made, in retrospect. I think my regret is enhanced by the fact that I now have another, separate issue with my car that will likely cost several hundred to fix. God I wish I lived near a bus route.

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